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  1. LaurentB

    NCS Lunar Hopper

    Great use of SNOT technics around here ! Smooth shapes ! I particularly enjoy the rock base ;)
  2. LaurentB

    Final Fantasy VII Midgar

    Thanks :-) Sister Ray would be a great addition, but before that I'm already planning to build a motorized Highwind and a model of Juno !
  3. LaurentB

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

    Such a feel in my childhood's heart :D I like the SNOT technic for the little middle-tank !
  4. LaurentB

    Space centre

    Wow ! I didn't expect that while scrolling down...Most impressive ! If you want to improve it, maybe you should look at pictures of the historical VAB to see how the doors open ;) Again, congrats for the work ;)
  5. LaurentB

    Final Fantasy VII Midgar

    Hola, I wanted to get back to Eurobricks to show some of my MOCs, and I wanted to enjoy the release of Final Fantasy VII on PS4 to conclude my Midgar miniscale model. I literally spent several years until I get the technic and receive the last parts and finish the building. It is based on the 1997 version. I can still improve it by adding smoke on the Mako reactors and details on the slums underneath the plate, but here I wanted to share my work with you :) Feel free to comment and to visit my Flickr page to see more pictures ! But please forgive the poor quality of the pictures, I don't exactly have a professional stuff... Midgar by Laurent Le Berre, on Flickr IMG_20200411_175440 by Laurent Le Berre, on Flickr IMG_20200411_175516 by Laurent Le Berre, on Flickr IMG_20200411_174609 by Laurent Le Berre, on Flickr IMG_20200411_174441 by Laurent Le Berre, on Flickr
  6. LaurentB

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    I saw a lot of sweet things and colourschemes here :) Did anyone consider heavily MODing the ship and the masts rigging ? I will once I finish building it !
  7. LaurentB

    [MOC] Too heavy!!

    Jaja, nice ! I love how the water fits the hull :D The crankshaft is an old but sweet mechanism technic ! Now you should consider doing the same with a ship of the line ;)