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  1. It's interesting to see TLG making those changes to the Zetros. Although I can't help but think that they probably wouldn't have bothered going to the effort if they weren't already being forced to update the instructions/packaging because of the new hubs... Maybe I'm just being cynical though
  2. RiGi

    LEGO 10294 Titanic Discussion

    This set is absolutely stunning! It's incredibly tempting to order it on day 1, but I have absolutely nowhere to display something of this size at the moment - I might have to take a trip to Ikea first Has anyone come up with any ideas on how to feasibly display this behemoth of a set? (Besides Racing Brick's Tinic of course!)
  3. Instructions are finally completed and available for free on Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-89526/RiGi/8872-forklift-transporter-studless-remake/ There is also an updated Studio file available on Rebrickable as well - I noticed a couple of minor errors with the original while I was making the instructions This is my first time making instructions, so if anyone has any feedback on them feel free to let me know! :)
  4. Thanks! I figured Studio would be pretty commonly used, but wasn't sure! I'm probably not the best person to ask, to be honest! I've not used any other Lego-based design software so don't really have anything to compare it to (apart from other non-Lego 3D modelling software I use for work). In terms of constructing this model, Studio was pretty straightforward to use once I'd learned the basics. Rotating pieces was pretty easy and you can temporarily hide pieces from displaying to make placing pieces in covered areas easier. My model is fairly simple though, with only a few bits of "off-square" geometry, so I can't really comment on how well it works for constructing more complex geometries/models
  5. For anyone that may be interested, I've made a digital version of the model in Studio that can be downloaded here: https://bricksafe.com/files/RiGi/8872---forklift-transporter/8872_ForkliftTransporterStudless.io I may make proper instructions at some point, but this is my first digital model and I'm still learning how to use Studio, so it may not be for be a while (On a side note, is there a particular file format for digital models that is generally preferred? I noticed Studio can export to several other different file formats)
  6. If the voting was the same as Eurovision then us Brits would never get any votes!
  7. Whilst this wouldn't make a massive difference to the number of people who might have voted in this contest, in future would it be possible to allow all entrants of the contest to vote regardless of their post count? As a relative newcomer to the forum, I was able to enter the contest but couldn't vote (or at least have my votes counted if I did vote) for my favourites as my post count isn't high enough. I appreciate the minimum post count requirement is there for a reason, but I don't think it's unreasonable to think that anyone that's gone to the effort of submitting an entry themselves probably doesn't have any ulterior motives when it comes to voting (Apologies if this has been suggested before, but 63 pages of this thread is a lot to check!)
  8. Thank you so much to everyone that voted for my entry, and thank you @Jim & @Milan for putting me in your top 3 and for organising the contest. I'm genuinely blown away to have come ahead of so many other fantastic entries The quality of all the entries was immense! Congrats to @Thirdwigg & @Seasider on winning Gold and Silver, it's lovely to see some proper old-school sets come out on top!
  9. 11. Forklift Transporter Original Set: 8872 Features: Truck - HoG steering, trailer coupling mechanism, openable doors Trailer - Retractable landing gear, ramp at rear can be lowered/raised Forklift - HoG steering, mast can be tilted backwards/forwards, forks can be lowered/raised Discussion topic: Photos:
  10. Ooh! That's a good shout, thanks! I'm not too familiar with the construction vehicle sets Luckily I actually had those pieces in my fairly limited selection of system parts!
