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  1. GTS

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Made several small scale alt builds - the upper ones are from 42116. Currently rendering the other ones. 42090 turned into a pullback dumper truck:
  2. GTS

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Thanks for the kind words! Look at how NICO71 did with his tipper truck from 42082 - he had some clever locking of the bed in different spots to accommodate the lifting.
  3. GTS

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    My trucks are basic, they only steer and haul stuff. I admire all of your gargantuans and insanely detailed copies of real trucks. I can't find the time to make such monsters. So I don't. I just make alt-builds from my sets and that's it. Following are two combo builds from 42101 and 42102. Left one is trial truck and has two axles steered. Right one has opening doors and a fifth wheel. The height is fine for MACK trailers. My 42106C Big Rig - detailed interior and exterior, Fifth wheel coupling is done by locking two 8L axles with stops /see the back photo/. It holds the trailer steadily but has no up-down articulation. The LBG axle holders can be moved 3 studs to the back if the trailer needs better clearance when turning. /swapped with the black parts/. A silly one from 42101 only. The last one - still pretty fresh. Made last week from 42116. It has most of the big rig details - horns, big hood, cab, "fifth wheel", ladder to get in. Don't mind the gaps, it's got like 130 pieces only... All of the instructions for these guys are in the signature below.
  4. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    The 42116 alt-build family has grown to seven MOCs now. Introducing below - a phone/tablet stand, FREE PDF for the phone stand here Second model is an off-road buggy with detailed interior and exterior. Click on the images to go to the instructions. And my latest one -> A big rig truck All of my 42116 alt-builds have a bundle now too. I'm open to discussion.
  5. As an apprentice moc designer I'm always wondering: How does LEGO choose a color scheme for official Technic sets? I've noticed the Yellow construction sub-theme and the white aerial /planes, gyros, hellies/ one. Also the seats are almost always blue everywhere. Is there a set of standards for such stuff? Just had to ask this.
  6. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    Made a cute train from 42116 too. Instructions + io file -> Gallery + io file ->
  7. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    A new alt-build from 42116 - a rescue helicopter. Gallery -> Instructions -> DISCUSSION - > below
  8. Sorry to be this guy, but can we have a link in the first post with the contest entries? (And/or some pictures) I'm a bit late to the party (confused eyes}
  9. Yup, that sudden tweak of the "settings" menu in your head feels great. I still over-brace everything, then I run out of parts and discover that section X can do without half of the pins...
  10. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    A small front loader from 42116 - manual two-stage bucket. No gears.
  11. 5. The best question to ask yourself and see if it's done is - Does this MOC still annoy me? If the answer is yes, then it's not done yet. The closer you get to no - the more done it is /at least for me/. SEVERAL OTHER TACTICS Saying to yourself "It's good enough" is one of the breakpoints at which you give yourself the permission to be OK with the results so far. It will still bug you, I know. Other way to cope with this is to have several other MOCs in progress. So you don't have one rut, you have several 😁😁😁 Third way is to acknowledge that you need more know-how and buy/download other people's ideas/pdfs/. Basically go get inspiration from the other makers here. And steal their ideas creatively. Fourth way is to lock the MOC away from your sight - move it somewhere else. I can't work my daily job if my WIP are around... Fifth way is to just be so tired of this and abandon it for some time 😁 Sixth is - try to make a 3d model of it in or other program. Something in the rebuilding process just makes you see it with fresher eyes. It also leaves you with a snapshot of the moc in case you go nuts and scrap it. I've done this to smaller mocs. Or picture your progress along the way so you can revert to stuff. Your future you will be amazed by your past you when seeing old building instructions and decisions. Even one month apart has made me see totally different and clearer ways to build the same stuff from the same bricks...
  12. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    Bonus post - I've created instructions for some of Grohl's alt-builds from 42117 - currently for the JET, FLAMINGO and the KINGFISHER. PDFs are in the link above.
  13. GTS

