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  1. Paul Corbak

    Medieval street

    Thanks again for the comments, it's very encouraging and thanks for the front page, I just saw that ^^ @Redhead1982 : The only thing that was planned before beginning anything was a view of a narrow medieval street so I began with the right part and the white house. The rest just come step by step. The only, but big, "error" is the Barrack which was a huge tower at first, but I didn't like it, it was just too huge for the rest of the Moc and the barrack feets better I think :)
  2. Paul Corbak

    Medieval street

    Thanks a lot for your comments :)
  3. Paul Corbak

    [LEGO IDEAS] Sorcerer's Tower

    Great work, i would definitly buy it if it was selected :)
  4. Paul Corbak

    [MOC] Scriptorium Mokotovum

    The wooden stairs are perfect and i like your efforts on the bookshelves, it's not flat as many bookshelf we can see on many MOC but has a lot of texture between the books. It looks way more realistic :) So much more to say... Great work !
  5. Paul Corbak

    King Edwards Villa

    Wow, the wooden floor at the top ! And the mix between the stone walls and the tudor architecture is gorgeous !
  6. Paul Corbak

    Medieval street

    Thanks a lot for all your comments ^^ @Geobrick : that's fun for the wheeled beggar, I added it at the very end :) @Zoth33 : Thanks for your comment on the roof. I realize I could have maybe done more complicated techniques I discovered not so long ago though (except for the stable one who gave me headache to build...) And I would have love to have a bulk of dark red tiles too :)
  7. Paul Corbak

    Medieval street

    Hi alls Here is a moc I made in april 2020 and finally post on my Flickr account. The idea was to build a medieval street surrounding by houses. The street is turning a bit to have a nicer effect and has some large steps to help me hide all the impossible angles it created... All the back buildings has an interior but im not too satisfied with it... On the back, from right to left, is a house, a bakery, a inn and a barrack, on the front are a stable and two small houses. Hope you'll like it !
  8. Paul Corbak

    Watchtower on the road

    Hi, as asked I just put some couples more pictures of my Moc on my flickr account and, surprise ! there is an interior :) I always try to do interiors of buildings but it was difficult on this one because I wanted to avoid a too visible mark on the walls. So it opens BUT you have to take off a couple of bricks before ^^; some tiles here and there, around 7-8 so I was sure it wont be visible when it was close. As it was such a pain to open it I didn't took the time to put furnitures inside, im sorry for that ^^; DSC_0244 by Roger Cageot, sur Flickr There is also an interior of the mill but the roof was a pain to do so I didn't do a system to open it... Thanks again all of you for your answers, it's a real motivation for putting more of my work on the internet :)
  9. Paul Corbak

    [MOC] WatchinOut

    Wow, awesome tower ! The roof is crazy, great job :)
  10. Paul Corbak

    Watchtower on the road

    Thanks again for your comments :) It's good to know you appreciate this Moc
  11. Paul Corbak

    Watchtower on the road

    Thanks for your post guys, it's so awesome to read people noticing all the smalls techniques details I used in this moc haha (especially about the roundness part at the base of the tower ^^ ) I used a lot of new techniques in this moc and wasn't sure of the result, glad to hear you like it and i have to thanks some builders for being so inspiring like Legonardo, Cesbrick, Ralf Langer and many others ;) @Louis of Nutwood Ok, i'll put more pictures on my flickr account soon :)
  12. Paul Corbak

    Watchtower on the road

    Hello everyones, this is the first Moc I dare to present. Im building since a long time but never take the plundge to show them on internet. This is a watchtower over a countryside road, some smalls fields around, animals and a watermill. Feel free to give your opinion on it and thx for your post :) DSC_0226 by Roger Cageot, sur Flickr DSC_0171 by Roger Cageot, sur Flickr DSC_0135 by Roger Cageot, sur Flickr And more and my Flickr account :)
  13. Paul Corbak

    Hi everyones

    Hello everyone, a huge fan of Castle theme here so you already know where my futur posts will be... Im a builder since a long time and I finally decide to share a bit of my creations :) Im from France btw. Happy building to everybody !