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    winter village

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  1. CarloDavis

    Size of photos allowed

    Simply amazing
  2. I did not know about the existence of a corresponding application. But it also works with other apps. For me it's very convenient anyway. I always try to make the most of all features and privileges I recently came across an app that turned out to be a must for me. I figured out how I can find Spyware and get rid of it quickly.
  3. CarloDavis

    [Moc] The Path To Eternal Glory

    I would also be interested to know the burial place of Alexander the Great, because I'm very impressed with this personality. I consider him the greatest military leader of all time. He definitely had his own reigning style and if he was consumed only by a thirst for wealth, he would not endanger his life at the forefront of the battles. This also underlines his high level of respect for his soldiers. Recently, I read a lot of interesting works about him, and if see this page, can once again be convinced of how great a person he was, and I also learned many new facts about him.
  4. CarloDavis

    [Moc] The Path To Eternal Glory

    I agree, he is truly the greatest of the Greeks!! Thank you for sharing a piece of history
  5. CarloDavis

    I Wrote a Book!

    I think it's great experience, congratulation and good luck
  6. CarloDavis

    Alien Discovery of Lavan

    Wow, very cool
  7. CarloDavis

    What are you listening to?

    Ed Sheeran" Shape of you"
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    What are you reading?

    "The monk who sold his Ferrari"
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    Hello everyone!!!

    Hello, guys, nice to meet you!
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    Hello, New Member Here!

    Hello hello