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  1. A re edition with a full interior would be perfect!
  2. This is awesome, the very dense vegetation put this moc to the next level, congratulation!
  3. Minizem

    At-St (Movie Accurate)

    Yhis moc looks great, i like the big interior space, but i'm not a big fan of the idea of a stand for a walker.
  4. I managed to find a used ucs imperial shuttle , some parts are missing, but on the way! this old set is soo beautiful!
  5. Minizem

    Building the Tantive IV movie-sequence in LEGO

    Nice job! Maybe adding more blurr one the laser beams could be interesting!
  6. Minizem

    "A New Hope" in Lego

    Brilliant! As said before this is the coolest story board ever!
  7. Wow! unfortunatly, i have not enough place to build this kind of ships . Your moc is way better than the UCS , congratulations!
  8. Minizem

    [MOC] Imperial Troop Transport

    Amazing job! You have a new subscriber by the way!
  9. Minizem

    [REVIEW] 75277 - Boba Fett Helmet

    Thanks for your review, this set will be at the right place next to my ucs slave one!
  10. Minizem

    BR E18 047 "Blauer Enzian"

    Hello! Congrats for your creation! this really looks like model trains with nice details!
  11. Minizem

    10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle Mod

    Hello redbird, congrats for your modifications, the lack of interior is such a shame on this UCS, and you solved this problem. If you still send the pdf, i would appreciate to get it, thanks!