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  1. On the bottom of all your posts, there's an image but it leads to a 404 error.

    1. carebear



      I lost those pictures

      I need to take new pictures


  2. mindstormsboi

    [MOC] Bicycle, Bicycle, BICYCLE!

    Cool, cool, what else can I say? Cool.
  3. mindstormsboi

    [MOC] Tenement House

    I love it! What do you use for those photos?
  4. mindstormsboi

    Best non-Lego source for Lego exclusive sets?

    Usually Amazon overprices these lego sets, for example the first service station (7993) costs like a whopping $280 dollars on amazon, but often such sets like this are not much of a big deal for BL members and they would make the set very cheap. At the time of writing one seller is selling the 7993 set for less than five dollars, I'd certainly take that offer compared to 280 dollars. Amazon does not ship to Ukraine.
  5. mindstormsboi

    [MOC] Cathedral

    I have no words...
  6. mindstormsboi

    Strange bug on Lego Ideas

    @leafan There is no evidence of where to contact the site developers. I've already looked all over the place and the closest thing I could find was a hyperlink saying "Customer Service". Clicking the link leads here, and the only choice I find reliable is the "Email Us" one. Yet I'm stuck on the next part as all of the topics there don't really match what I'm looking for.
  7. mindstormsboi

    Strange bug on Lego Ideas

    No, that message appears at the top of the screen as soon as you access the home page or log in. It's not much of an "ad" anyways.
  8. mindstormsboi

    Best non-Lego source for Lego exclusive sets?

    @leafan Oh, maybe you could've used an @ in that sentence?
  9. mindstormsboi

    Best non-Lego source for Lego exclusive sets?

    I'm not rich, actually. Whenever I see a new article on Bricklink of a user pridefully showing off his Lego collection it makes me jealous and I think that he's the rich one. It makes me very jealous, so one of the ways I try to get more Legos is by buying those sets from clone-brands like Lepin. To me all Legos are the same no matter which company they've come from, unless there is a significant difference in quality.
  10. mindstormsboi

    Best non-Lego source for Lego exclusive sets?

    He's after the Lego-exclusive Crocodile, he already said that.
  11. mindstormsboi

    Best non-Lego source for Lego exclusive sets?

    I think you can probably buy these sets from BrickLink. That's a place full of sellers who sell all sorts of Lego parts individually and these sellers sell to different places depending on where they live. I recall seeing one seller who sells a bunch of official (seemingly) Nesquik vintage bunny minifigures, and another one selling a promotional Lego set. As you can see here there is only one store in Jersey, but that doesn't really matter, because the list tells where that seller is, not what places he sells at. There are quite a few sellers in the UK on BrickLink. But I've never purchased at Bricklink, I warn you to be aware of scammers. If the seller's feedback is mostly bad or suspicious, then don't buy from him. I don't know if it's the "best" place to get the set.
  12. On Lego Ideas, I've noticed a peculiar bug. I don't know where else to post this. Go to an idea submission page. Then go to one of its other tabs, for example comments. Then support it and hit the back button on your browser. After that, try to support it once again. As soon as you do, you immediately get a blank red banner at the top of your screen, supposedly the "error". There is no text on it, and you have to reload the page to discover that you've already supported the product. I think that the error should say "It looks like you have already supported this idea, please reload the page." or something, and if there is an error that the site cannot find the correct case for then it should probably say "We're sorry, an unknown error has occurred." instead of a blank banner. In case you don't know already, if you go to a webpage, get redirected to another one, and hit the back button to go to the previous page then any new data that was submitted there while you were switching pages won't appear, so you'll have to reload the page for that. The developers of Lego Ideas were not thinking about this apparently. <img>
  13. mindstormsboi

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Why get one massive seemingly oversized train for maybe 90 bucks when you can get a buncha other cool cargo trains for a smaller price (I'm referring to 60198)?
  14. It seems like no one can answer your question (sadly I can't either), you might want to try asking here if you don't get a response soon enough.