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  1. Merlo

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I have the same take on the cabin as I do on most Lego sets: the idea was stunning. I would be crazy not to instabuy that. The final product is... fine, I guess? I'm definitely not buying it, but I'd be happy if I was gifted one. It's perfectly understandable why they chose to omit some things, I would do the same in their place. And of course, they had bigger limitations on some other things. But those two aside, that still leaves stuff that is just... bad. Like, bad design choices that make the final product look like the work of a vastly inferior designer. Also, one random thing I noticed buying non-Lego bricks is that they can make any possible brick in any possible color for any set. And yet Lego designers can't even pick from existing bricks and colors to make a set that is more than adequately aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Merlo

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Indeed, it is. This one had me chuckling:
  3. I'd be much happier with this one if it was less colorful, the rear part wasn't such a mess and that colorful line on the side didn't jump in height all of a sudden. Something like this:
  4. Merlo

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    "Galaxy Mech Miner" and "Planetary Explorer" on Rebrickable are pretty cool. Not 100-euros-cool, but still :)
  5. Merlo

    [MOC] Return to Spanish Armada Fort

    I mean this is just beautiful. It makes me want to live there as a minifigure, lol
  6. Merlo

    [MOC] Everhold Castle

    This is amazing. The contrast between the two sides, that tree, the port... this is all I ever wanted and Lego never delivered.
  7. Why? For anyone who doesn't go through the hassle, sets such as those described are just imperfect sets that will bug you when you look at them :)
  8. Ah, but doesn't that imply you have the time and the money to change things? Because that makes those sets a much bigger luxury than they even are now.
  9. I'm kind of in both demographics. I'd love original Lego themes with small sets because that would be cheap for me and I could have a diorama that grows over time. And I also have excess income that I can splurge on big sets. Despite this, I seem to be in nowhere's land ATM. There aren't really any original Lego themes or lines that would appeal to me as classic themes did. And the fact that bigger sets are so visually inconsistent and cannot tie together pushed me out of that group as well. Eventually I just kept the few sets that I like enough as standalone items (Blacksmith, Barracuda Bay, etc.) and stopped buying others. So I'm now at the absurd situation where I won't even buy a castle as a castle fan. If it was a crown item in a bunch of smaller sets - sure! But I don't need another one-off in my collection. Basically the only thing I'll buy if it ever comes out is another Ninjago City, as those fit together perfectly and combine in many different ways. This is all a reflection of the modern short-term thinking, where everyone tries to instantly squeeze the most cash they can from the fans ATM, not really bringing any new fans or even reigniting the fire of old fans, since there's not really anything they can do other than buy that one-off item.
  10. I can only speak for myself, but when I think of classic themes I think of smaller sets that fit together both visually as a part of a larger theme and mechanically, where it's possible or even encouraged to combine them, with no limitations on imagination except the limitations brought by bricks themselves. Instead we got things like the Forestmen GWP, Creator Castle, Blacksmith and Lion Knight's Castle, that go from expensive to crazy expensive, differ in scale and visual style and would be quite difficult to combine. The cherry on top is the fact that when looking at older sets, things like classic space especially, I can't help and think that whatever I think of them now, I have to admit they were pretty cool and imaginative back in the day given what was possible with the bricks they had and non-existent history of the theme at that point. And I am to think that the absolute best we can do now, with vastly superior brick choices and brick counts, a whole four decades later, are well-built, yet impressively vanilla looking rehashes/reissues of those old sets? I can't believe that for a second. I don't see the love for Lego in there. All I see is: "Fans older. Got money. Sell nostalgia." By now it's a sadly familiar scene of companies trying to guess and please the market with one-off solutions without any thought going into planning, coordinating or developing something that can grow into its own thing. There were no original castle/space/pirates lines for ages, so no harm if there are none in the future, right? There will always be new IP's to sell.
  11. Like I said, the specific details are irrelevant. You can make a more interesting castle in countless different ways and with much less than 4000 pieces. And 30% is a huge difference.
  12. Still less bothersome than the original's flags in two different styles and three different colors and sizes.
  13. This variant (among a myriad others) would've been enough for me to instabuy this castle. And I don't mean the size (smaller sets can be great too) Or the style (early medieval with some fantasy flair to it would've been great too) Or the design (Lego designers are very skilled) It's just that... well... this is not plain and Lego castle is :(
  14. Merlo


    Love it! Any more pics?