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    Lego Armada Flagship

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    Lego Adventurers, Pirates, Monster Fighters, castle(all from royal to fright), Actually older themes


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  1. Joza Bezeg

    Who IS this guy??

    My story is, that Steve is a pirate quartermaster and that he is in charge of cannonballs, food, etc... Because he doesn't look too pirate-ish, he can easly fool people into thinking that he's actually an innocent merchant.
  2. Joza Bezeg

    When were these images taken?

    Hello! If you've been on LEGO media websites, especially for old LEGO things, you have probably seen those images of LEGO minifigures with white bricks background. So I was wondering, when were these images taken and who took them? Thanks for checking that topic!
  3. Joza Bezeg

    [MOC] Lagoon Lock-Up Remake

    This is just great!
  4. It's actually the same guy from different years... (btw, I like your Sinister mansion MOC )
  5. Joza Bezeg

    Fright Knights

    Incredible job! It really gives that dry, disastrous, devastated feeling (in a good way)! Sorry for late respond!
  6. Joza Bezeg

    Remastered Imperial Soldiers flag

    Yeh, I made a mistake when loading my version before the older one... The second is the original. Thanks for checking in!
  7. Joza Bezeg

    [MOC] Cathedral

    Good job, man!
  8. Joza Bezeg

    Remastered Imperial Soldiers flag

    Hello! Today I was working on the flag of the Imperial Soldiers from 1989, and I wanted to improve it. Below is a comparison between the original and my version of the flag.. Write what you think about it.
  9. Joza Bezeg

    lego ideas [LEGO IDEAS] Green Coat Trading Fort

    It's great! I supported! Which nation it represents?
  10. Joza Bezeg

    Pirates of Barracuda Bay 21322 Biggest video I ever made!

    Ooh! I've been waiting for that video! I knew that you'll make it! Great job!
  11. Joza Bezeg

    Who uses Facebook and loves LEGO Pirates?

    Man, I sure do love LEGO Pirates! They Must make more sets. I hope that one day we will have a full LEGO Pirates movie!
  12. Tnx for review. The hanging skeleton is actually Slyboots(aka Sam Sinister), friend of Baron von Barron.