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  1. Merlo


    For me it's the other way around. A set shows up, looks like something I would sell my kidney to buy as an AFOL, Lego makes it look like a colorful toy with all kinds of play features and I don't buy it because I don't play with Lego anymore :)
  2. Merlo


    Because of this (and this is not the first time) I realize I have to completely ignore the look of the set when voting. Not the theme I would usually buy but set looks incredible? Skip that. Set looks meh but the idea is something that appeals to me? Here's my vote. :(
  3. Merlo

    Mars Jet Prototype

    Exposed engine looks great. Wonderful colors.
  4. Merlo

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Looking great! Would a background on all three sides work as well or not really?
  5. Merlo

    Getting my Pirates layout setup

    Amazing, made me real happy to see this. If at all possible I'd go for the background similar to the one on the boxes of the sets from that era for maximum effect.
  6. There's one in Poland if you don't mind stretching your legs a bit :)
  7. Whoaa dude... color choice level 1000 :)
  8. Space Rover is easily my favorite of the three. The color scheme is perhaps not space-y enough but everything else is very good. I snatched the caravan for €77 and rover for €47, so the ppp was very close (10,04 vs 9,25).
  9. +I love the size of the ship. In my mind Lego ships should be proportional to Lego bases and with that in mind even this ship is too big +the shaping of the ship +brick built hull is so much cooler than the huge prefabs +the same goes for the shark +that ninjago color scheme +brick-built sales look worse but feel more Lego :) My main complaint is the same with a lot of Lego sets. The colors are off or, more precisely, there's either too many of them or they're composed in a somewhat competent way that still falls short, just like in the pirate bay idea vs pirate bay set, where they went from "this is too brown" to "this is a bit too much" but here it's worse. The tan plates are in my mind the biggest offender. That's why I find the ship most beautiful from the side, where only the bottom plate is ruining the impression. The back view would profit hugely by replacing those tan plates. The deck is too bright, there's also gray, dark gray, black, brown, and a couple more colors in there I can't even name, it's just too much. The cannon covers don't go all the way and leave a hole if not filled. The construction has several other places where there are just holes in the hull visible. That red and gold colorful ornament thingy on the side just raises suddenly and looking at it feels like someone has punched me straight in the eye and it's not much better where the black and brown colors meet on the side of the ship with a terribly blocky transition. Side windows have too much coloring and it's asymmetrical as well, it just looks wrong, just like the wall next to the non-existent cabin door. Those little splashes of red and gold at the end of the ship in the side view look like mistakes as well. There are a lot of things like these that look like they should belong on the C model. I find both the simple Lego models of old and the crazy detailed MOC's beautiful. The only thing that bothers me is the Lego in-between approach that tries to evoke detailing but fails, sacrificing the clean look and never achieving what it tried to. I believe that with a relatively simple intervention, this ship would be stunning. It actually feels like it just might have been to start with but compromises had to be made. Anyone up for recoloring it, like it was done multiple times with the new BSB? :)
  10. I'm with Totoro on this one.
  11. Has anyone noticed how Lego 31107 is just a space rehash of the excellent 31052? The color scheme and the front windows are the most obvious giveaway, although not the only ones. I apologize if this has been mentioned before.
  12. Local shops finally got the new creator sets and of course the price in my country is exorbitant compared to everywhere else. But then I remembered I could order from the neighboring country since the shipping is not too bad. I've looked at 31107 and 31108 and the price is decent but 31109 is sold out already?! Either the pirate theme is ready for a comeback or somebody really, and I mean REALLY liked that set.
  13. I see. Maybe they just didn't want to lose the functionality? Because with sails and animals they're not losing anything and are gaining extra bricks.
  14. Can you design a compact brickbuilt cannon?
  15. I'm definitely getting it. Since it's not a huge ship, it'll be cheaper to convert it to something that more fits my taste.