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  1. I have loved following the progress of this, the results speak for themselves.
  2. I really love the time and effort you have put in to this, again it is simple amazing.
  3. Simply Wow, that has a crazy level of detail...
  4. Thanks. I will share what I come up with. I can see what you mean about mobile phones and the photos.
  5. MOC- Urban Turf Tractor Attachment - Sprayer Following on from my Urban Turf tractor MOC, I have created a new attachment for this, a sprayer unit. This attaches using the normal mounting point and uses the PTO for raising and lowering the sprayer arm. This again only uses the pieces from set 42079, making it part of this C model series.
  6. How do they look for you? To me on various browsers they come up fine.
  7. Great work, I love this level of detail.
  8. That looks to work well, just don't get the PF wet...
  9. That is awesome.
  10. That is crazy, I am buying it for $10AUD second hand.
  11. That is a cute little model, well done.
  12. Great work, it has given me some ideas for my latest MOC.
  13. This is amazing and I love the effort you have put in to the photos.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, I will be posting some different attachments soon.
  15. I am not a motorbike guy but I do like this one.
  16. Very nicely done, great level of detail.
  17. Pauls Technic

    Hi From Australia

    Hi. I am Paul from Pauls Technic Blog. I am back after a few years away from the forum. My old account and email address are no more so I am starting from scratch. I am in to LEGO Technic MOC'ing, mostly building C models. Paul
  18. Some great ideas and mods here. I am tempted to get this just to build it.
  20. That truck is amazing.
  21. That is coming along well.
  22. Well done, you have added some great features from the limited parts of that set.