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    Star Wars
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    75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank

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  1. The_Empire_Strikes_Bricks

    75060 - UCS Slave I MOD/MOC

    That's a beautiful mod. Strangely, I found it on YouTube before I found it at eurobricks. I have a UCS Slave I sealed and safely stored under my bed. I want to open it, build it, apply your mods, and then directly put it into a showcase to avoid dust. Do you have a parts list for the additional parts used? I don't have any other parts at home right now and want to get them in one Brick.Link order before opening the UCS Slave I set.
  2. The_Empire_Strikes_Bricks

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I got a couple of the 75238 Action Battle Endor Assault sets. I don't like the set at all but miraculously I found 5 of them for only 10 Euros each – instead of 23-30. I really really like the new scout trooper minifig (the set was cheaper than most listings for the minifig on Bricklink) + some of the parts are useful for building my scout trooper forest MOC. I will probably sell/give away some of the Wickets because I cannot think of a reason why someone would need an army of Wickets, haha. I hope that scout trooper will be released in a battle pack next year. I will definitely not buy the Razor Crest just for that figure...
  3. The_Empire_Strikes_Bricks

    [MOC] Imperial Troop Transport

    I've been looking for an accurate MOC of the Imperial Troop Transport for quite some time now. And here we have it – just what I was looking for. It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing the instructions! I will buy them when I have the parts (35% now)! I do prefer the Mandalorian version over the other versions. However, I will try to (1) modify the cockpit (similar to BricksFeeder's version of the ITT on Rebrickable – to have some space behind the drivers for an officer), (2) add cockpit side doors, and (3) add the six openings from the troop section to the individual side pods as seen in the Mandalorian scene. I will start building it after finishing AnotherGol's version of the AT-ST and Lucas Hüter's version of the TX-225 GAVr 1 Tank (the "Hovertank" featured on the brick.vault channel).
  4. The_Empire_Strikes_Bricks

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Has anyone ever tried these harpoon pieces (flat silver) as force pikes for the royal guards before? ( I still have to get some red cloth parts to cover the front of the torso. And two more royal guards need to be added to the Emperor of course...)