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  1. Third I think. I bought the original in the first RoTS wave (2005ish?). A more recent one allowed for full R2-D2 (2012ish?) it looked very similar to the coming release.
  2. Wow I am excited to finally see these pics! First thoughts: AAT set looks like it will work well combined with 501st Legion Pack. I will definitely pick up a few of these. The build doesn’t look phenomenal, but I’m happy to take it as a MOD opportunity. I will probably buy Grevious’s ship. I don’t have the previous one and Utapau is a favourite scene from RoTS. Real question is: do I want the New final duel set... or a second razor crest?... Probably second razor crest haha! Knights of Ren ship actually looks better than expected... I think I will probably give it a miss all the same.
  3. AusChris

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I think this is my most anticipated/wanted set for 2021. I know it’s unlikely, but I would love it to be released with removable cowling (clip on?). If/when they release that set, that will be my MOC goal.
  4. AusChris

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Haha yeah whoops! 😬 It’s probably better for my wallet if they don’t all get released at once...
  5. AusChris

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Ok so here is my 2020 prediction/wishlist! I tried to balance PT/TCW/OT/MANDO and keep it realistic for Lego releases. You'll notice there are no ST sets... I just couldn't bring myself to add them... Assume they will be added in alongside a 4+ set and poly bags. (Maybe another couple of 18+ helmets?). Let me know what you think, any glaring misses? MICROFIGHTERS RAZOR CREST - Mando. REPUBLIC GUNSHIP - RoS clone pilot. X-WING VS TIE - X-wing Luke and tie pilot. BATTLE PACKS BATTLE DROIDS - 2x Battle droid, 2x super battle droid, and droideka. Seperatist turret and Stap. HOTH IMPERIALS - 2x Snowtrooper, imperial commander and imperial pilot. Mobile command station. RED VS BLUE TCW MANDOS - 2x Blue night owl mandos, 2x red mauldalorians. Blue speeder and red turret. SMALL SETS ENDOR SPEEDER BIKES - 2x Scout troopers with speeders. Endor Luke with tree build. BESPIN LUKE VS VADER - Bespin Luke and Vader. Catwalk and antenna build. KUIIL’S HUT WITH BLURRG - Kuiil the ugnaught, molded Blurrg, IG-11 and Cara Dune. Hut build. LOAD LIFTER CHASE - Ahsoka, Trace and load lifter robot. Speeder and robot build. MEDIUM SETS REPUBLIC Y-WING - Ahsoka, Rex, R7-A7 and 501st pilot. Blue republic y-wing. OUTLANDER TIE - Moff Gideon, flame trooper and the client. Outlander TIE. TIE BOMBER - TIE pilot, Admiral Piett and stormtrooper. TIE bomber. LARGE SETS AT-TE - Obi Wan, P2 CODY, P2 clone pilot, P2 clone gunner, battle droid and spider droid MILLENIUM FALCON - Han, Leia, C3-PO, Chewbacca and Bespin Lando. UCS REPUBLIC GUNSHIP