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  1. Yes, I saw that. You can email me files to I have a few projects going on right now. Probably it will take some time before I have some free time but here is an example of 1989 cover restoration plus colour grading and text replacement I did last year (full resolution image is linked). Basically this is what I do (and more :) for a living. I haven't seen a cover. So my plan is to draw one :) Still I need some time Arrr :)
  2. Yes, of course! It would be great. If there is any other reference that can be shared it would be very helpful. Yes, it was mentioned in the post. I have all four. I will take a look. As of now, I didn't notice any specific comic panel in books. Aye! I did. It was mentioned by @Sadie Meowsalot : A bit off-topic from what we were just discussing earlier, but given this topic is intended for the general discussion of this sort of stuff I thought I'd share anyway. Recently I contacted Michรจle Lecreux, one of the developers for the old obscure French Pirates comic LEGO LES PIRATES et la malle au trรฉsor developed and published in conjunction with the French monthly P'tit Loup magazine by Disney, and posed some questions to her about its development. (For reference, you can find scans of the comic on this page, and it should look like this) Nothing too groundbreaking, but I figured it was worth sharing anyway: "I am glad to send you my answers. Let me know if you need other informations. Best regards, Michรจle 1) Were there more mini comics like this that you or anyone else at P'tit Loup developed, or only the one? Pโ€™tit Loup magazine published within each issue a mini booklet about a playful theme. The booklet was sometimes sponsored. That was the case with LEGO. 2) How did development of this comic begin - that is, how did it originate and from where? In collaboration with the advertising department, we would rather whenever possible publish games or contests than simple advertising pages. I was then responsible for all the Disney-licensed products for French magazines when LEGO launched its โ€œpiratesโ€ product line. We proposed to LEGO, as we often did with advertisers, to sponsor a mini booklet. LEGO accepted the idea, and we chose the option one fotonovela + one practical work section โ€œcreate your own board game using LEGO bricksโ€. 3) Were there any other LEGO comics planned that didn't make it to release, or any story elements, such as scripts, concepts, models, illustrations that were cut or unfinished? No other projects of any kind were designed in collaboration with LEGO. 4) How much involvement did LEGO have in the development process, and how? We did all the design work (script, storyboard, game designing, photo shooting and editing). We then asked LEGO, of course, for their approval of the issue before publication but they were not involved in the process."- Michรจle Lecreux @CyregO another challenge Arrr :)
  3. Arrr Pirates! First of all, nice to meet you all! It's my first post. Just to introduce myself. I'm admin of Redbeard's Cove FB page and Redbeard's Cove Shipmates group. I wanted to share and keep you updated with the most recent project: ๐ˆ๐ฌ๐ฅ๐š๐ง๐ ๐จ๐Ÿ ๐Œ๐ข๐ฌ๐ญ - (6255 sequel) - colourization and DTP prepress. I have already set a proper format (the same as 6255 comic book). I have optimized scans and cleared JPEG artefacts etc. Recently I have posted an article about @Sadie Meowsalot: Now I'm in the process of colourization. It will take some time but, in my opinion, it's important to revive this legacy: Current status preview [WIP] Additional translations will be included. English by @Runamuck , Danish (English proofing) by @Piraten and German by Mike WeiรŸflog