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    SET REVIEW: 4191 Captain's Cabin

    Thanks for the review Brickster! I'm thinking of getting this unless I get any more money. But I found out what my mom got me for my B-Day! The Black Pearl! So I think I'll get this and have a few more bad guys to gang up on Jack! And I really like the Gunner Zombie, he might be my favorite minifig of the set, but my favorite of the whole wave has to be Davy Jones or Maccus.
  2. Target Head

    BrickArms 2011: August Release!

    AWESOME! I am SO getting the M1919 Machine Gun with Pivot Mount and Ammo Box and the Heavy Assault Carbine (HAC)!
  3. Target Head

    Review: 2233 Fangz

    Great review! I really like Fangz, with the cool head that can attach to hero heads, and awesome spikes on his back! And I LOVE the Raptor Mode pose! Thanks for the review!
  4. Target Head

    Review: 2145 Stormer 3.0

    Nice review! But you kind of changed Stormer's personality, he more self-less and doesn't boast like in the review, but you made him repeat saying how much power I have thing. But other than that I really like Stormer 3.0's new weapon, it is much bulkier than last time, Stormer 2.0's weapon was small, boring, and skinny. But TLG has made a much better weapon for him, a LOT better than the last one in my option!
  5. Target Head

    Review: 2144 Nex 3.0

    So what would have made them look new, in your opinion? A new torso every wave? Entirely new armor pieces each wave? Frankly, these were some of the things I disliked about BIONICLE, and I was glad to see that this wave is moving in a different direction, re-using older parts in different arrangements to create unique character designs. Making the sets bulkier every wave would necessitate making them more expensive every wave. That should be obvious to anyone. Instead, TLG is being more conservative with its designs, keeping the size of the canister sets about the same between the last wave and this one. And yet the 3.0 canister sets still have unique designs distinct from their 2.0 counterparts. That's more than satisfactory in my book. Reply: I agree 100% with you, I wouldn't want to have to pay even more each wave for the 'little' guys. I also am very surprised how creative TLG has been with the differen't armor usage, especially with mostly using the same parts as the last wave. I will be getting Nex 3.0 next, along with Fangz' and two other heros.
  6. Target Head

    Review: 2183 Stringer 3.0

    Thanks for the review! But you should post it on Brickset. But anyway I am totaly going to buy him first after finding this review! He has so many awesome poses! THANKS!
  7. It's E.T.! I'm totaly getting this one! And I really like the new Laser Gun re-color!
  8. Target Head

    Which 2011 second wave sets are you getting?

    I going to try and get the whole wave, but for sure Furno 3.0, Bulk 3.0, and Raw-Jaw. Furno 3.0 is totaly my favorite version of him so far, I love that sick hawk helmet!
  9. Target Head

    Review: 2182 Bulk 3.0

    I am getting Bulk first because of three reasons, 1: Bulk is awesome, 2: I love wolves 3: WOLF HELMET! I think Bulk 3.0 is the best hero so far, that wolf helmet just makes me drool!
  10. Target Head

    Review: 2192 DrillDozer

    Thanks for the review! Drilldozer is my favorite of the fire villains, ans if I get any axtra money, I think I'll buy him if I can find him! But anyway I agree about him looking very menacing, maybe the most of the four fire villains! Great review!
  11. Target Head

    Review: 7168 Dunkan Bulk

    I agree 100% with this review, great job! I made a revamp of him, here is a link if you want to look at it:
  12. Target Head

    Review: 2063 Stormer 2.0

    Funny review! Stromer has some power, and I bet he's happy so he can jump into a bunch of laser blasts to protect the rookies. Mister Goody-Goody Two-Shoes.
  13. Target Head

    Review: 2063 Stormer 2.0

    Great review! I bought Nex 2.0 and my freind has Stormer 2.0, and I know I'll be able to get him to trade.
  14. Target Head

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I LOVE the new Astromech Droid! As well as the awesome new TIE Fighter! I will have to pick that up!