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    8262 Quad Bike

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    The interesting, obviously. This includes Lego Technic, fixing machines (all I can afford to fix are bicycles), and reading.


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I have been building Technic MOCs since late 2016, and have learned a lot fairly quickly! My favorite things to build are cars and trucks, which range from extreme complexity to high performance. I build a lot of 1:8 scale supercars, some of which are meant to have many functions and look good (Usually six RC functions), and some of which are meant to be more complex than anything I have ever made, which have gotten pretty extreme. After I finish my 1:7 Bugatti Chiron, I may never try to push the limits again... On the other end of the spectrum, I like making absolutely tiny cars (With 3cm diameter tires) with at least two L-motor power, which I have found to be a very fun combination. I have built several 4x4 trial trucks as well as more functional 4x4s that really can't off-road at all. Lately I've been realizing that I hate building bodyworks, though I like putting wild functions into cars, so I've started focusing on models that are interesting mechanically but don't need bodywork. Almost all of my large models are grey: it is a boring color, but I have lots of it, and I am unwilling to spend the big bucks to invest in a better color (Orange, black, or red, perhaps). I've got pictures at https://bricksafe.com/pages/2GodBDGlory/ and videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzlXZMrskdNPx4HDNvfGmpA

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