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  1. TheBob

    [MOC] [Instructions] Cavegod's Upsilon V2

    Hey folks, thanks for the kind words and sorry for the late reply. So the model is currently rebuild, because I needed the motors of the prototype for other projects @LDigital, @Vynce: There are some vids but just from the prototype in a real messy state. Personally I would like to make some new vids once it's rebuild and clean, I will then post them of course! :-) @sokewl I don't get what you mean, the first picture shows the wings in folded state, the third one shows it in open state.
  2. Hi everbody, @cavegod asked me to do a workover of the Upsilon shuttle, so I did for the last few months. I'm very proud to present the Upsilon V2 featuring mechanics to move the wings with power functions motors, as well as the bottom hatch and build in LEDs. I also added some more interieur and updated the partlist. Of course there are some new instructions. Especially the moving wings were tricky, due to the high forces, my first attempt resulted in a broken gear. I finally found a solution using actuators, three on each side and a gear system which adds up two L motors. To make all the motors and the battery pack fit inside I had to rebuild the complete inner structure of the model, so the hull is nearly the same like the first version, except for an update of the top hatch and some part adjustments. We use a SBrick to control all the motors and the lights. Since the motors are getting very expensive, I also added a additional mechanical attachment to move the wings and the bottom hatch by hand. It may take a while, but it's possible :D. Unfortunatly I didn't make any good pictures, so I can just show some rendered ones for now, as soon as possible I'm going to provide better ones. The last picture shows the cabling in the instructions. Instructions, a 360 degree view as well as a full building jkit by Brick Moon can be found on
  3. TheBob

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    I thought about switching on the "new" system for V2, but there are some issues about: first of all and most important, the new XL motors (88014) provide less torque compared to the old ones. Second, there are currently no extension wires for the new system so we would have to mix old and new system. We had some very good experience with sbrick and we try to add one of these to control all the functions.
  4. TheBob

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    @Sine qua non I think this will depend on the page count of the instructions, we will see if printed instructions are affordable :-)
  5. TheBob

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Hi there, this is BrickBob and I'm the owner of The Brick-Collective, maybe I can make some things clear :-) I'm the one who is working on the sandcrawler v2.0 (in accordance with cavegod of course). for those who don't know me, I did the instructions for the AT-M6 also, so I'm kind of experienced with big mocs :-D At the moment I'm working on the interior and together with Brick Moon I'm testing some things. Some of the ultra rare parts have been replaced by more common ones. Additionally, I corrected some of the inner structure, but most of it will be corrected while doing the instructions. According to interior I plan on making some kind of process line of the jawas where the droids are put in in the front, make their way through the sandcrawler with tracks and finally fall out at the end, I plan to add a second floor so most of the space inside is used. The instructions will be made completely new by myself and the plan is to make two versions, one without the motors and one with because the motors are getting pretty expensive at the moment (of course both versions are included). And we will see what comes in my and cavegods mind until finished :-) As you all know, it's a massive one, so I cannot promise that it will be finished till end of the year, but I try :-) The instructions will be released on The Brick-Collective and on brickvault, too. And there will be a building kit by Brick Moon. As for now, I cannot tell anything about prices because I simply don't know at the moment, that will be the last step of the make-over :-)
  6. TheBob

    [MOC] [Instructions] T-6 Shuttle

    Very nice to see another one! Thank you for sharing :-)
  7. TheBob

    [MOC] [Instructions] T-6 Shuttle

    Thanks a lot :-) curves and colors were closely linked, I first tried white/red, but the tile modified in red were not available, so I had to switch do dark red, but there were some wedge plates not available, so I really had to wrap my head around these Edges :D
  8. TheBob

    [MOC] [Instructions] T-6 Shuttle

    Thanks a lot guys ! :-)
  9. Hey guys, so yesterday I finally finished my T-6 Shuttle :-) Total part count: 3367, Dimensions 60 x 37 x 16 (cm). The partlists mainly consists of plates and tiles :D. I was former planned as Minifig-Scale, but I decided it is more important to make the circle as close as possible and by doing that I overraged the Scale a bit, so it turns out to be just "close to Minifg-Scale". The build is not very complicated, but there are a lot of plates to add, so I had hurting thumbs at the end of the testbuild :D I had a long fight with that one, the early versions had some stability issues because of the weight of the model, but integrating the stand directly into the model did the trick :-) And yes, the cockpit together with the engines is fully rotatable :-) More pictures: Attached you will find some pictures of the model, the instructions are now available at The Brick-Collective T-6 Shuttle :-) Additionally you can get a full building kit for that model by Brick Moon :-) Brick Moon: Brick-Collective:
  10. Hey guys, I recently finished the build of the yellow ET-2 Starfighter and it is definitly one of the best MOCs I've ever built and I am so glad to have this one in our store :-) Best part for me was the building of the wings. It's so much fun to see how everything fits together later. Additional highlight for me: the interior, always a pleasure to (carefully :D) open the hatch and look at the simple but great interior, just like the movies. I made some pictures and posted them below. Some more can be seen on flickr ( The model is also available as building kit by Brick Moon. Links: Instructions: Building kit:
  11. TheBob

    [MOC] Night Buzzard Minifig-Scale

    Thank you all for your nice words. It was a technical challenge as well. I can't count the amount of changes of the part direction to achieve that look and a useful stability :D Yes, as the others said, quite less. Which also means that there is quite less reference material out there. For example there was no for the undersite of the ship, so I kind of freestyled there :D It is as long as the falcon :-) the exact measures are 94 x 44 x 29 (cm)
  12. TheBob

    [MOC] Night Buzzard Minifig-Scale

    Thank you :-) the 45 degree angle was challenging to achive, it looks good now, but mounting the side panels is a little tricky :D
  13. Hello, I'm posting for the first time, so please be considerate :-) I'm "BrickBob" and I want to introduce my Night Buzzard in Minifig-Scale which is released just today. I tried to recreate the shape as good as possible and used SNOT and tiles to give it a smooth look. Also, there is some interior which is shown in the pictures. The most difficult part were the engines, which turned out fine in my opinion. These were the starting points for the MOC. After that, I got the overall shape in order and in the last step the body of the ship as well. There are some moveable hatches to look inside. The model was tested, so I can asure that it works just fine :-) Some Facts: 9435 parts, about 1 meter long, with power function LEDs. Design took me about 5 months, as well as another month for the instruction. You can find some pictures here: If you want more, feel free to ask :-) Please check if you are interested in a 360°-View of the model and the instructions :-) You can find me on instagram: PS: Seems like I'm not smart enough to add other pictures :D