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  1. Until it's: Farm boy Luke, Aunt Beru and C3PO for $15USD These packs COULD be great! Fingers crossed!
  2. There is a new rumour that Star Wars theme will have minifig accessory pack(s) in 2022!!! In HP this is currently a 4 minifig pack with (very) small build for $15USD. The minifigs are named characters, differentiating the packs from what we know as 'battlepacks.' It looks like the current HP set offers all new minifigs, but they don't offer new moulds (to give you some idea of what you get for your money). The builds (I feel) are inconsequential. These also exist in the Super-heroes themes, not as many new figs though, prices (slightly) vary also... What minifigs would you want to see in a 2022 pack to make it worth $15USD RRP for Star Wars? For me: Mando Pack: - Juggernaut Pilot Mando (with helmet, face and hair) - Juggernaut Pilot Mayfield (with helmet and face) - Valin Hess - Fennec (with helmet and hair) Small mess hall table/chairs and printed console build. Accessories include an imperial crate, blasters, cups, and a fuel tank (ridonium?). Clone Command Pack (CW S7): - P2 Rex - P2 Cody - ARC Jesse - Insert character here... The set is already sold out... Maybe Anakin... Build doesn't matter... Maybe a command post terminal of some sort.
  3. I also have those fingers crossed! Looking forward to the playset list… I don’t normally buy UCS… so I can sit back and enjoy the memes on this one 😅 So far it’s looking like a very cheap start to 2022! (Which is great because 2021 was a big one!)
  4. Hi Reader, Love your take on a super nostalgic theme. I have just recently completed some MOCs of my own in the original theme. You have also inspired me to seek out a few of those pirate sand base plates. Here are a couple of pics: My take (MOD) of my favourite adventurers plane. And a (MOC) steam converted lugger for transporting goods up the Nile. I am awaiting a few sets to build my collection and add the missing characters.... cant’t wait!!
  5. Depending on the final releases, I think the Mandalorian Gaulent/Starfighter will be my number 1 set. I am very interested to see Gideon’s Cruiser, it may take out the top spot :) I will probably buy all of the regular sets eventually.
  6. Check out the awesome rebuilds/conversions of the new TIE fighter to a TIE interceptor. I am buying this set for this purpose!
  7. AusChris

    Future Star Wars Sets

    We do get a lot of X-wings... It’s probably a question of when rather than if haha I would love to see a set with Dooku released soon! Am I right in saying that we haven’t seen his curved Lightsaber hilt since the ‘chrome’ hilt days?
  8. AusChris

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I think the UCS Razor Crest has a good chance of being made. With the combination of the (cashed-up) adult following of the show and the sell-out preorder of the play set (baby Yoda effect?), it seems like a good opportunity for Lego to jump on board. Probably not until 2022 however. I think the Moff Gideon TIE is a highly likely set for 2021. I am really looking forward to season 2 and the future lego sets!
  9. AusChris

    Future Star Wars Sets

    New prediction for 2021: Red 5 X-wing - Ahch-To island version (Risen from the depths, more weathered look To OT). Includes Rey (white hood) force ghost old Luke and porg. Luke’s rebel helmet. I was trying to think of Ep IX sets that I would actually buy... haha
  10. AusChris

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I can see Lego releasing a republic y-wing with a vulture/tri-droid to increase the price. Like they did with the Ahsoka starfighter. Especially given the price of the Rex MF on the secondary market.
  11. Are the cylinders in the AAT main gun the new black candlestick pieces? Seems like a win that they have added extras haha
  12. Original release dates are still posted on the Australian (and Europe I believe). I would hope given the strong response to pre-ordering the Mando sets TLG push to honour those internationally first and foremost. Fingers crossed!
  13. Third I think. I bought the original in the first RoTS wave (2005ish?). A more recent one allowed for full R2-D2 (2012ish?) it looked very similar to the coming release.
  14. Wow I am excited to finally see these pics! First thoughts: AAT set looks like it will work well combined with 501st Legion Pack. I will definitely pick up a few of these. The build doesn’t look phenomenal, but I’m happy to take it as a MOD opportunity. I will probably buy Grevious’s ship. I don’t have the previous one and Utapau is a favourite scene from RoTS. Real question is: do I want the New final duel set... or a second razor crest?... Probably second razor crest haha! Knights of Ren ship actually looks better than expected... I think I will probably give it a miss all the same.
  15. AusChris

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I think this is my most anticipated/wanted set for 2021. I know it’s unlikely, but I would love it to be released with removable cowling (clip on?). If/when they release that set, that will be my MOC goal.