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  1. I sure did! I posted my issues earlier in the thread but I was out different figures then you. I can't believe you got 0 Space Fans in TWO boxes. That's just rotten. I'm also in Canada. Calgary for what its worth.
  2. Exactly, just need to carry the proper cleaner and/or use gloves and of course wear a mask so you don't breathe moistly all over the packets as you feel them. Thank you for the welcome @leafan.
  3. I guess I'll have to try for some trades. Or Brickguycentipede them. Love the series regardless.
  4. I made an account to post this warning, if you are buying a sealed case by warned the distribution may be off. For the second regular series in a row I've had incorrect distribution. For Series 19 I had 7-8 Fright Knights and was down a couple Jungle Explorers, with a couple other fig counts being +/- 1. For Series 20 I have received 7 Green Brick Guys, 7! What was missing? 2 of the Vikings, 1 Ocean Explorer, and 1 Tournament Knight. I also received 1 extra Breakdancer. Yesterday I was at my local Walmart and picked up a couple Knights and Vikings so that I could have a decent force of each...then I received my sealed box today and this happened.