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  1. gamemasterks

    Servo Motor not fully centering anymore

    Then what should I do? TLG wont be there to constantly replace Servos after Power Functions dies at the end of the year. Therefore, I can’t have Servos that just keep on breaking.
  2. gamemasterks

    Servo Motor not fully centering anymore

    Hi again everyone, I contacted TLG and they said that replacement Servo Motors would be shipped to replace the broken Servo Motors I have. Also, does anyone know of any good third party Lego Servo Motor clones? I seen some on YouTube but I don’t know where to get them. I’m asking because I don’t want to buy another Servo Motor only to have it break after the last ones did.
  3. gamemasterks

    Servo Motor not fully centering anymore

    Thanks to everyone for sharing, I guess the servo motor isn’t that reliable after use. I would normally buy another servo motor from Lego itself but I’ve reached my limit of servo motors that I can order being shipped to my household. Lego sadly in the US limits each person to 3 of each Power Functions components per household which is sad because when I look at the European Lego website, there is a limit of 50 instead of 3 for each component for European customers. You guys are lucky :). Interestingly 2 of my 3 servos have different problems. One doesn’t center fully and the other doesn’t return to center when you let off the IR remote quickly like it used to (See amorti’s post in the topic to see what I’m talking about). I tried various solutions first I tried, However this didn’t sadly work, then I tried to correct this with the BuWizz power curves feature (I use BuWizz for my RC MOCs). In theory this should work but in practice the power curve interface isn’t accurate enough to make small corrections, so you either overshoot the servo position too much or too little. I hope so too because when PF dies, I’m still using it for most of my RC MOC’s. However, I really hope they make good versions because when I heard about the Chinese Monster Motor (Clone of Buggy Motor) I heard many stories of people’s motors just burning up.
  4. I don't know if this is normal but I've used my PF Servo Motor for two months now and it doesn't fully center like it used to anymore, the angle is always a little off. Is this normal for a PF Servo Motor after normal use? I didn't use the motor heavily, I just used it occasionally in my Lego RC Car once in a while.
  5. Oh wow, I can’t described how that worked at all but the portal came out without any fuss or broken plastic. That butter knife trick really works, thanks! Thanks, I also used this to help me as well when I was first figuring out how to separate it using a butter knife. Thanks for this suggestion.
  6. I really don’t want to damage the parts as I’ve heard that the prongs of 92909 are very fragile. Please someone help me.
  7. When will the new motor be available to buy?
  8. I'm on the fence about buying BuWizz units right now. I really want them for their extra power to boost my RC MOCs but the v2 was released about 2 years ago. Is it worth it to wait for the v3 or should I just pull the trigger right now and buy v2?