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    Самоделки из lego Technic, с небольшим добавлением систем деталей.


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  1. Hi, everybody. I present to you my new homemade toy. This is the first plane. The model is small in size, but has quite interesting features.
  2. Hi everyone, I want to introduce you to my Toyota Alphard. The model was completely redesigned: it all started with a redesign of the chassis, so I put Alphard on the tracks, but you were not mistaken-on the tracks) the model remained the same front-wheel drive, but I had to remove one gear, and now the car has a 1-way drive.(I couldn't implement it any other way) Functions: - Front kenguryatnik in the form of stakes and saws from zombies. - There is an additional air intake on the hood. - The tracks are not just made half-black half-gray, so I Express any dirt on the tracks. - Protective grating on the front and sides of the Windows, the rear window is clogged with iron. - On the right wing there is a flamethrower and a folding ladder, on the left there is a machine gun. - The top of the car was also completely redesigned: instead of the rear hatch, there was a serious gun, spare tire, trunk and protection front and rear, there is a TV tower for receiving the signal. - From the inside I threw out absolutely everything except the driver's seat of course. - Also inside is a hidden machine gun, which is needed if you are already running out of fuel, Video: I will be very happy for new subscribers
  3. All hi I present you my new homemade. Just mercedes for the desert! Functions: - Steering-Servo motor -Movement-2HL motor -2 IR receiver 2 crowns -Opening the hood and trunk -And most importantly air suspension without Pneumatics! -Lifting and lowering of wheels is carried out by 2M motors with the help of worms. -Specially one seat and a red protective case.
  4. Teh6

    [MOC] 5 axis crane

    who else remembers this old man?
  5. Teh6

    [MOC] 5 axis crane

    I have Bartybum in the editor, unfortunately, so far there are few accessible songs, but it's okay I'm moving forward, which means the songs will change !!!
  6. Teh6

    [MOC] 5 axis crane

    Thank you very much your opinion is very important to me!
  7. I present to you my new make-up 5 axis crane!!! I made an arrow out of slats for supports! I think that no one has done it yet! the functions: -turn 2 front and rear axles and turn the steering wheel in the cab -Boom raising and lowering and boom extension using L and M motors. -V8 fake engine -Wipers, mirrors, open doors in the cockpit, instrument panel, fire extinguisher, the rotation of the boom itself is also carried out! Watch the video you will not regret it!
  8. Teh6

    [TC18] Pickup truck

    interior and driver's seat.
  9. 26. Pickup Truck Hi everyone, this is my first competition, and I came here to have fun. The cabin has a HOG and a working steering wheel that rotates with the wheels. HOG can be easily removed. The car opens the hood, doors, sunroof, spoiler, sun gear, trunk, glove compartment and a place for the trailer hit. The salon was designed. Full suspension  Chassis photo:  Theme of the forum: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/177589-tc18-pickup-truck/