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  1. You built a lot of great things to tell the story. Super history and great photos. Reading was fun.
  2. NOD

    [COR-FB] A New Chapter

    Well done. It reminds me of a children's book in which I can open something. Good idea, I like it!
  3. Many Thanks. Bent tree trunks can be built with It was at Paraiso Bay that I first noticed how it works. I'm still studying and I'll try to do better next time. Many Thanks. That pleases me very much.
  4. Artisan: Large Tan Tavern B 1 by Philippe, auf Flickr A restaurant was built on this beautiful beach. A well-known and experienced architect was hired for this building (the sausage was hiding in the corner of the ship when the Sea Rats came on the ship and said "hello"). Tan Tavern B 2 by Philippe, auf Flickr The architect was very happy to help with the construction. Sometimes it's windy on the beach. When he tried to engrave his name on a piece of wood, to attach it to the house, a coconut fell on his head. Tan Tavern B 3 by Philippe, auf Flickr He was truly grateful for this incident. It helped him not become arrogant and serve the Sea Rats. Tan Tavern B 5 by Philippe, auf Flickr The Beach Tavern is a very popular destination during the day and in the evening. Tan Tavern B 4 by Philippe, auf Flickr There are tables to eat and drink. But you can also just pick it up and eat and drink it on the beach. We're here at the Sea Rats, strong wind sometimes blows on this island. After a complaint, a bottle could accidentally fall on someone's head.
  5. It is a good idea to build a second tunnel and use the first scenario as well. Funny to show a photo of the disaster.
  6. Beautifully made throne room and a good idea to award medals. The medals are well done too.
  7. NOD

    [MOC] Bay of Lost Tresures

    Great! So many interesting details! I can look for hours and always discover something new.
  8. NOD

    [COR - FB] Bakery, Jameston

    I like bakery! I see 1 croissant below and 2 bread above. I like the positions of the minifigures. Everything fits together and looks good.
  9. Class 7 heavy frigate Estrella 1 by Philippe, auf Flickr This is the flagship mine pirate fleet. Estrella 14 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 13 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 12 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 11 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 10 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 9 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 8 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 7 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 6 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 5 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 4 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 3 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 2 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 15 by Philippe, auf Flickr Estrella 16 by Philippe, auf Flickr
  10. Thank you, that makes me very happy. Thank you, that makes me very happy.
  11. I like the architectural styles of the building and the rigging tool. Very nice rope factory and perfect addition to the shipyard. Individually they look good in different buildings, but together they are more interesting and even more beautiful.
  12. I like it. Good construction and nice colors.
  13. Nice ship. The video is funny and has an unexpected ending.
  14. Great tree house! Really very nicely built. I also like the minifigures and the parrots. Good idea the tool for making ropes.
  15. I like something new. The different construction methods of the floor are interesting. The house goes very well with it.
  16. NOD

    [GoC] Servant's Gate

    I like the construction of the gate and the colored blossoms of the cherry tree
  17. Nice scene. I like the tree trunk as a bridge and the many mushrooms.
  18. It looks very good. I like the view from the sea with the wooden quay. The architectural style matches the rest of the buildings.
  19. NOD

    [MOC] HMS BIRCH (Update: Complete)

    Great! The effort and the working hours were worth it. The rigging makes the ship even more beautiful. I like the photos with the dolphins.
  20. Good detailed history and realistically built ruin. The debris and the blazing fire looks good. Great photos of the scenario.
  21. raising troops on Charlatan Bay 2 Company Grenadiers: 60 Men DSC08677 by Philippe, auf Flickr Drill instructor Hartman, has friendly words for everyone! He turns weaklings into grenadiers! DSC08682 by Philippe, auf Flickr From hundreds of candidates after a very hard training only the best 60 are selected and are promoted to grenadiers. The worthless remainder has to scrub the deck and peel potatoes on Sea Rats ships. DSC08676 by Philippe, auf Flickr
  22. Interesting story. I like the sail with the dragon.
  23. NOD

    [ESL-FB] The Finch sets sail

    Small and well built ship. I like the sails and rigging.
  24. NOD


    Many Thanks. I wanted to try something new when recruiting troops. It's a big castle that I built 10 years ago. In the meantime, I've learned a lot and would build it differently. But as a background image for my stories, I can photograph it from different angles and it looks good. This is possible because no one knows how it looks complete. That way, it always looks new and interesting.