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  1. Merlo

    Classic Space is Awesome

    I love the angry guy's face on that simple body. I think I find overly detailed figures to look more cartoony, and therefore more difficult to imagine they're "real" if that makes sense. The green guy feels like I could think that's how people look in a dream :)
  2. Merlo

    Old monkey vs new monkey

    Wha... arms and legs were the most fun part about the old monkey.
  3. Merlo

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm jealous of the folks who aren't aware of wallstreetbets calling them selves Apes and exclaiming To The Moon every 5 seconds.
  4. Merlo

    Future Castle Sets?

    I'd buy half the stuff on Guilds of Historica if Lego was into that. Agree with y'all. I don't even care for Roman history and I think the set you described would be amazing.
  5. Merlo

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I mean, I'd join the complaints, but those sets are not even available in my country and most of the world so... I guess all the voting and hoping was for nothing.
  6. Merlo

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Lighthouse will be amazing for all the lighthouse fans out there. Other than that, another sad and predictable review stage which caters only to the wishes of rich snobs whose inner child is long dead and buried.
  7. Merlo

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    What are those? A ginormous Colosseum and a much smaller one would not be competing against each other. Because it belongs in architecture? Why doesn't an existing relationship make something more likely, instead of less?
  8. Merlo

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Venice and Auto Union look like a million bucks, Colloseum and Art Musem are perfectly alligned with other Lego adult sets. Motorized Lighthouse is a half decent idea. Why not have all the Castles in the same round and pick one or most likely none? Nothing special about the GMC, but I dig it. Viking Village would be fun.
  9. Merlo

    Future Castle Sets?

    My toddler always struggled with Duplo for this reason. She could connect Lego easily, but would often lose her nerves as Duplo bricks often (the grip strength varies by quite a lot) required more force to bring together.
  10. Merlo

    Future Castle Sets?

    Wait, what? :) As an AFOL in my 40's I have a mini collection of Creator 3 in 1's as the main model often looks fairly decent as a display piece. I also have a big box of unused minifigures and animals because, well... it's been around 30 years since I had fun playing make-believe with minifigures and animals.
  11. Merlo

    Future Castle Sets?

    That's odd if true. Castle and Pirates are themes that are great for play as you can recombine elements of different sets, especially of many small sets into one bigger set. Compare that to, say, Star Wars... A huge Millennium Falcon? Yes please. Half a dozen other ships from the universe? Sure, why not. Yet there are so many small sets of stuff I can't even remember was in the movies, that's how little importance it had. It's kinda difficult to play with a dozen unknown crafts that aren't even color coded like Lego Space factions were. And good luck merging a dozen of those small sets into a Millennium Falcon :)
  12. Merlo

    [MOC] Imperial Fort... Wolfpack style!

    Cool idea. Wolfpack Tower is such an amazing set.
  13. I like how bulky this looks, especially the new left side :)
  14. Merlo

    Future Castle Sets?

    I must say having built the castle, I quite like it. I was so starved for anything castle themed after all this time. My main reservation from the pre-release images was how colorful it looked (the new water, the flags, the tree and the mushrooms, all the brick-built birds). Pirates of Barracuda Bay turned out amazing despite this, and I feel will be my favorite set for some time to come. The Ideas Pirate Ship, however, didn't sit well with me. It looks great from afar, love the hull and the colour scheme, but up close it's just a mess of studs and it goes for a level of detail impossible to achieve with such a low brick count, which makes it look pixelated and like a solid B model in all but shaping (which is top notch). The execution here is undoubtedly superior. It looks fine as is, and matches my taste even better if I simply remove the red and white flags at the front. With them the castle catches the eye more so I see why they're included. The play features are great, the opening mechanic has been my favorite since forever, the yellow/brown/blue parts are wonderful accents, halving this gives you two smaller playsets, I think this is just a top notch build in general. The modular nature of it all is something I always cherished and I'd be tempted to make a mega-castle (I think Lego should give us multiple set combining options such as that more often!) but I don't find the B and C models that attractive. I think they're perfectly fine, but just lack that final 20% polish that would make me feel perfectly happy looking at them, which is the same problem I have with the Pirate Ship. I feel the price and level of detail on this are spot on too. It's not ridiculously expensive, yet feels substantial enough when built, detailed enough to be a display piece and more than interesting enough for play. Speaking of which, some stuff that doesn't float my boat: -the dragon is a cool idea, but doesn't look smooth at that scale (cool to have as a play feature, ofc) -the green/olive ground at the bottom of the castle lacks detail As you can see, this is a common theme with all my posts... I'd rather have a less detailed, but elegant version, than a suggestion of detail you can't pull off at the scale. -same is true for the included vegetation, but to a lesser extent, obviously -the shield in the front rotates constantly, I wonder if there was really no other solution -not an inspired choice of minifigures, but I guess they didn't want to make new ones just for this -I would have loved more interior stuff. Not even detailed stuff, like what we got in the set, but just hints that someone is living/working there. This is purely because I feel the castle exterior makes for a great display set, and the interior makes it a great playset, and as such it would profit more from small make-believe touches than a few detailed rooms and the rest empty. But I do remember how empty the sets of old were, so this is definitely something. Honestly, If Lego would drop another set or two in the Castle theme that looks as good as this, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Don't even need castles, give me a small outpost, an inn, a blacksmith, whatever, at half the piece count or less, that's fine by me!