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  1. When i tried using digital designer it told me that it was ( Outer Cable 14MM ) and ( Outer Cable 96MM ) and for the reddish brown one ( Outer Cable 80mm ) Usually i don't go through brick link to find the pieces, i usually find them through google. But when i did look up Hose Rigid 96MM or the other 2 it gave me ( Hose 3mm )
  2. @Mrlikesninjagomoviethings i was wondering if you could tell me how you found the hose pieces for the beer skiff, such as the names for them as when i tried looking for them i had a hard time looking :(
  3. i was able to build the police tux, taxi tux, and other variations of the tux but i was having trouble on the ambulance tux i tried using the picture of it in the book, but the part i'm having trouble on is the back part of it
  4. @Mrlikesninjagomoviethings will you build the boats on LDD ? and make files so you can import them on here
  5. @legoman23 @Mrlikesninjagomoviethings could you share the LDD link for the Boat and the Hot dog stand?
  6. So i did start building jays lightning jet and decided to modify the parts in the front that connect with the crane harbor rails, reason to this is because those pieces are expensive and cant really be found on brick link or any other brick site. But i will be super gluing the areas that don't connect
  7. @blue72 it looks amazing, and also having that comparison of the lego set one to. With my dragon it's about finished and all i have to do is super glue pieces together and it will be able to hold, but i will be cautious in some areas. i did notice that the small boat in the Jelly fish sub set is inaccurate too as the accurate one is in the "Making of the Lego Ninjago Movie Book" but i did some what manage to make the smaller boat from the video game and from the book as well.
  8. sure you can modify Jays lightning jet and also thank you on the green ninja mech dragon
  9. I did go back to look over jays lightning jet and noticed that there were areas that didn't connect and looked unfinished but i'm sure GLAP23 will look it over, if anyone did notice
  10. (update on the dragon) The Green ninja mech dragon is nearly finished, but i'm going to make the most dangerous risk with this build.. holding it up. the only way of me doing this was super gluing areas where they felt loose or parts that would fall off when moving certain parts of the dragon. also i am considering on building jays lightning jet, the build its self has some pretty easy areas to build but for the most part i am interested if anyone has attempted to build the ninjas mechs.
  11. The heads look amazing! its a shame that Lego couldn't make the sets movie accurate well i mean a few of them, like the Piranha, clam drone, jelly fish sub, and the manta ray bomber. but i'm glad there's people making the movie versions like myself, and possibly the ninjas mechs could become VIP sets due to their insanely complicated instructions and how delicate they can be.
  12. Here's the picture i had trouble uploading This Version of the shark boat has some what back part of the original shark boat but its hard to make out how the head was made out of and the sides of where the fins were and i am wondering if GLAP23 is going to make the destiny's bounty when done with the mech's
  13. i'm still figuring out the problem with the picture i uploaded but ill get there to posting it up, anyways, i did want to talk about the poly bag version of jays lightning jet as the only picture we see of that build is in the Lego Ninjago Movie making of the movie book. I have tried to figure out some parts of the build but its seemingly the back part of the build that i cant figure out.
  14. Blue 72 i am wondering what pieces did you use to stand it up. Also yours is just amazing and yea i do agree that it would have been difficult and much longer to figure out without GLAP23's work I also did want to mention that there was another shark boat in the film here's the picture
  15. Ok so i was finally able to upload the picture Thanks to Matteo Nottoli for helping me