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  1. Ok, thanks for the information! It sounds pretty interesting, but not perfect yet.
  2. I'm intrigued! I did some research, and it seems that this new battery is in one set so far, but I can't find any specifications on it. Are you able to give any more information? Mainly I'm curious if it has gone above 7.4V or gained proportional control, though I think both are unlikely.
  3. Are you using the controller function in the PU app? If so, you should be able to control the speed by adjusting the position of the slider you're using for control.
  4. Totally agreed! I think there is reason for hope, though, since none of the previous 1:8 supercars were race cars, and we seem to have a separate 1:10 race car line on the side, including a Ferrari, so I'm not too worried that this one will be a racer as well.
  5. 2GodBDGlory

    Mold King Powered Module

    I was looking on Ali, but I really wasn't finding anything at 10.4V other than maybe a laptop battery or two. It just doesn't seem like a common voltage, but I guess there must be something out there!
  6. 2GodBDGlory

    42146 - Liebherr LR13000

    Yeah, that's how I feel! I don't think I've bought a Lego set since early 2020, but I've got enough parts to build just about any set (though sometimes ingenuity is required for missing parts), so it's always fun to throw together a copy of new sets for a day or two, then rip 'em apart again!
  7. 2GodBDGlory

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    These four rumored sets do seem to follow the pattern from 2020: One 1:8 supercar, one construction flagship, one large aviation model (It's worth considering the Osprey in this pattern), and one smaller construction set. It all sounds pretty good to me, which gives the rumor slightly less credibility as it approaches wishful thinking, but nonetheless these things tend to be pretty accurate. So, I'm happy!
  8. 2GodBDGlory

    42146 - Liebherr LR13000

    It sounds like an interesting set to me! If the stated price/part count figures are correct, it'd be a big disappointment, but remember what happened last year? The CAT was announced with a crazy price and relatively few pieces, we panicked, and then it was eventually released at the same (or at least similar) price, just with way more pieces than originally announced (It was still expensive, but not stupidly so). I'd say there's at least a significant chance that something similar could happen this year.
  9. Very well thought out! Would there happen to be an LED or something to indicate the charge status? Either way, that looks like a very nicely executed solution!
  10. Very nice! I liked the model before, and now that I watch the video I find that the transformation is significantly more complicated than I had assumed. Great job!
  11. I agree that an electric supercar set could introduce some interesting, new, functions to the lineup, but I'm simply not confident that Lego would bother. After all, how many people are actually buying these sets for the gearbox? For the majority of buyers, it simply looks cool on a shelf, and the gearbox is little more than a conversation piece, and therefore expendable, as other advanced functions would likely be. I could be proved wrong, but I'm pessimistic about an electric supercar being an interesting set.
  12. 2GodBDGlory

    [TC21] Rocket SUV

    This looks nice! It has a good amount of complexity, but doesn't make too many compromises to get there.
  13. Ooh, that'd be sweet! You're right that it won't happen, though...
  14. Yeah, I guess it does make sense that there wouldn't actually be back windows!
  15. 2GodBDGlory

    Mold King Powered Module

    Wow, that was a very in-depth mod in the video! Not quite what I'm looking for, but still interesting. Thanks for sharing it! Do you have any idea where people were buying these 10.4V batteries? I can't seem to find any for sale.
  16. 2GodBDGlory

    Mold King Powered Module

    Sounds interesting! Could you point me towards some more information on this?
  17. 2GodBDGlory

    Mold King Powered Module

    I just got a 6.0 a couple days ago, so I can give you a bit of info on it: I'd assume the nominal voltage is the standard 2S lithium voltage of 7.4V, but I tested it (at full charge) with my multimeter at about 8.4V. Compared to a Buwizz, the Mould King 6.0 has two more ports than the older Buwizzes, and 6X PF outputs compared to 2X PF and 4X PU outputs on the 3.0. It can be controlled from a physical controller with proportional control on four channels via two joysticks and non-proportional control on two channels through bumpers. This has 2.4 GHz connection, I would assume, because it requires a connection step. Alternately, it can be controlled through the Mould King app from a phone, allowing for some very basic programmability, and for proportional control on all six channels. It should also be noted that the remote has a rechargeable battery charged through USB, rather than replaceable batteries. The output voltage of the Mould King hub is nominally only 66% of that of Buwizz, and (from what I've seen) only runs one buggy motor, as opposed to the claimed two of the Buwizz 3.0. Also, the Mould King hub has six electrical contacts per channel, as opposed to four all throughout the PF system and Buwizz, and similar to the PU system. Theoretically, this should allow for support of smart servos and sensor inputs, but no hardware yet exists for this. I haven't tested the range, but being 2.4GHz I'd assume it's pretty good. I've never had issues with it losing connection. I like the idea of replacing the battery with something higher voltage, since I'd love something with 11-12V and proportional remote control at a price lower than a Buwizz, but I'm not sure how it would be done. I'm not sure where you'd find a battery of the correct size and voltage, but if you could, and the electronic components could handle it, it'd be a pretty cool controller! I hope this helps!
  18. So, I've tested it out with the low-friction "tires," and couldn't get a drift with the original gearing. I then changed the gearing as in your mod, and could then get slides going. I'm curious, though: in the original the front wheels spun faster, while in your mod, it seems to be the rear going faster. Is there a theoretical difference here?
  19. 2GodBDGlory

    [MOC] Toyota Supra

    Very nice, very nice! I felt the same way--I think it's the downward slope of the small panels directly above the headlights, kind of like sad eyebrows. I'm not sure if that can be easily changed, though, and otherwise it's quite impressive!
  20. Nice drift! I got that Porsche set to drift a tad by applying a high-powered brushed motor to it, but yours is quite impressive! I think for this one I'm going to simulate the plastic Lego ones using some handy 3D-printed parts that fit over the tires: I whipped up a simple design quick to see how much material it would use, liked the number, and started printing them one by one. It takes about an hour each, so I'm still waiting on the ones for the front tires!
  21. Looks nice and clean overall! It's true that the tail rotor pitch mechanism is a bit large, but I think it's worth compromising the look a bit for such an interesting function!
  22. 2GodBDGlory

    [WIP] Aston Martin Valkyrie

    Nice job! That looks like an extremely difficult car to model! I see some red panels from the new Porsche in there--that was quick!
  23. Or maybe just use a worm-to-8T setup with a compact linear clutch instead of the LA?