  11. Thanks! I know what you mean about the HOG steering Trans-Yellow brick, a modern set would probably use a black gear instead of that, but I think having a fake warning beacon as the HOG steering is a key part of the look of the model, and I'm not sure there's a more modern equivalent part? Similarly, a modern set would probably use Trans-Clear tiles for the headlights, but I wanted to keep some of the more iconic details of the set as close to the original as possible :) I see what you mean about the crank for tilting the beam/forks, but weirdly I think the switches on the original look quite old-fashioned on a modern set, but I realise others may think differently! Likewise, I appreciate the wing mirrors on the forklift may not be to everyone's taste (not all forklifts have wing mirrors after all), but I really like them! :) Thanks! :) EDIT: I know it's not part of the original set, and it probably won't make it into my official entry submission photos, but I couldn't resist making a pallet and some barrels for the forklift to carry! :D
  12. Thanks! I had the same thought about the door posts, so I've made that change. I know what you mean about the height of the cabin, but from side on it's exactly the same as the original, so I'm gonna keep it at that height. I finally had time to work on the model some more. I've reworked the sides of the cabin, adding in the black stripe below the red panels and some wing mirrors: But not only that, I ended up making them into openable doors! And I also got my armrests in, so I'm much happier all round with the cabin now! I've made some very minor changes to the front of the trailer, and added some lights to the back: The biggest changes though are on the forklift... I managed to rework the rear of the chassis and find an alternative way of limiting the steering angle (mostly through pure luck ) which meant I could make the rear narrower to stay more in keeping with the original: I had to compromise on the half bush I wanted at the back, but I'm mostly happy with the alternative. And finally I reworked the lift support frame using the new 15L alternate hole liftarms, which is much sturdier than my previous version (and also added a couple of orange lights over the front wheels and some wing mirrors): And... I think I'm finally finished! This has been a super fun project! Well apart from attaching the fork to the chain... Now I remember why the first time my parents heard me swear was while I was making this set as a kid
  13. Thanks. I do like how the forklift looks as it is, so I'm most likely going to leave it as it is. I might still try making a separate version with a narrower rear end just to see how it compares side-by-side. The gap over the truck wheels will definitely be reduced - I'd forgotten that the original has a black stripe below the red beam, so I can add that in below on mine and it should fill the gap a bit better. That's a good idea about adding things like mirrors/lights, thanks. Since I've already put in steering wheels that aren't on the original, it makes sense to add those extra little details too. That's also a good shout about the pin connectors on the cranks - thanks! Thanks, yeah, that red 16T gear does bother me cos it kinda sticks out colour-wise compared to the rest of the model... Unfortunately at the moment the 3L pins with bushes help maintain the rigidity of the frame, but I think I'll try and rework the frame a bit so I can swap that red 16T gear for a LBG one on an axle.
  14. Update time! The forklift is largely finished now: The arms for the lifting mechanism were a bit of a pain to find a solution that was 2 studs wide but with the holes running down the centre. I'm pretty happy with my solution, even if it isn't necessarily the most elegant thing in the world! I've stuck with the wider rear end for the time being: At the moment the chassis is 5 studs wide to act as a limiter on the steering angle (without this the wheels rub on the panels above at full lock). If I reduce the width of the rear end, you can then see the end of the chassis which doesn't look great overall. I'm still open to reducing the width at the rear, but it's going to involve some reworking of the chassis, and finding a different solution to limit the steering angle. That said, I do quite like the wider rear end - I think it fits pretty well with the chunkier overall feel of my forklift. I've ended up making the forks 2 studs wide rather than 1 stud like the original. Initially that was simply because I couldn't come up with a solution that didn't involve the use of an L-shaped piece to attach the 7L liftarm to, but I actually think the wider fork suits the overall look of my version, so I'm happy with the result! I've also settled on a neater solution for the front of the trailer, which I think looks a lot better than the slapped on 3x11 panel I had before: And finally here's a couple of shots of the whole model: I think the model is largely complete now. Apart from a couple of colour changes, the only bits left to potentially change are the gap above the front wheels on the truck and the width of the rear end of the forklift. I am of course open to any other constructive criticism anyone may have
  15. Thanks! Haha yeah, that's a fair point... I guess I'm going for precision with a hint of artistic licence Reducing the width at the rear end is on my list of things to try and tweak at some point, but I think it's gonna prove to be tricky to find a solution that can include that half bush.. But half the fun is trying to find solutions to these kind of challenges! Thanks!