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  1. Instructions: Yaw/lamborghini-countach-lpi-800-4-moc-by-isaac-yaw/#details Video: Details and description: This is a MOC of the newest Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 that was unveiled recently. This MOC was made to be modular so that its chassis can be built to fit other supercar designs onto it. The instructions for just the chassis can also be found under my profile (MOCs). Functions: 1) Steering - includes working steering wheel and 'Hand of God' steering mechanism 2) Drivetrain - working 'fake' V12 engine with 4-speed gearbox (controlled by a gear stick via stepper mechanism) 3) Independent suspensions 4) Working scissor doors mechanism - controlled via linear actuator 5) Adjustable 'active' rear wing 6) Modular design Do support me by sharing and spreading this creation out to more LEGO fanatics and like my creation! Check out my other pages too! Thank you! Instagram: Youtube: Rebrickable: Yaw/mocs/ Update: Awesome high-quality pictures from Fredleg! More Pictures can be found here:
  2. New high-quality pictures by Fredleg was added. Check it out in the forum above! Cheers!
  3. Thanks! Thank you😬 Hi there! Yes, I gave credits to you for taking inspiration from your gearbox design. However, it is different from yours and I think mine works very well! Cheers! Thank you so much for the compliments on the suspension system and the removable engine. I really appreciate it! I also have to agree with you on the complaints because I saw them as well as I was building it. I faced a lot of issues mainly having very limited Lego pieces to play around with. That's why most of my creations are made entirely in yellow. Not ideal, but I have to work with what I have. Hope this answers your doubts on the design of my creation. I am still working my way to getting more sets in the future for 'donor' parts and I can assure you that my future creations will get better and better. Oh, and on the note of the parts count. I updated on all the sites and also in my YouTube video description. It was unfortunate because I initially estimated it to have more than 3000 pieces and edited the video 2 weeks beforehand. It was my mistake and I clarified it in the description. Thank you so much for taking your time to explain your thoughts and comments in my creation. I really appreciate it!
  4. Full Instructions available: Yaw/nissan-fairlady-350z-18-scale-moc/#details Check out the full video here: Details/Functions: -a replica of Nissan Fairlady 350Z with body kit -1:8 scale -full detailed interior -working removable V6 fake engine -openable hood, doors, trunk -height adjustable suspension system -6 speed manual transmission Dimensions: -Length: 53cm -Width: 23cm -Height: 16cm Check out the video of the chassis on this MOC here: Do support me by sharing and spreading this creation out to more LEGO fanatics and like my creation! Check out my other pages too! Thank you! Instagram: Youtube: Rebrickable: Yaw/mocs/
  5. Video Review: Instructions: Yaw/tesla-cybertruck/#details Dimensions: length - 40cm width - 13.7cm height - 12.8cm Functions and features: -full rc (steering and driving) - openable doors and trunk - full interior - easy removable battery pack - full suspension system - front and rear differential - all-wheel drive Do support me by sharing and spreading this creation out to more LEGO fanatics and like my creation! Check out my other pages too! Thank you! Instagram: Youtube: Rebrickable: Yaw/mocs/
  6. Thank you! Yeah, a set of pf lights can be used for this too, to make the electric vehicle stand out more! I also agree with the placement of the battery box. I had to either sacrifice the interior to place the battery box or to leave it in an 'ugly' position in the trunk.
  7. Thank you for this comment. It's always a good thing to stay positive, learn and get better! Thank you! Yes, it was a challenge because I have very limited parts available and can only play around with what I have. Not to forget, this model was just unveiled recently and I got it done in quite a short amount of time. I have a lot of crazier builds lined up in the future!
  8. I see, so sorry for the trouble and having issues with the sizing of my previous picture uploads. I will post again within the size limit. Cheers! Thanks! Thank you for the compliments and also criticism. I will do better in my future MOCs Bingo! It was a rollercoaster ride of a build because there is still not much details yet about this model. Just the images through the unveiling. It was a hard and challenging build overall😅 Thank you for the compliments and also the criticisms. Sadly I myself also agree that it's not a perfect build and I am just barely satisfied with the overall build design after seeing the comments and feedbacks from other creators like you guys. I'll take this opportunity to improve in my future builds! Thank you for the feedback. No worries! I'll take it as a constructive criticism to improve in my future builds!
  9. Thanks! Hello there, sorry for the late reply. However, all the pictures removed by admin have also altered/deleted all my pictures from bricksafe.
  10. Video: Instructions: Instructions Yaw/kona-bike-42069-c-modelalternative-build/#details Features: 1) Full Suspensions (front and rear suspensions just like the real/actual bike) 2) Realistic steering 3) Height adjustable seat 4) Kickstand to support the bike 5) Working pedals and chain Fully replicated from the original bike This build/MOC is a fully alternative build from the available Lego Technic 42069 set. The limited parts type in this set made it very difficult to construct a build because the set only comes with tracks and no wheels. Therefore, it is almost impossible to build trucks, cars, and etc. which need wheels. The track pieces available in this set were used to make 2 huge wheels to build this bike.
  11. Agreed, the idea of making a bike out of the 42069 technic set was crazy hehe! Due to the limited parts selection and only limited to using tracks, I would not want to make another crane, tank, or something similar because it is pretty much expected as an alternative model/MOC from that set. This MOC turned out massive and pretty cool in my opinion. Thank you! Really didn't think about making alternative models from this set at first....then this idea came in! Gotta try it and I am very happy about how it turned out.
