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  1. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    Thanks. The keep is actually ever so slightly smaller than my original version, but way more detailed. I have almost completed the first floor, including the kitchen for this week's update. This floor will also eventually contain the guardhouse and the beginning of a spiral staircase going all the way up. Here is a shot of the kitchen And an overhead view of the first floor.
  2. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    HUGE update!!! I have started rebuilding the keep to be more detailed and elaborate. Only one picture so far... I hopefully will have more pictures, including the interior, up this weekend.
  3. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    Update time! Yay! I have the first 2 floors of the gatehouse rebuilt, with a working portcullis and drawbridge. And I have extended the curtain walls to both round towers, more or less completing the front of the castle. The interior courtyard is also coming along.
  4. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    Thanks for the support! More is coming soon. Progress has been slow recently, but I expect to devote a lot more time to building over the next couple months.
  5. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    FINALLY I have another update. I have rebuilt the base to be more modular, and have 2 floors built on my corner towers. It is currently 5 baseplates wide and 4 baseplates deep, but I will be adding another row of baseplates to make it 5x5. I have also installed the spiral staircases in the towers, which, in my opinion, turned out very nicely.
  6. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    It has been a couple weeks since I last updated. No pictures to share this time, but I should have some photos to share soon. I am actually partially disassembling and reconstructing the entire castle to make it more modular and transportable. It should also make it easier to expand, change or modify the castle moving forward. As a result of these changes, the current design will also be larger than my original layout by 16 studs on each side (It will cover an area of 5x5.5 standard baseplates). Among the changes being made: Round tower diameter being increased from 14 to 16 studs, with built in spiral staircases. I am also using a different technique to angle the walls. Hopefully it will allow for greater stability and modularity. Pics will come soon, I promise!
  7. BrickCommander9

    Former Total Noob (now just noob) starts Castle Project

    I really enjoy watching as this project grows. I am working on my own large castle project, and it is cool to see the build process of others. I can't wait to see your next update!
  8. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    Thanks! It is a good thing we are in a COVID lockdown- we can't host people, so my wife can't get angry when I take up the whole dining table with my castle! As long as nobody tells her how much money I have spent on Bricklink... I can trust you guys to keep quiet, right? ;-)
  9. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    FINALLY! Another update. Not too much is new, but I have received the parts to finish the round towers so that should be coming soon. In the meantime, I have worked a bit in the bailey... the path now flows fairly nicely around the Keep and to the different parts of the castle. I have started on another building against the curtain wall as well..... You can see it here in the bluish color. It is largely based on the buildings from the Medievel Market Village set. I have also temporarily moved the castle to my kitchen table to allow a better view of it's full layout. Overall, I would say the exterior is a little over halfway done. Then will be the interiors of the entire castle- which will be quite a project on its own!
  10. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    Thanks! Yeah... I noticed it was upside down too. My 2 year old likes to play with it so sometimes things don't stay how I left them :-) A bit behind on updates, but BIG things coming soon!
  11. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    A lot of work has gone into the castle, and there is progress to show! I have continued with the landscaping and walking paths in the bailey, and I have put the keep in place. The keep has been slightly changed from my original version by the addition of a forebuilding and entrance as well as a basement. The keep is accessed from the 1st floor via a wooden staircase that could be removed in the event of attack. The chapel will be located in the open area next to the keep. I will be trying out a new stonework technique, so keep an eye out!
  12. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    Early morning update! I have almost finished the gatehouse (at least the facade- I still need to work on the drawbridge mechanism). It just needs the battlements on the roof. I don't like the tile, and will replace with light grey when I get more. i have also started work on expanding the bailey. Here you can see the interior paths starting to go into place. Still lots more work to do, but this evening I hope to have the donjon in place.
  13. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    And here is another small update picture that shows the entirety of the completed curtain walls, and gives an idea of the final size and shape.
  14. BrickCommander9

    [MOC] Chateau Mokotoff

    Wow! Gorgeous castle! I loge the wooden Palisade and the way it contrasts with the stone keep. The texturing throughout is exquisite! It looks like your stonework is mostly small plates with very few bricks. The end result really leaves the impression of worn stone construction.
  15. BrickCommander9

    (MOC) Chateau de Morgana (WIP)

    Thanks for the detailed suggestions and comments! You had some really good ideas in here. The picture with the stained glass was kind of a 1st version of the keep, it has been scrapped (although the window is intact) due to some engineering issues. I only have the one corner of landscaping done, the rest should all be the same and flow nicely... I should have something to show for that this weekend. You are right about the round towers looking more rough than the rest of the castle. I plan to work on that soonish. Part of the problem is that the towers are like 90 percent masonry bricks because I had a shockingly low amount of regular grey 1x2s! I have several hundred on order, so I will switch some out. I also am out of 1x1 rounds (hence the towers being uncompleted as of yet). I have 1500 on the way and should arrive any day. I agree with you about the dark grey corners, but will probably change them further out. I did it that way because I bought 1,000 dark grey 1x2s at a ridiculous price, and thought that is a good place to use them. And I don't have enough tiles. A lot of people do do the half timber slanted tudor design, but I actually like it so far. I do see your point, however, and may play with other options. There will be several different buildings in the bailey, all slightly different from one another. I hope that will provide nice contrasts... If it doesn't turn out well, I will adjust later. I am basically building the layout of the castle, then rebuilding, renovating, and doing the interiors section by section. That way I can see how everything fits together as I improve it. I should have some better pictures of the full layout so far tomorrow. Thanks! Will definitely keep posting progress!