    Kostq's MOC space

    Inspired by it's brother from 42101 I've made a rat-rod from 42116 too. Free instructions on my rebrickable and bricksafe profiles. There are 3 more MOCs made from this set that I'm currently preparing too. The last one is still in progress, so it's not in the combo shot. Also - I'm working on ANOTHER 42106 car-related MOC, because why not. 42090+42091 - the SUV model is still in shambles but evolves slowly too. There are 2 unreleased 42090 C models as well. Some already with instructions even. A double 42117 MOC related to Star Wars if I find a slim Technic way to implement a core feature of it. 42122 articulated C model that requires some real-life printed materials to be continued. It'll be a scale "replica" as a C model can never be a perfect scale version anyway... 42123 Senna -> opened the box, have the idea, but it needs TIME 42096 C model - still on chassis level... Tell me - Which part of having a look at a new MOC is more important to you - Renders Real-life shots Youtube video Building instructions Build log /wip thread/? Why people always make an F1 and a helicopter alt-build out of almost anything? /guilty :D Bundles vs single purchases?
  14. Bumping the thread for the others to chime in. This truck /Roman SR131 Bucegi/ looks like the russian GAZ 53 and ZIL 130 trucks but with a different front. And it probably is with some tweaks. I laughed a lot about this. I've never mocced whilst drinking. HOWEVER I've mocced in like 5AM long past before I should've gone sleeping. Sometimes the tiredness feels the same and brings LOTS of clarity. Also next batch of BIG questions - Do you get in the ZONE while making MOCs? What is the average DURATION of your MOC sessions? Do you keep more than one MOC in progress at all times? Do you have MOCs that you like but just don't feel like finishing - you know how much work is LEFT to do? Leonardo said Art is never finished only abandoned. Do you see it apply to MOCs? Do you get anxious if you don't finish a MOC on time? Original MOCs vs C-models? How much time do you keep them for display later? Without modifying ANYTHING on them... How is your SO dealing with your MOC spirit? How much GB of data /photos, videos, schematics, renders, PDFs/ do you gather after each MOC? Do you delete your WIP footages once the thing is done? 1-> Like poof, it's 5 hours later. Progress made, progress lost, time just blipped. For me it's like playing guitar - the world disappears, my mind relaxes a bit. Close to meditation. 2-> About 2-4 hours nightly. Daily - between work tasks - from 15m to 5hr. 3-> I've tried several times and it wasn't a huge success. Makes me feel even SLOWER as stuff is delayed by other stuff. Currently I have 6 in progress. Some finished physically, others waiting for video creation or pictures, third just being ideas I don't want to throw out YET. 4-> I'm delaying a 42096 Porsche C-model for about 3-4 months now. The parts count just scares me. Yet I want to do it. Yet I've build BIG RED - 4K is not scary, but 1.6K for creating is. 5-> Watched Adam Savage say this about projects and I felt relieved. It wasn't just my curse anymore. Honestly - look at his TESTED youtube channel - some of the questions he answers can make you feel great or just normal/sane. 6 -> I do. Life gets in the way. We gotta eat /eyeroll/. And I stay up late as it is quiet, no rush, just putting in the time. And I don't have kids or pets or anything yet. I wonder how it is after them... 7-> The limitation of the A-model's parts make me not go crazy and detail everything. You've seen the Hall of Fame here, and the TC contests. These are hard for me. I belive it takes too much inventory time /and knowledge/ to produce something great outside of a C model. Also I'm lazy. Like a lot. 8-> That's hard on me. I only buy one copy of a set besides the 10$ small ones. If no other MOCs are in the pipeline for this set - about a month. If I'm not happy with the final result but just want my mind to be free - I scrap it as soon as the instructions are done. Otherwise /I've tested/ - bugfixing takes me another month. And the SO is definitely not happy seeing the same car for the second week looking the same and "DONE" until tomorrow comes. 9-> This is very interesting to me. Tips and tricks are welcome. Especially if the SO is not into LEGOs at all. 10,11-> AVG about 0.5G for each moc. Re-doing videos for changed features takes SO MUCH space... And yet I can't delete it, even after it's done. WHY?
  15. GTS

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Can't you buy the propellers in black - the Ferrari got them after all?