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  1. DirectorKW


    @leafan Indeed, I did. Though after trying to receive my original account, it wouldn't allow me to get the email to change my password. I have tried this for a week, but nothing came. So I had little choice but to create a newer one. I am sorry for the confusion and misunderstanding. If there is a way to delete the old one, I would gladly do so. Anyways, thank you for the warm welcome and greetings! A pleasure to meet you as well! - DirectorKW
  2. DirectorKW

    Mini MOC Final Order Brick Pack

    Looks very nice! I appreciate the details of the interior base, especially the door. Well done!
  3. DirectorKW


    Greetings everyone! My name is DirectorKW, I am 25 years old and I live in the good old United States who has grown up with lego at 4 years of age. For many years, I collected and built many kinds of projects with Lego, all being Star Wars themed creations. I had originally started on MOCpages in 2013 and had continue to grow in my building, writing and picture skills. As I had mentioned, I am a writer who took it up a couple years after being on the website. Since then, I have been nothing but a comic/novel writer who loves to use Lego and Star Wars together create his own stories. But over the years, myself and a small group called CGN have all been working on our very own Star Wars series back in 2016. But with daily life taking its toll on us all, our production on the series became limited and our comic series was abruptly finished. Since then, we have traveled to other sites, such as FanFiction and Flickr to continue our series in various ways. We had stumbled across this wonderful site by chance and, after spending some time pondering on the matter, decided to create an account here and in high hopes of expanding our series even further. We look forward to meeting many wonderful and creative Lego builders, and hope you enjoy what we can offer to you all. Hope you all have a wonderful day/night in these critical times,and will see you all in the next post! If anyone, by any chance, wish to see what we do, here is a couple links to see our works: