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  1. ptrg - any chance you took photos of stand without Falcon on it? I like this angle, although I may try to bank it a bit more. I was looking at my Wicked Bricks stand and it is a great stand but does have a steep angle like Efferman's. I have room to lower the angle for my Falcon so I want to explore my options. Your concept looks like a start if you don't mind sharing. Thanks!
  2. Neophyte Brickie I also second that - it looks great. Any chance you are going to produce a parts list of the final version?
  3. ptrg - sorry for the confusion. I don't know if this helps, but I have a stand from Wicked Bricks in UK that has the MF off the ground at angle but it is at 70 degrees - not as steep as Effermans but still may be more than you want. You might want to contact them and see if they have a lees angles display stand, they make hundreds of stands and style, they may have something you are looking for.
  4. To PTRG - the stand you are looking for I believe is the Efferman stand
  5. Actually scroll through the web page - the different sections have links with the files you are looking for.Also, if you need to hit the TRANSLATE button on left bottom to choose a language. Each section has instructions then the LDD file after, they only open with Lego Designer software. There is an LDD file for each mod that Lock did (thank you Lock).
  6. Rebel Scum, you can access Lock's excellent write up with LDD files at his site here:
  7. I second this, great stands and display cases.
  8. Hi @bdestena, Great mods. Would you please mind sharing the respective io files for the airlock, engine and mandible? Thanks Regards
  9. I would also love to get the files for your great mods, if you can email them, please send to: Thank you!