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  1. Pauls Technic

    Modular Truck Attachment System (MTAS) - Truck

    Modular Truck Attachment System (MTAS) - Rubbish Bin Loader The Modular Truck Attachment System (MTAS) is a system I am designing to allow different truck bodies / functions to easily be added / removed from a basic truck setup. My first attachment is a rubbish bin loader, this is what is used here for our weekly rubbish collection. In this case I have used forks instead of a claw. Functions: - Lift and empty bin - Tilt and empty rear body. Both functions are controlled by knobs on the side of the body.
  2. That is very cool, such a great level of detail.
  3. The Modular Truck Attachment System (MTAS) is a system I am designing to allow different truck bodies / functions to easily be added / removed from a basic truck setup. I have now completed the truck which will be used as the basis for this, it is based on a C model of set 42075 which was designed by "iiLego". I have added / improved some features: - Hand of God Steering. - Single cylinder engine which is mounted under the cabin. - Tilting cabin, this locks open. I also made some general changes: - Longer chassis. - Minor colour changes. - Remove engine and moved this to under the cabin. - Removed A model stickers. - Rear wheels are now half a stud wider. - Added mounting points for different bodies and functions.
  4. Pauls Technic

    MOC - Modular Truck Attachment System - WIP

    My progress on this has been slowed by some other sets to build and "real life" being busy. The good news is that I have almost finished the truck and my first attachment is also close to being completed.
  5. Pauls Technic

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    I am a big fan of this :)
  6. Recently I purchased LEGO Technic set 42101 Buggy. From the LEGO Website: “Children get double the fun with this super LEGO® Technic™ (42101) Buggy set. Let young imaginations run wild as they recreate the thrill of powering over sand dunes in their Buggy. And the fun does not end there! The toy Buggy cleverly rebuilds into a sleek toy Racing Car for kids to bring even more adventures. A LEGO set with lots to discover Hot colour scheme? Check! Skull stickers? Check! Working steering and suspension? Of course! If you are looking for feature-packed action toys that kids will love, this awesome set has it all. Buildable toys to help kids develop new skills LEGO Technic building kits are ideal for LEGO fans ready for a new challenge. These vehicles look and drive like the real thing, so kids will love building and playing with their creations. Each set comes with printed instructions but there is also a new way to build this car toy with Instructions PLUS, available in the free LEGO Life app. This interactive guide has zoom and rotate viewing tools to help even younger children build this cool engineering toy. Here is a fun building challenge for kids who love racing toys! Build the Buggy and recreate an off-road adventure. Then rebuild into a Racing Car for even more building and role-play fun. With working suspension and steering, this action toy set (42101) creates an interesting building challenge. It promotes problem-solving skills, and there is plenty of opportunity for imaginative play too. The 2-in-1 design means twice the fun. Kids can build the Buggy, then rebuild the model into a sleek Racing Car. Once built, kids will love playing with their creation, or enjoying it with other buildable toy vehicles. Kids who love action toys will have plenty of fun building and playing with this Buggy. This educational engineering toy makes a great LEGO® gift for boys and girls aged 7+ who enjoy racing toys. Once built, the Buggy car toy measures over 5” (13cm) long, 2” (7cm) high and 2” (7cm) wide, making it ideal for role-play and a super addition to any existing car collection. No batteries are required for this Buggy car toy, so the fun starts straightaway and never slows down. Printed instructions are included for the Buggy plus an online PDF for the Racing Car. This model toy set also has Instructions PLUS, available in the free LEGO® Life app. LEGO® Technic™ building kits are ideal for kids who love to build and are ready for a new challenge. With a range of buildable toys, the LEGO Technic universe is loved by kids and adults alike. LEGO® plastic model kits meet the highest industry standards. They are consistent, compatible, and easily connect every time – it has been that way since 1958. LEGO® Technic™ pieces are tested to the max to ensure every one of the model toy sets meets the highest global safety and quality standards.” The build process was short, 15 minutes and it is finished. The Buggy is a very nice set. For $15.95, it is great value and a great first step into LEGO Technic, bridging the gap between normal LEGO and Technic. It looks cool (which is important for the target market) and has some basic Technic functions such as steering and suspension, it is the perfect way to bring in these concepts. I really like this set; it feels like a modern-day version of 8832 which was the first LEGO Technic set I ever purchased.
  7. Well done all, it was great to see all the entries.
  8. I have just posted my entry :)
  9. Recently I have been working on a c model of LEGO Technic set 42022. After sorting all the pieces and looking around for some ideas, I decided to try and build a race car of some sort, below is the end result. This is a C model and only uses the parts from set 42022. My "Concept Racer" features: - Steering which is connected to the steering wheel in the cabin. - V4 engine, driven via the rear wheels. - Opening cabin roll cage. - Adjustable rear wing. Overall I have spent about 10 hours over the past few days designing and building this. I am also entering it in the TLCB Lock-Down Competition. More photos can be seen here:
  10. Awesome, I will have to enter.
  11. Pauls Technic

    MOC - Modular Truck Attachment System - WIP

    Update - 27/05/2020: Last night I spent a good few hours on this, after many redesigns I now have the bin lifter working as I want and I have added a function to tilt and empty the rear body. The next step is to add some more body work to this and the truck body. I have also in the process of starting the design of my next attachment, a crane arm.
  12. The Modular Truck Attachment System (MTAS) is a system I am designing to allow different truck bodies / functions to easily be added / removed from a basic truck setup. Below are some WIP photos.
  13. Pauls Technic

    [TC18] half-scale 8865

    Now that is very cool, excellent work and looks just like it.
  14. LEGO Technic Shelves Today I have purchased these shelves to store my LEGO Technic sets and parts. For a $50 investment, they keep them all safe and also have a spot to store my parts containers.They also pass the "wife approval" factor.