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  1. GTS

    42116 Skid Steer Loader

    This set looks like a cousin for 42032 in A model. The lift and tilt is the same, but it has wheels and less parts.
  2. GTS

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    Has anyone yet started a digital build of this?
  4. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    Thank you 😊 Standard mode is pullback engaged and locked steering like this: With a single axle swap and pulling out a pin to unlock the steering you can get this. The V engine is still engaged to ONE of the rear wheels and it will turn when you roll the car around. The other wheel is held in place by an axle joiner and a beam /pretty much locked in to the chassis anyway/. This design is shared between the V6 and V8 car. The gears differ a bit as of space constraints. Drive ratio is 1:1 both cases. You can add or take out the HoG from the trunk depending on the mode you want the car in. Steered pullback can be chaotic /or fun/.
  5. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    Some leftover pictures of WIP euro truck. Combo from 42101 and 42102. Needs lots of work and shaping but the idea still is bugging me. Featurewise I want to make openable doors, some kind of HoG steering and keep the fifth wheel so I can attach trailers /like my 42103 alt which fits perfectly on this height/.,
  6. GTS

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    I think thread development too is a bit off lately. TL:DR - MOC creation takes lots of time and if you want to make a good discussion you'll need to spend that time twice. If you want a good/great looking MOC - triple that time. People don't bother that much IMHO so here we are... Long version is: Here is how I use the forum - mostly visually to check the following /20m before bedtime/: Whether Lego has put out good Technic stuff /1H, 2H spoilers/ or not MOCs of other people and I skimp the walls of text, mainly look at the pictures just for the eyecandy and inspiration I skip totally GBC as I know if I get invested in it I'll have no living place for myself and will only build these. I do look at GBC videos, as they mesmerise me a lot. Check the long-lasting topics of the well-established MOC guys here and you know who these are So far I've seen the following t's actually the seasoned guys that provide /any/ logs and any visual storytelling /it seems/ The only time the forum comes alive is for the Technic Challenges, of which there hasn't been one lately People /on RB/ are putting lots and lots of hours into MOCs and here they only post like 2 pictures of them Monetizing your MOCs is lucrative as ****. So why not, you've spent the time anyway. MOCs are EXPENSIVE AF. IF you don't live in a country with good enough BL coverage and/or good prices - you're screwed. In Bulgaria we have like 10 BL stores and one of them charges you 20-25c for a friggin 2l and 3l pins. SOOO it's cheaper and more efficient to just build C models /which limits the end results somewhat. They are uglier, limited in functions and harder to get people discussing if they're not based on 2000+ parts set with many gears. People have some "rule" that a MOC is too expensive if it's more than 10-15% of the cost of the original set. I've experimented with my prices on RB and have some stats on this. If you do this for the money at some point you get really discouraged to continue to bother at all. Making the PDFs and all the renders and uploads and so on. It's marketing and it takes time. Making a topic and gathering photos itself is tiresome for bigger sets. For a simple 500-700pcs set to be well received virtually here you need: proper lighting some editing skills good angles almost mandatory video what the model does, and so on. It's not time actually building and it's just more "work". I do enjoy this part, but looking at people's reactions around me those hours are rightfully wasted. With my posts I've understood the following: You must put something on the table to discuss, otherwise your topic goes to the drain of "seen"s and one or two "great build" posts Most of the time the "life" of an update is about 24h, then you move to page 2 and it's gone Either bore everyone out with constant minor updates or leave your topic to rot around for two months and upload the final MOC Feedback while you're still building them makes MOCs better and for now my roommate and my GF provide some final touches on my MOCs, Forum here helped me choose a design element for my VW camper and it did stick to the end. But that's one of 19 MOCs.
  7. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    Thanks! For the renders I'm using Bricklink's software. You copy the model to a new file, strip it down of panels and click Render in the toolbar /a.k.a. delete EVERYTHING except the drivetrain/. Then you configure the position and the lighting and just wait for it to be complete. I'm wondering what did RacingBrick use in the 42110's video to show the gearboxes work and rattle and if there's more efficient way too.
  8. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    After the dragster I've produced two more alt-builds out of the 42106 pack - it both has great parts and too little of them. For sure it needs more BEAMS and panels... Also according to most sites and reviews - it's not a popular set. Which drives me nuts as I enjoyed the crap out of it and still haven't done the B model yet :D seems too silly... The following two builds are cousins and share a theme, front axle and V engine config. I don't know if you'll call them MOCs or not, for me they are, and took A LOT of time. I've made instructions also. The upper car is a V8 Pullback with steering and lots of accessories that can be taken out if you wish - exhausts, supercharger and roof are detachable if you like these to look more spartan. The steering wheel moves with the wheels too. The car below is a V6 Pullback with steering that has the proportions of the 42098's B model funny car and my take on a low and long car with a loooooooong cabin. Both cars can be converted to manual mode both for steer and drive, the V engines do move with the rear wheels. Actually with the pullback motor they are very entertaining to watch. The gearing is 1:1 so you need lots of space to get the pistons moving fast, the pullback does this for you. Both cars use a bit of illegal tire trick to get smaller rims in the front. I.E. put the narrow tire on top of the smaller wheel+tire combo. Again - it's up to you to judge them, I enjoyed myself while making them. Both cars fit on the 42098's platforms, the V8 requires a tire swap tho, but you have two more narrow wheels and tires in the pack ANYWAY. Both cars are on rebrickable and as some people pointed out that recent topics are just shilling for free marketing I'll not list links to them directly. I'll let you see the galleries in bricksafe and decide for yourself if they are nice or not. The V6 was the first one, the V8 was second, as the tapered panels looked like the "doors" on the corvette hot-rod. I already had the V6 ready :) Click here for V8 gallery or scroll below to see it's drivetrain Click here for V6 gallery. And scroll below to see its drivetrain.
  9. GTS

    What was the worst B-model?

