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  1. Nordy199

    [LDD] [MOC] Ship of the line

    Thanks so much for the kind words and feed back! Yeah I thought maybe the 4x4 gun ports were big. My other ships I made I went with 2x2 and wasnt happy with the over all shape of the ship. Though perhaps I should try it again with the 2x2 ports. I think I am a bit better now after this ship. The main things that perplex me is how people make the cabin and the bow of the ship. I have no idea how people make the curving shapes of the cabins and the railings at the bow. Still trying to figure it out, but I do like the cabin I made for this one. I will check out all your links and get to work on my next version of the ship. Hopefully it will be even better! :) haha I thought the monkeys were cool too XDD
  2. Nordy199

    [LDD] [MOC] Ship of the line

    Ahoy! This is my first post here. I've been working on trying to get a realisticish looking ship built for quite some time now. Somewhere around 13 years or so. Construction of this ship started back in 2016 once I discovered this digital designer program. I would have made it in real life but I simply don't have the parts necessary for it. But I think this one has turned out rather well, definitely my best iteration of the ship. I have made about 5 IRL ships and 4 other ships in LDD before finally getting to this one and I am quite happy with the results. Definitely still more to work at improving, but I am happy with the progress made so I decided to share it and see what you guys think! :) Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions for future ships would be greatly appreciated! :) Without further adieu I present to you, HMS Mirabelle, 116 gun first rate ship of the line!