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  1. While build Cada's products, we have identified a problem in which the gearbox only operates up to 4 stages. First of all, I reorganized the gearbox based on the picture you released due to an urgent situation. Do you have any plans to disclose how to modify the gearbox?
  2. The 88000 battery box's io file and sticker image psd file were uploaded to bricksafe. Please correct the link in the text.
  3. I think that comparison is meaningless. For example Part '65633pb02' is dedicated to '76899 Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO'. Of course, it can be applied to other cars. However, the printed pattern is 'Huracán Super Trofeo EVO' and this part, no matter what car it is assembled, is just 'Huracán Super Trofeo EVO'. The same goes for this custom hood. It may be forced to assemble another car, but can you guarantee that there will never be a car that can assemble this hood? The same goes for wheels. The wheels in the sian can be assembled in another 1:8. But this wheel is sian's wheel. just assembled the wheel of Xi'an to another car. I just changed the hood. There is no other meaning. The advantage of Lego is that you can change parts freely.
  4. I do not impose my values. I wrote a review because there are definitely people who like this hood. Pointlessly sarcastic just because you don't fit in with values means you're incapable of criticizing. I like 42115 and Lego. I just changed the hood. If you don't like it, press the Backspace key. And the scale of the model you suggested is 1:18. I don't want a small car. If you want to be sarcastic, bring a suitable 1:8.
  5. Hahaha. China is a game changer. I felt the same way at first. But I was so jealous when Korean buyers started posting pictures. So I bought it in a hurry on the second sale. I think it depends on the values you feel. Lego has many exclusive parts for certain models and aftermarket has many customized parts. I don't think it's a 1000 miles from Lego. I think Lego expands that much and that's the spirit of Lego.
  6. I think so, too. Might as well buy a scale model. But I like Lego. But I also want something cool. Lego sometimes makes large exclusive parts. I decided to think of it that way. The color fits perfectly..
  7. A Korean Lego mania made a 42115 cyan hood. I bought it, and I was so satisfied. So I want to introduce it to you. *This custom hood is currently available only in south Korea. However, it seems that the maker is willing to sell it to other countries as well as well. If you want to purchase it, send an email to the producer. The product composition consists of 3 pieces. All of them are injection molds, not 3D printing. Lamborghini emblem is printed. back has pins to connect the connectors. Start assembling. Assembly is very easy. That is the part that needs to be separated. Some of these parts are used to assemble connectors. It is a connector that connects the hood and the main body. It says to use spare parts to make it lime, but I made it black. First, assemble the connector on the hood. Connect to the remaining part of the hood of the main body. Insert a small part into the location where the soft axle was connected. Mounting is complete. The explanation was very easy, and familiar people could fit it more easily and quickly than explanation. It takes less than 10 minutes. Changing the hood alone changes the impression significantly. The color fits perfectly. I thought it was a foul at first, but it looked so nice looking at other people's applied photos. Sometimes Lego uses large chunks of dedicated parts. I decided to think of it that way. The manufacturer initially designed it as a 3D printer and then spent a fortune to make the mold. It is said that he worked very hard to match the color. It is assembled smoothly and has considerable clutch power. It's like a Lego genuine part. It is said that the person who created it was not a company but an individual, and it was the first time to do such work. I applied the hood and it was very satisfying. I hope this wonderful product will be known to many people.
  8. I converted the 42121 Heavy Duty Excavator to a RC version that can be driven and moved. * Instructions are being distributed by Recrickable. * A 4-port receiver such as 'MOULDKING' receiver or, 'CaDA' receiver or 'Buwizz' is required, and case separation is required.'MOULDKING' receivers do not require any work other than case separation.The 'CaDA' receiver or 'Buwizz' must be removed from the case and the battery must be replaced in a small size.Battery size should be less than 14mm x 25mm x 50mm. * I modified some parts of the exterior because the space was cramped. * fixed the range of operation of the arm operation.
  9. Hi. It works as well as intended. It is designed to push the button by the link when the connector is turned. The text shows the structure.
  10. Unfortunately, there is no paint code. Orange and DBG colors are a combination of colors, and they also have different gloss, matte and semi-gloss depending on the parts.
  11. I painted it with a Lacquer for a model. I made a color with a color combination.
  12. I solved the problem. Thank you. It's a sticker download link. Use it if you need it. (PSD file. Print out a4 paper.) Thank you for your favorable evaluation. You may quote it to mega thread. It is a link between sticker and 88000 battery box io file. Download it if you need it. sticker sheet image download(PSD file. Print out a4 paper.) 88000 BatteryBox io file
  13. I've Reconstruction 42113 V-22 Osprey The 3 problems with reconstruction were addressed as follows : 1. sticker The stickers were completely redesigned. Based on the scanned copy, it was completely redrawn. Printed and cut with a new design. 2. new color parts I visually checked where the new color parts were used. The parts of the new color were painted and prepared. 3. battery box I thought a lot about whether to look the same or function the same. Using a control+ hub, I thought of a different way because it can only be operated by connecting to a smartphone. It is designed to use 88000 Battery Box to perform the same functions. It is designed to turn on the power with the same red connector as the original one. The result worked as intended.
  14. It has been converted to RC. I had a wonderful time with your work. I am introducing your work on my blog. I hope many Korean friends buy your instruction and make this work a lot.