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  1. redhandjane

    [MOC] Dwarven Barber Shop

    So cool! I love the shaping of the roof.
  2. redhandjane

    [MOC] Little Dragons Cafe

    That's so cool! I love your plants and that dragon is awesome!
  3. Awesome! Very Ghostbusters.
  4. redhandjane

    Eurobricks Flower Show: Voting

    1 point to 6 2 points to 7
  5. redhandjane

    Noctura's Garden

    That's beautiful, I love it!
  6. redhandjane

    Eurobricks Flower Show: The Showground

    Here is my entry A quiet place to read.
  7. redhandjane

    MOC: My Little Garden

    First time posting a MOC! I hope you all like it This is my entry to the flower show competition. Eurobricks Flower Show I used a lot of flowers... My inspiration was my Ideal Garden; somewhere to read in peace! Thanks for looking ?
  8. redhandjane

    [MOC] Micro city

    These are incredible! I especially like the castle and amphitheatre!
  9. redhandjane

    Minidolls... Action Themes Ideas

    I'd love to see an action minidoll theme. Elves really got me back into Lego. I think a magical girl theme would be awesome, Sailor Moon would be epic! The genre is still going strong in anime, "Glitter Force" on Netflix is proof of that! There could be cute outfits, lots of sparkle and cool monsters to fight.
  10. I love the Gothic style!
  11. redhandjane

    [MOC] Water Castle in Sky (Tensegrity)

    Wow! That's beautiful! I love how you've made it balance, it looks magical.
  12. redhandjane

    [MOC] MoMA - Museum of Modern Art

    I love all the details you've added!
  13. redhandjane

    [MOC] Parisian square

    I love how you've made birds! They really add to the scene and they're very creatively made.
  14. redhandjane

    [MOC] old style car (building with my sons lego)

    That's lovely!
  15. redhandjane

    [Purist] Misc Minifigs

    I love the fairy! Which wings are they?