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  1. Major Ben

    [MOC] USS Constitution

    Thanks, I didn't use those pieces. Here is an LDD cross-section of my design. Thank you! I started working on this 5 years ago, but progress was slow, there was probably a whole year in there where I didn't touch it.
  2. Major Ben

    [MOC] USS Constitution

    Hello all, I wanted to share my long time project, the USS Constitution. The Constitution has always been a favorite of mine, and I've seen other great Lego versions of this tall ship, but I wanted to make one that is true to minifig scale. At long last I'm (almost) complete and ready to share some pics. I hope to be adding more polished pictures soon, so check back for the latest. Would love to hear your comments, thanks!
  3. Major Ben

    [MOC] Pirate Island of the Barracuda Bay

    I love it!!! What a great idea to mod the island! I have ordered the new set myself (backorder, booo!) and you've inspired me to see what I can do to spruce up the island as I'll certainly be putting the ship together probably 5 minutes after finishing the build! Thanks for sharing