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  1. I've made some more small alts from 42133, a bundle is due.But first let me share with you the first ever two-stage rough terrain crane made from this set. . It's committing the cardinal sin of any alt-build - using non-LEGO equipment - adding a sewing thread to be able to lift stuff with it. 360 degrees turret rotation, friction-limited two-stage boom and boom elevation are the features. Instructions are currently in progress, but yeah. Witness this.
  2. Made me think of this guy.
  3. See how much we moan about re-hashing of old stuff in latest years. Also - we're a bit limited in the types of vehicles that are Technic-worthy AND catch the eyes. Cars and other zoom-zooms work great there. Cranes will always have appeal for kids. So they'll always sell, and we'll always moan about - sheesh, another crane. Everything with ARM-LIKE-movements /diggers, excavators, bobcats, telehandlers/ will also sell. But after that - what can be scaled down and retain Technic features besides cars with engines and steering? Tell me you can impress 100 kids with the 42064 ship besides it's size... Military support vehicles like bridge laying tanks can be interesting, but we know the Osprey situation. Roadworks machinery can be interesting too, but would need a big scale. Airport support vehicles get a model a 5-7 years yet they too can be interesting. Parts budget gets undercut as we want sleeker models. The good and cheap sets with 100000 pneumatic parts are long gone anyways. To get good Technic experience you need lots of parts to make the mechanisms properly. Also add the mark-up of the need to cover EVERYTHING in panels these days and here we are. Great shells covering kinda outdated chassis and FFS no adjustable suspension in the recent 10 years. Why no adjustable suspension anywhere? It takes like 4 worm gears...
  4. If you've played Carmageddon before - Otis Jivefunk drives this: It's a caddy, but not that far off from your car. Add some spikes and fins and it's a Carmageddon car :D Now - seriously, I'm stunned by your build. Great work.
  5. And another 42133 alt-build is born. Instructions are on the way. IT's a SPRINT CAR. Yes, THOSE. I'm happy with the result, and I've even made it steer. It's for sale like all the previous ones. Proportions are okay-ish. The rest I leave to you.
  6. @tangers - thank you All 3 current 42133 alts are here, Youtube videos will follow later. Here you can see the forklift too.
  7. Renders just finished rendering. Haven't built it yet from OG parts.
  8. Thanks Thirdwigg! So I've made another alt-build from the 42133 - a Dump Truck or how we call it in Bulgaria - Самосвал /self-un-loader/. Finally got a real 42133 in my hands. I should go for 1 more... It's front looks like a skull so I'm still searching for a proper name for it, help me out...
  9. 42133 will be another place for good mocs in the near future. Instructions are in my signature. Demo is above. I've made a forklift D model too and currently have 2+ ideas for other mocs. Still no supercars in sight but oh well - what can you do with a SINGLE panel... This is the first time I've assembled a MOC out of a set I don't physically own yet - most of the parts of my test mule are from 42096, 42061, 42102, 42047 and parts bins. I've stashed my 42118+42119 combo alt-build for some time, as well as 42096 ideas and 42061 F1 conversion before I finish the 42133 initiative.
  10. Or maybe - use two controllers joined together physically AND both to be on the same channel so when you flip the vehicle - move your fingers to the left or right. So the orange controls are on the left controller and the blue controls are on the right. You can also flip one of the controllers physically to beam towards you, thus - the orientation of the tracks should remain the same I guess..
  11. Am I wrong for thinking that the spur gears are for less friction and less jamming wherever you drive this? 20z gears in the land rover had a lot of friction for a manual model and the ones in 42075 even clicked at some points /they had like a 0.5mm extra bracing on both sides/. The L motor isn't slow so why not give it a lower resistance drivetrain. These are my 5 stotinki on the topic /1 Bulgarian Lev = 100 stotinki/
  12. Hello there, I've started collecting Technic from around the 42046 times and I've owned many pre-42046 sets. PDF instructions are a godsend by LEGO and all praise goes to them for this. HOWEVER - 42000 and 42009 made my eyes bleed because of the lower resolution and bad contrast of the PDF pages. Black and DBG were a real pain there, also 2L pins on black beams - boooy did I edit some steps - contrast, colours - or watch speedbuilds on YT to see it better... As I own sets like 42037 and other - the PDFs online hurt my eyes every time I try to use them for reference. My topic has the following questions: 0. Is there any HD-topic/collection with such instructions? 1. Is it LEGAL to scan your instructions and upload them or TLG can sue you as they own the rights? 2. Is it LEGAL to re-do their instructions in and upload them somewhere /like our LDD/LXF/IO topic? 3. Is there any point in doing so? 4. Are you happy with the old PDFs? If the topic isn't according to the rules you can safely delete it - I still have my instruction booklets for the sets I own.
  13. Here I am, with my shovel, thread ressurection time. Finally the small tractor tire is available in stud. io. It only took like an year. Finally. Do whatever you wish with this knowledge.