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  1. playground

    Screen shot 2011-07-31 at 1.53.37 AM by nikev1, on Flickr Screen shot 2011-07-31 at 1.53.22 AM by nikev1, on Flickr Screen shot 2011-07-31 at 1.53.08 AM by nikev1, on Flickr Screen shot 2011-07-31 at 1.52.54 AM by nikev1, on Flickr my second MOC its only playground but i made for the ones that are kids (like me ) but also the ones that fell like kids
  2. MOC: Viktor's Office

    your MOC is fantastic. Your design is really awesome continue like that Dilion
  3. MOC - Fastback V8 coupe

    you have a made a good start but you need to work on it
  4. MOC - New Mannum Ford

    you've done a very good job but i think you should work on it an put cars in it
  5. Hero Factory Snake

    very good job your design is fantastic!!!!!!!!! thumbs up DLuders !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. it's good but i think that using other pieces than lego is not nice
  7. WW Category 2: Poor Lonesome CowBoy

    AWESOME MOC ... but i would never tke a risk and leave my shotgun collect gold.....
  8. MOC:air bike

    You're design is very nice(i also like the shotgun) I only believe that you must change the colors.
  9. [MOC] Access Denied

    Nice moc Masked Builder, I like the minifig posing really much
  10. MOC - Oceanographic Ship

    Fantastic creation. The sub on the back is so awesome.
  11. MOC:mini boat

    I understand what you're trying to do . But it needs improvement.
  12. LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    Awesome set .Also a HOUGE improvement from the last set.
  13. My first creation for eurobricks .It's a rock band nothing much. I call it "color rockband" Expect more creations from me . I will appreciate your comments, but please dont be to hard because it's my first creation.