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  1. I'm running stud.io on Ubuntu 20.04 and it works out of the box so far. I have just issues with it freezing after a while of not using it. And my middle mouse wheel for zoom is not working, which is annoying.
  2. 5N00P1

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    My understanding these are the first sets since a long time (Barracuda + 3+1 Ship) so I'm not surprised they are not doing another one.
  3. 5N00P1

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    OK, I managed to get an account on bricksafe.com and embed the picture into the forum (still weird that a lego forum is not hosting pictures, maybe there are literature forums, not hosting text?). I've started to build my 2 battery deck blue coats "Le Lion" and I'm still in the process of building it. I'm currently looking into the hull and if it looks good, before adding details. As I have some pictures and want some discussions about them, is it allowed to start a new topic in the MOC forum? Or should I include everything within this thread? If you are interested in more photos: https://bricksafe.com/pages/5N00P1/le-lion My biggest current questions are currently around: The design of the stern, as I have bricks with opposite directions and I'm not sure if I should put some straight ones in between. I'm also not sure about the color of the stern as the ship is mainly reddish brown & tan, black seems to be not fitting, reddish brown seems to be boring and I don't like tan. Any ideas?
  4. supported it too (before the 10K), but I doubt we will get it.
  5. 5N00P1

    [MOC] USS Constitution

    I really like the lower deck canons!
  6. Have already seen it for 80 EUR + shipping on https://www.brickmerge.de/
  7. 5N00P1

    [WIP] HMS Warlock 5th Rate 38 Guns WIP

    so how did you make this 3x3 mast? Actually I have no idea.
  8. 5N00P1

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    Wow, I'm quite impressed! Maybe it was done often, but I'm not aware of it!
  9. I really like that they build the body just from bricks, hope to go that direction too.
  10. 5N00P1

    [MOC] Europa

    wow, really nice! Any pictures about the insight? Must be very interesting!
  11. 5N00P1

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I'm not sure if I should open a new topic in the MOC forum, as I want to post some pics about the development and have a lot of questions. Uploading 100kb? Is this a kind of joke? I'm currently building this ship and hope for some feedback. She ship is planned to be a blue coats ship with 2 battery decks (there already), a bridge (partially there and color still wrong) and a front castle (is that the correct word, no idea how to do this yet. It's made of form pieces, 7 middle pieces and 1 end piece and currently is ~ 70 cm long. No idea how to build the bow, same about masts, sails and so on, but I'll deal with it, when I'm there and will rebuild a lot of pieces until then. As I'm still working on the hull, it's very naked, but this wont change until I'm settled as I'm still working on the general look. Lot's of colors are wrong, but I hope to have during next week all the dark brown form pieces for the bottom to swap it to the correct colors. The general color approach: bottom dark brow, rest of the ship reddish brown, decks & battery line in Tan. This is how it currently looks: I would love to post more pictures, but currently I'm allowed to do so. One of my issues is the modularity the 2nd battery deck is not fixed to the body. It's planned to be in 3 parts, the bridge area, the middle & the front (without the bow). You can identify it, but the middle section that has no deck. But to enter this middle module is really hard and the whole thing is under pressure, will this go away during the build? Or should I combine middle & front to only one piece? Should I not go this module approach? As the battery decks are not totally horizontal is maybe not really helping my approach. Would love to post more fotos, but this is currently impossible for me. Any questions? And tipps? And recommendations or comments?
  12. 5N00P1

    [MOD] My new ship inspired by...

    Very Nice! I mean it's obvious based on the Barracuda, but the colors are gone. It would be best to have them side by side.
  13. 5N00P1

    [MOC] Diorama Klodsfest and SFW 2019

    That sounds cool and links you can provide? Would love to watch them in more detail
  14. 5N00P1

    [MOC] Diorama Klodsfest and SFW 2019

    is there any infos about the ships anywhere? Looks like you modded the Queen Anne or used her sails for one of the ships.
  15. Just started with Lego again & after a few sets I'm starting to build a ship with 2 battery decks, it's quite a chellenge for me....