  12. Thanks for the compliment! It was a pretty challenging build because of the use of the tracks which made everything way bigger in scale. XD
  13. Lego Technic Rolls-Royce Phantom by Isaac Yaw Instructions: Full video: functions: -Fully independent suspension system-Adjustable height suspension-V12 engine with gearbox-6-speed manual transmission-working steering wheel and 'hand of God' steering system-full black and yellow theme interior-fully openable doors, hood, and trunk replicated from the original model-hidden 'umbrella' in the door dimensions: length- 57.5 cmwidth- 20.5 cmheight- 15.5 cm
  14. Hi there! Thank you so much for the compliments regarding the functions and the looks on this MOC! I somehow agree with your taste on the yellow interior too, but I, unfortunately, had to stay with yellow interior and black overall body color because of the very limited Lego parts I have for my MOCs. I am a student with Lego Technic creations as my side hobby, whilst having to save up money for my parts collection. That is why I had to struggle with very limited parts. Hope that you understand this statement/reason of mine. Regarding the gearbox/center tunnel, I totally agree with you and a bunch of others' comments on it. I tried to shift the position of the gearbox but had the height-adjustable system in the way which limited the placement of it. I have played with Lego since I was like 7, but I am still new to bigger MOCs like these. If you have seen my previous MOCs, they are mostly way smaller builds. Yes, this is a good headstart to the big boys (MOC) community! I will take these comments into consideration and will constantly invest in Lego Technic MOCs especially so that I can fund and expand my parts collection for bigger, better, and more bada** MOCs for the community and people who share the same hobby just like you! I would love to make friends and know all of you, creators better, to you know, share ideas, chat, have fun, and support one another! Yes! I have seen your latest MOC (Nissan Skyline GTR R32)! It is so awesome and looks so sick! I've checked out the manual transmission that you have incorporated in your MOC and it blew my mind how it can fit and work in such a way! Once again, thank you so much for the kind words and constructive criticisms. I will come back stronger and better with more crazy MOCs for you guys! Do check out my other creations too if you want to support me! Here's my Instagram handle if you want know come drop a dm and make friends! Cheers! @isaacs_lego_technic_creations
  15. First of all, thank you so much for the compliments and kind words. I totally agree with you on some of the flaws or should I say 'things that didn't look that nice/accurate'. I would like to address one thing too! I have been playing, building MOCs, and experimenting with Lego Technic for years now but this is my very first big project/MOC to keep me going forward and get better at it! I will take down your comments to you know, making new friends who share the same hobby like you guys and yeah, getting better in the future. I have a lot more MOCs planned in the future and would love to see them getting better and better in every aspect! A little backstory on your comments though, thank you so much for the words on the functions I have incorporated in this build. The sides were firstly tested and designed multiple times such as the curves and lines but after many testings, I still prefer the boxy design not because it is simple, but I have very limited parts and cannot afford to get more in the meantime as I am still a student. Other than that, the boxy design still matches the overall design and can easily be identified as a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Regarding the gearbox in the middle, I realized this issue that it took up a huge amount of space in the cabin after completing the chassis and it was too hard/complicated to shift the position of the gearbox to the back because of the height-adjustable suspension system which took up most of the space inside. Of course, I should have carefully worked and planned to prevent such flaws. I will take this as a mistake or should I say, a stepping stone to you know, keep learning, investing, and getting better at this hobby! Cheers once again! Don't worry about it mate, I take constructive criticisms and do hope that you can keep following me and be eager to see my future creations! Trust me, things will get better! Thank you so much for the compliments! I totally appreciate it, sir! I totally agree with your statement too, seeing something different like these. I will keep making and posting such rarities or should I say 'something different', so keep an eye on those. Quick side note, if you enjoy other antique rarities, do check out my profile on Rebrickable to look at the other MOCs. Rebrickable: Yaw/mocs/ On the comment that you have agreed with T Lego's statement, I totally agree with it too! Do read my reply to T Lego to see the reasons. Once again, thank you so much for the kind words! Cheers!
  16. Ford Model T 1908 by Isaac Yaw ( with instructions ) Check out the Video Review here^ Instructions: file:///D:/Ford Model T 1908/ford_t__technic_.pdf Rebrickable:
  17. Thank you! Yes, it is there to allow it to bend Thank you! I will be including dark azure color parts in the instructions that I will be making soon. Sadly, I do not have dark azure parts for my build. Thank you!
  18. The rubber 2L has to be there due to the curvature of the body to allow it to bend. Exactly, I prefer having it looked a little discolored to give it that antique feel.
  19. 1925 Bugatti Type35-C MOC by Isaac Yaw Link to my youtube video: Description: Here are a few pictures of the newest MOC that I have made in about 2 months' time. I decided to turn back in time and bring back more antique builds from the past. One of my previous antique builds was the 1908 Ford Model T which is also posted on my Youtube channel. This newest build brings us back to one of the iconic Bugatti cars ever made, the Bugatti Type35-C. Features: -1:8 scale build -straight 8 engine -working steering system -every detail carefully replicated from the original car such as headlights, steering system, engine, exhaust, body shape, and etc.
  20. Thank you! Yes, I sadly do not have dark azure colored parts to build this MOC. Yes, the positive camber that I was intentionally hoping for could not work due to the steering system that I have used and it will make everything way too complicated in that case. For the crank handle, thank you so much for pointing that out, I have totally forgotten about that axle that I was supposed to insert. Its all fixed now!
  21. Hi, I am new to Eurobricks. I am still testing out how the forum works and I don't seem to know how to delete the first topic so I have 2 of the same topics here.