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  1. Depicted well how the grenadiers sneak up on the Loti camp. I like the idea of how you built the palm leaves as a thicket.
  2. This is a very beautiful hacienda. I especially like the fountain and the floor slabs in the inner courtyard. I like the guy taking his well-deserved break under the palm trees in the sugar cane field.
  3. NOD

    [GOC] ETTC Warehouse, Stormhaven

    Nice little diorama! I like the scenery by the water with the trees and plants. The jetty with the warehouse built on piles looks good. The whole has been built with many beautiful details.
  4. I like the way the mine is constructed. A rock wall with plants on top, a shed, fireplace, the special tool and the minifigures all look good.
  5. This is a great Mitgardian Village and ship! A beautiful diorama with great buildings and a great selection of minifigures. The waves effect is very well done I've never seen anything like it before.
  6. NOD

    Account Summary

    @Ayrlego Thank you for the correction. I didn't realize it before, you gave me 30DB Tax Income. The 30DB belong to Free Builds, because I submitted 3x Build Submittal Form. After that, Available Funds 1825 is correct. Thank you very much!
  7. NOD

    Account Summary

    @Ayrlego Thank you for the effort. There is an error in my account in the Ship Licenses category. Sea Rats only pay 70% of a ship's license. The Licence Expenses is 1050. The settlement level of bastion is incorrect. Bastion has met all requirements to advance to a city. 1 Royal Property and all other necessary properties are present. The good Glorious and Righteous Sea Rats now have 3 cities!
  8. This is a great diorama! The whiskey distillery´╗┐ and the storagehouse are well built. I especially like the beautiful landscape. The photo of Peter Nash's hat flying off is great.
  9. I like the different buildings. The interior is interesting, detailed and impressive. I like to see the different work processes during production. The interior of the barracks building is also very interesting.
  10. Great sea salt factory! I particularly like the different buildings in which I can see how the salt is filtered out of the water and processed.
  11. NOD

    [MOC] American Whaler Melville

    This is a beautiful and well-built whaler! The details on the ship deck are magnificent. Everything is there that is needed to catch whales.
  12. NOD


    This is a beautiful brig! They are good in terms of playability but also well-built as a ship model. I like the photo and the comparison to the Barracuda ship. I like your ship better because it corresponds more to a ship model. The hull, bow and stern are very nicely built and I like the colors.
  13. NOD

    GoH 10 C : The Wayfarers' Den

    This is a beautiful tavern in a winter landscape! I really like the architecture of the building.
  14. This is a very nice farm with many different animals. I like that there is a stream in the middle. I see Rocky Balboa training his legs and reflexes for the next fight.
  15. Good idea and well built! It is interesting to see how the ships are disassembled.
  16. NOD

    [COR-FB] Primary School, Queenston

    This is a very beautiful diorama! I like the architecture of the building. I like the green landscape with lots of trees and plants. The children have a very nice place to take a break. Great minifigure selection and placement.
  17. NOD

    [COR - FB] Jungle Shootout, Seawatch

    This is a very nice built ambush scene in the jungle. I like how the path was built through the vegetation. The positioning and movements of the soldiers are well represented.
  18. NOD

    6067 Guarded Inn MOC Revamp

    I like the upgraded version of the 6067 Guarded Inn. Everything is bigger and nicer. The tower is separate and was not simply positioned on the roof of the house again.
  19. NOD

    [MOC] The grand market square of Rindael

    Beautiful diorama! The main gate, the city walls, the buildings, the many details and the residents are all very detailed and well done. It was a lot of fun to look for the objects. I'm not sure but I may have found all the items. On the right side, left of the cow, behind the guy with the long weird legs. Does Waldor wear a brown cap and cloak? He carries something golden in his right hand, but it is not clearly visible. I could help the guard. But I'm sure Waldor found the ring, so I won't tell the guard. I play the character of a pirate on Eurobricks Brethren of the Brick Seas, so I won't betray Waldor.
  20. NOD

    [WIP] HMS Victory in mini figure scale

    It's going to be a great ship! The interior is very detailed and interesting. The Brodie stove is very well built after the original. We are very happy to see continuous photos of the different construction phases.
  21. NOD

    [OL-FB] Water for the city

    Great diorama! The aqueduct is very beautiful and detailed. On one side I see farmers harvesting, and on the other side a road a farmer with a herd of cattle. Interesting and detailed story.
  22. I like the inside view of the mine with the workers. The photo story is interesting.
  23. NOD

    Captain Cookie's Christmas

    Great, I like that! The living room looks much more festive with the hanging lanterns and gifts. Good idea with the Christmas monkey. Everyone gets gifts, including the squirrel. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
  24. NOD

    [ESL - FB] A Merchant's Office

    This is a nice merchant's office. I like the white walls and arches in the foreground and behind them the yellow walls with the windows. I like the fleshy fig.