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  1. Congratulations on hitting 10,000 supporters! I really hope this makes it through review and becomes a set. I will be first in line to buy it.
  2. I hear this a lot on this forum. It costs a lot of money to design, manufacture, warehouse, and distribute a new part. While this is true, this it literally TLG’s core competency. Doing this well has been critical to them becoming the dominant player they are today. I would argue that this, above all other things, is what they are the best in the world at. I would argue that they are more efficient and better equipped to bring new injection molded plastic parts to market than any other company in the world. I think they need to continue to invest here to be able to maintain their market dominance. We shouldn’t make excuses for them. We should expect excellence and they can and should deliver.
  3. Glaysche

    Hub to Hub communication

    Huh, I tried to post a few days ago and I am still waiting for the admins to approve my post. Maybe they don’t want new members in their group?
  4. Glaysche

    Hub to Hub communication

    This is great! Thanks for investigating this. You suggest they are encoding the channel name as a CRC32. That's a bit unfortunate. Collisions are not that rare with that. Probably not the biggest problem, though. Doing all communications over BLE advertising broadcasts with limited packet sizes seems pretty limiting. This reminds me of when Doom multiplayer mode first shipped (I'm sure I'm dating myself here). It did all communication over broadcasts and took down our entire campus network. Probably not a big issue here but it's still not necessarily the best architecture. I wonder what TLG's roadmap is for this feature?
  5. I just upgraded to the new Mindstorms app (10.2.0). It has a new help center but more interestingly, it has an experimental hub to hub communications. I tried a quick test. I made two trivial programs: I ran them on two hubs with a motor attached to port A on each. It worked. Moving the motor on one hub caused the other to move. It was a bit laggy but not really any worse than using the touch screen remote. It was annoying to do the programming. I needed to download the first program to one hub then turn that hub off to disconnect. I then attached to the second hub and downloaded the second program. Then you can run the program on both hubs and see it work. It would be very nice to be able to attach to two different hubs simultaneously. Maybe even if it's just one hub per tab or something. I have questions about the implementation. Since you don't specify a destination hub in a signal, I assume this is just a broadcast? I wonder how this scales to more hubs? If you had a classroom full of Mindstorms stations, would they all interfere with each other? I also wonder if the protocol is lossy. I assume it is if it's broadcast. Also, since the "when hub receives signal" and "Received .... value" blocks are separate, if you receive two signals before you read the value from the first one, I assume you lose the first value? That sounds challenging to make reliable. They say this is an experimental feature. I wonder how open they are to feedback? If one wanted to provide feedback to TLG, where would they send it? I have sent multiple questions in the past to the Mindstorms email on the Lego support page and never received any reply at all.
  6. Glaysche

    Pybricks Q&A

    Doing a low level API first makes a whole lot of sense. Do you think the semantics will be closer to TCP (reliable stream of bytes) or perhaps reliable datagrams? The difference being whether you maintain framing. I’m not familiar with the higher level API for EV3. What I was imagining for a high level API would be something like RemoteMotor or RemoteSensor. It would have the same API as a local motor or sensor but with the communication layer in the middle. I guess this would look the most like the PoweredUp app programming model. Anyway, thanks again for all the great work.
  7. Glaysche

    Pybricks Q&A

    Thanks for the update on v3.1 and v3.2. The changes planned for those releases sound very interesting. I am also very interested in hub to hub communication. This is my initial use case: I want to be able to make a physical remote out of PoweredUp components. I can then make a remote that is appropriate for the model being controlled. My prototype uses the PoweredUp app but that has the huge downside of requiring a smart phone in addition to the controller. I'm imagining with Pybricks, we will be able to eliminate that and make it simpler to use, possibly with better latency characteristics as well. Do you have an idea of what the API will be for hub to hub communications? I'm wondering if this use case will fit well with your proposed API. The next thing beyond this is more complicated models. Imagine making a physical controller for the Liebherr that has 7 channels and 2 hubs. The controller would need 2 hubs as well. Would that generalized use case also work with your planned API?
  8. Glaysche

    T-Bot (3axis gantry)

    I made a Studio model for it and made it available for free on Rebrickable: I made some minor changes from the version pictured above. The holder for the top pulley for the chain is improved. I made a few minor structural improvements. Here's are some renders:
  9. Yeah, it's a similar deal for me. My MOCs are both esoteric and expensive. I choose to make them free on Rebrickable because I would rather see more people getting value from my work than a few dollars in my bank account. This is truly just a hobby for me. If I tried to make it a business, I think it would be less fun. That being said, I have no problem with people charging for MOCs. I have purchased a couple myself.
  10. You can buy the Spike Prime angular motors from the Lego Education web site at least in the US.
  11. My videos are not very good. I posted a couple in this thread. I might be able to get a better video this weekend.
  12. This discussion about color coding has been going on for a very long time. Obviously there are many opinions. I think the color coding is good in sets. It does help making the assembly instructions more clear. That being said, I would like the freedom to make my MOCs in the colors I want. The request I would ask of TLG is for them to also offer the key parts in other colors on Bricks & Pieces. I think this would be the best of both worlds. They can get the sales and reduced support volume from easier to follow instructions and AFOLs would also get what they want. TLG would sell more parts from B&P. Win, win, win. The only downside from TLG's point of view is that they would need to stock more parts in their warehouses.
  13. I updated the model on Rebrickable to V4. I finally figured out how to import the Spike Prime color sensor properly. I made a render of some of the most complicated gearing in the robotic arm: This takes the output from 4 motors and drives the turntable and the 3 functions through the turntable. Using the differentials and exact gear ratios, you can decouple the functions going through the turntable. If the turntable rotates 90 degrees, the three functions going through the turntable also rotate 90 degrees so the two wrist joints and the grabber don't move when this turntable rotates.
  14. I bought the “Black Premium Versatile Plastic”. That’s the most expensive one. I wanted a black part and chose that one without any real research on my part. The part seems quite solid. It has a matte finish. It worked right out of the box with trimming, sanding, or touch up required. oh, I did update the Studio model on Rebrickable. The V3 model that is up there now has slightly improved structure, fixed collisions, and now includes the 3D printed part.