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  1. Well, i said i'd buy the Megalodon Monster Truck a few months ago, finally got around to building it last week. My son loves it. Probably his favourite lego set yet. He loves how the teeth stay in the correct orientation even when he crashed it (which happens a lot!). So far it's been on the carpet, wooden floor and even the bed. It's raced down ramps from the couch to the floor and rolled all over the place... It's crashed into other models, and has been played with alongside the "Stuntz" set from lego city - the ramps from that set are actually perfectly sized for some good fun! Definitely a 10/10 set for playability, and wasn't hard to build either. My kid is only 5 and was able to follow the instructions fairly well (only the odd mistake, but got there in the end). The monster jam line-up as a whole has been a big hit if you ask me!
  2. @slug420 I have 42099 (Well, the @efferman MOC version) and i can see a difference in speed with the hub being swapped for BuWizz. I can also see that there's a torque difference when climbing. Sure, the difference isn't huge, but it was easily noticable. Perhaps around 10% faster, if i were to guesstimate a number.
  3. First time seeing this thread - have to say i will be buying both. The playability is massive, especially with the previous 2. My son loves running them down ramps at full speed into eachother, and they hold up great. So theses are basically a no-brainer. Good move by Lego.
  4. I can't find the pricing/deals thread that pops up, so posting here instead. This set is on offer in Norway right now for 399 nok (40 eur) at (Unsure if i'm allowed to post a direct link, but here goes nothing: )
  5. Hey! You can host the images on an external site, and post a link to them here. For example, or flickr. I would like to see the grey-tread version with your pin changes too.
  6. My Control+ app updated yesterday, on iOS. It now has the Bulldozer and a "Debug" option that i'd not noticed before. Also found that Proshop in Norway is selling this for 3800 nok, which is about €380. Interesting...
  7. Can you be more clear - Buwizz 2 or 3? I've run the entire 9398 set (with v2 receiver) on Buwizz 3 without any problems.
  8. May be worth getting your order in now if you were thinking of buying one, there's a price increase occurring. In other news, the app will be updated, too. More info:
  9. So, today is the day! Haven't seen anything yet though. Is there a specific time that info is allowed to be released perhaps?
  10. @amorti I'm really liking the changes to the photos and the description, very nice, even with the "potato" camera, the build pictures look great anyway! The new rendering with multiple colours was well executed too. Not sure the price drop was needed - but then again i'm in Norway, and your instructions cost as much as some candy bars here, so...
  11. Perhaps combine the colour pictures into showing multiple models side-by-side in one image with those different colours? As for the videos - for me, the page opened on the "comments" section, so i didn't initially see the videos. (Had to swap to Details tab).Edit: Just saw you linked to comments directly, which explains it :) I can't say if you'd lose people by then - as i routinely click everything on model pages.
  12. I don't want to overly criticising, but the images you have on rebrickable are the same angle of the bike in every photo, with varying colours. Perhaps some different angles, or an "action" shot would help a little?
  13. Beautifully clear, thanks. Will purchase shortly! :)
  14. This looks like a nice build, keeps in with the original "idea" of the set, but improves on it a lot. Use of the subtractor is a great idea too! I want to purchase the instructions - could you post a small preview of the quality? (I understand it's an export from studio)