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  1. Dies Irae

    Pirates (& Red/Bluecoat) flags

    Thanks for the replies, guys i’ve just placed an order so let’s see how these stickers turn out Some additional good news - LEGO just told me they’re sending a free 6x4 flag. I've offered to pay for more.
  2. Dies Irae

    Pirates (& Red/Bluecoat) flags

    I’ve found many of the MOCs posted here to be really fascinating. In trying to make a MOC of my own, though, one issue I’ve found is the lack of 6x4 flags in good condition at fair prices, particularly red and bluecoat flags. So you can imagine how happy I was to stumble across this site https://www.brickstickershop.com/pirates Questions 1. has anyone bought these, and are they good quality? 2. Do you then paste them on plain white 6x4 flags from bricklink or brickowl? If there are other sources for these plain white 6x4 flags in new condition, I’d be very keen to know. 3. are there other sources for hard plastic 6x4 red & blue coat flags in good condition other than bricklink or brickowl? Thanks Dies Irae
  3. Dies Irae

    [MOC] Pirates of Toilet Cove

    “Redbeard was feeling flush after he found the hidden treasure.”
  4. Dies Irae

    [MOC] 21322 + 31109 = ?

    Like some in this forum, my interest in LEGO in general and Pirates specifically was re-ignited by the release of 21322 Barracuda Bay. Being stuck at home during the COVID lockdown no doubt helped lol. Then 31109 was announced and everything went into overdrive. However I was dissatisfied with the leftover island of 21322 and the pirate tavern of 31109 was underwhelming, IMHO. With the lockdown, I was unable to visit my favourite bars, and channeled this need to hang out into a combination of the 2 sets, with some additional parts, and here it is! Criticism is welcome, but please be gentle - I’m a noob and this is my first MOC the entrance is pulley operated and was inspired by 70411 presenting .. the resident band!
  5. Dies Irae

    [MOC] Imperial Academy

    It’s not ready yet been busy with work but I should have it done in a few weeks’ time I just got back into LEGO so I’m also catching up on all these modding techniques
  6. Dies Irae

    [MOC] Imperial Academy

    Really nice use of the IKEA boxes! I’m working on an imperial fort moc myself and wish I’d thought of this too... sure saves on a lot of building time and makes the build nicely modular too
  7. Dies Irae

    [MOC] Napoleonic Era

    What a wonderfully detailed scene! As I scrolled through the pictures, Adagio For Strings started playing in my mind
  8. Wow that’s a great price! Where did you buy for 78 euros?
  9. I like your mod! I bought only one set but agree that the entire brick built nature of this set opens up more modding possibilities.
  10. My set finally arrived 2 days ago and the first build I made was naturally the ship. The final result is not as bad as I feared ... i quite like the brick built hull, the detailing around the captain’s cabin and the fact that there is a real gun deck (in contrast to 21322). I haven’t made up my mind whether I like the brick sails. Finally this design does offer many opportunities for modding so that will be my Long term project The one thing that bothered me most was the sloping poop deck. Initially I thought I did something wrong but realised this was not the case when I looked at other pics online. Here’s a close up. This slope really looks weird and I want to fix it at some stage.
  11. Has anyone bought this set yet? There seems to be a diversity of opinion on this but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say
  12. Don’t know if this has already been posted, but 31109 is now on LEGO.com https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/pirate-ship-31109
  13. Dies Irae

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Hi everyone I got seriously back into LEGO when I bought the barracuda bay set recently (presents for my kids don’t count imo!) now I’ve become an obsessed AFOL, and I’m thinking about how to make the ship a proper pirate ship - eg remodel the lower deck into a gun deck, add another deck, add a crow’s nest etc am also thinking of changing the settlement that’s left when you combine the ship, into a proper pirate hideout. Perhaps I’ll incorporate the tavern from the upcoming Creator 3in1 set. Can the more experienced folks here provide any general pointers on how to get started on making these designs? do you only source for parts through Bricklink? thanks!