    It steers badly, but was creative enough. I liked it actually. The initial parts are wack anyway...
  10. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    THE BUILD IS COMPLETE! Finally I've finished the VW dragster :) It took me trhee months to produce and about three days to digitize and create the instructions. More on them below. Now some photos. Being inspired by the 42050 - it can be displayed in wheelie config. The stand is pretty basic and detaches if you wish. On the back there is /self/ adjustable wheelie bar and opening hatch. If you look hard enough it even has stoplights. Here's a shot with it's bigger bro - 42050. Strangely - he uses about 15% more parts and looks about 3 times as big. Them tires... Final features I've squeezed in are as follows: Features: - 1:14 scale to the real van - Chopped roof - Big wing - Slammed stance - Pullback motor - Front bench and steering wheel - Opening rear hatch - Adjustable wheelie bar in the back - Attachable/detachable wheelie stand for posing - Bonus wheel covers for meaner look /optional, you can go straight C model without them just fine/ It is too heavy for actual wheelies and quite slow compared to the regular sized Lego pullback official models. Yet it moves :) I've made PDF instructions for it, available at rebrickable -> HERE If you like the model you can get them from there :)
  11. Great MOC! Love it! Fun fact - this Volga has some "borrowed" design from 60's Ford Falcons. Even the hood bulge is there on both cars :D
  12. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    Hi again, some updates on the VW Pullback Dragster below. Work In Progress visual thread is here: I've managed to implement a better front, which is waiting for reinforcement. Used the wheels from the trailer as eyes. It has a face now :)) Other improvements include: working pullback motor over the top spoiler adjustable wheelie bar attachable wheelie stand /which can be improved for more dramatic wheelie angles opening rear window rear turn indicators and stops There are still lots of parts laying around and I've reached the point of no pins available. Stuff that's left to be done are as follows: - better undercarriage - front reinforcement - squeeze resistance to be increased :D I think that's it :)
  13. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    While thinking about how to do a simple wheelie stand I've made another pullback model first. It shares some of the ideas from the VW bus but it's made out of 42046. I've called it CHONKY TRUCK. It's available on rebrickable for free here -> As for the VW build I've slowly added some floor and maybe a simple interior /bench/ out of the flaps. There are a lot of bugfixes yet and maybe I won't be making the virtual pivot as the space in the mode is VERY limited for any steering at all. I'll still trying to fit one, and source ideas from Tomik's 42106 racer how to lock the steering. The front will probably feature a spare tire on it, as it'll be easier to design this way. We'll see...
  14. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    So you can check out my progress with the VW Camper so far here -> The Idea came from TOMIK's 42106 Plane C model. He had shaped the main fuselage so well that it got me thinking like - there is a T1 here, the spacing of the windows is perfect! A quick widening of the fuselage and more beams around and the thing became this: The model will be a color barf as there are many red panels that can't be fit together /at least in this configuration. At some point I've decided it will be a funny car/dragster-ish build as well and put in the bigger tires from the 42106's bike. I also got a mini T1 for cheap and took measurements from it to make the thing more proportional... The front so far is pretty crude and has no lights, which are characteristic for the van. For not it has a truck's blunt nose. It will change later on. I'm still shaping the front somewhat. The V shape on the original is killing me so far, I can't seem to make it feel right in place so I started wondering should I put a spare tire on the front instead like this guy below: Features so far: Pullback motor Somewhat slammed stance Somewhat chopped as well Future features if I get to make them at all: Virtual pivot steering Wheelie bars - it doens't wheelie, but the big tires make it look so Wheelie stand - because why not Questions to all of you if you've made it so far: 1. Should I move the rear red panels somewhere else and make the rear more blocky /using the L shaped 5x3 azure beams/? 2. Should I keep the slope design for the rear wheel or use the straight one? 3. Should I keep the same wheel arch config in the front? Or move the red fenders to the rear and make a new wells in the front to allow it to steer better?
  15. Hi,I'm making a topic to consolidate my work in progress photos, questions and worries while building stuff. The C-model bug has bitten me around my 6th year as I was playing with ATCO bricks, as in Bulgaria LEGO was prohibitively expensive. Then some dark ages hit for about 20 years, then 42046 was given to me as a gift and here we are... Some of you may have already seen some of my work posted on the forum here /42106 Big Rig/. I've produced other C models - a truck trailer from 42103, revised 42039's B model and a whole bunch of stuff from 42101 and 42102. Click the spoiler below to see some photos of all of them up to date. ================================ GTS is my old forum name and my nickname in Bulgarian is Kostq /pronounced Kost-ya/.