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  1. Mikado

    7740 power functions

    Hmm think I will buy the expensive one, I want it to look right and it feels wrong to paint or drill holes. I still have 3 blue 6x28 and 3 black 6x24 but those could be used to build other trains. I doubt I will rebuild it with the conducting tracks, I didnt recieve the new RC tracks yet but the old ones are very brittle. Also more fun to be able to get more motors/battery packs and add "fantasy/play" trains for the kids. I was planning on just looking through the lego and build a few sets and suddenly its turned in to a new hobby :p guess ill have to get the 2 extra wagons for this one as well :)
  2. Mikado

    7740 power functions

    Thank you for great advice dr spock. Didnt know powered up had a remote, but most of the reviews at the lego site are horrible and now we already have the other parts so hopefully we make it work :) still couldnt get the 2x2 through the 1x2 (the small connector seems to be a bit taller than it should), so will try with the 6x24, if not we might spraypaint the sides of the blue 6x28. Spending 17€ + postage for one black base is to much in my opinion. I havent played with lego for so many years and there seems to be alot of new pieces! Maybe there is one like 4865 that can be placed under normal plates?
  3. Mikado

    7740 power functions

    Thank you :) We do not want an app or the need for a phone/tablet when playing with lego (hoping the kids will have alot of fun with this when they are older), thats why I tought these would be good :) if i cant get it to work i guess we will go with the old system, but the sleeper plates are very brittle and will break everytime a kid want to make a new track. The new RC tracks were really cheap and if (when :p) we buy more trains its nice to have a similar system. 88000, 8870, 8884, 8879 and 88002 are the parts we got. Will try to take the baseplate off and try again, did not want to break it and only got half of it in without forcing :/ I also saw someone made an amazing Hogwarts Express with walls that could be flipped down for easy access and play, did anyone do something similar with 7740? Found stickers on ebay from germany with free shipping for 7€, had no idea so many made and sold these so now I can use different bricks and replace the ones with teethmarks :p
  4. Mikado

    7740 power functions

    Thank you :) I will order new stickers. Hmm The cable fits if I remove it from the engine or the 2x2 brick, but didnt look like this could be done? Ill try to take some pictures later, might not be able to do what I want as the battery pack will cover the holes.
  5. Mikado

    7740 power functions

    Hello :) My mum recently handed me some boxes of old lego that I had as a kid, and found this yellow train 7740. It lacked most of the tracks and cables, so I orderer power functions train engine, battery pack, lights, ir rec. and remote controller. I also found some cheap new RC tracks. Now I have some problems and I registered here as you seem very helpful :) The train engine cable doesnt fit through the 6x28 base plate, how do you solve this? Drill a bigger hole? Use a blue 6x28 with the square cut out and spray paint the sides? Use a black 6x24 with square and shorten the train? Or cut out the bottom edge and add a 6x4 plate? Use plates and build an edge with 1 wide plates under it? (I built some baseplates from plates with 2x2 spinning thingy and they work fine but it doesnt look as good, i have alot of plates with pins- do they fit in the technic plates with holes?) I only had 1 6x28 black base plate, there was also 3 blue ones and 3 6x24 black cheap on bl so ordered them just in case. The black 6x28 looks best of all the options but theyre expensive and feels wrong to drill a hole in it. Next problem, there is some weights (2x2x6) with stickers where I had planned to put the battery pack - is there a way to move the stickers from one brick to another? Will i need to put weights somewhere else? If i want to replace all the old wheels, do i need the new wheelholders as well as the pin and wheels? Are the new wheels best? I didnt have time to read everything here so maybe its been answered before, if so a link would be nice :) thanks for reading