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    Help finding classic start trooper battle pack

    i would say the best battle pack for collecting stormtroopers with no officers is this battle pack. altough the stormtroopers i would say it is the best one to buy as it has 4 troopers and NO OFFICERS. the stet might be retired though, i'm not sure.
  2. i have just gone and edited the post so that it is now a lot nicer. thanks for the advice.
  3. thanks for the tip! i will keep that in mind for future posts
  4. i had thought the name 'one eyed billy' was original. turns out i was clearly wrong
  5. actually i have never seen the goonies and i do not intend to.
  6. May I introduce to you a new soldier in corringtons royal navy, ensign William Thomas, or 'one eyed billy'. William Thomas was the son of a rich man, who would often go with the navy on expeditions to the land of the loti. William would always beg his father to let him come along to, but the answer was always the same. "your to young" his father would say before embarking on a long and perilous journey. One day, William caught word that his father had died in a minor skirmish with a band of sea rats. From that moment on, William swore that he would track down and kill the sea rats that killed his father. So on his sixteenth birthday, he joined the navy and embarked on a visit to the land of the loti, where he aqquired a strange loti blade and a mysterious book of loti religion. unfortunately, while there he was stabbed in the eye, thus earning him both the need to wear an eyepatch, and the nickname, 'one eyed bill' among his freinds and fellow soldiers. On the day he returned to corrington, the navy transferred him to an infantry battalion stationed at alrlinsport. He is there now, still an ensign, awaiting further orders from the regimental lt colonel, ethan harris this is william thomas this is his freind, seargent sanders. this is his regiment, the 16th foot. this is the ship he inherited from his father. this is his book of the loti religion. Hope you like the sig fig. i will license ship soon and post an introduction build.
  7. also, are there any rebel oleanders? i had a good story in mind but i need to fight someone, and britain vs france is a good matchup for a battle.
  8. NEVER! YAAAAAAAAR! thanks for the info. i will post my sig fig soon as a seargent of four men.
  9. hello i am new to BoBS and will be creating a character soon. one question. is my character allowed to control a regiment in the army? and also, how do i licence a ship
  10. brilliant moc. one question. who are the carno?
  11. lego eggo

    Captain Valiant's "El Morro"

    cool castle. i love the whole look of it, especially the bell tower. keep it up
  12. lego eggo

    [MOC] Modernized Sabre Island

    cool fort.i like the way you have put the two sets together to make one set.
  13. i have been on this group for a while now looking at all the cool builds you guys make and you inspired me to build a lego pirate ship from scratch. it is not as good as the stuff you guys build but i think it is alright. if you are wondering what the winch hook is doing it is meant to be an anchor. the technic pins on the side are meant to represent lots of cannons. you cannot quite see it but on the top of the mainsail there is a crows nest. please could you also tell me if you have posted any custom lego builds so i can check them out..
  14. lego eggo

    Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    nice redcoat castle. i have just ordered 80x redcoats online and will post a pic
  15. i also have 10x lego cannons and 80x lego redcoats coming through the post.
  16. lego eggo

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    my last set was a lego general grievous wheel bike. funny thing is i must have had at least three wheel bikes in the past but they all just seem to dissapear. strange, that.
  17. lego eggo

    Future Pirates Speculation

    personally, i quite like the lego shako although i do agree that for the soldiers a musket-shaped gun would be better than a blunderbuss.
  18. lego eggo

    Your First Pirate Set!

    i still have not got a full set but i have bought TONS of redcoats off of ebay. i have, however, made a lego ship called the HMS brick-built. i have also posted a topic on the HMS brick-built.
  19. lego eggo

    Your First Pirate Set!

    i still have not got a full set but i have bought TONS of redcoats off of ebay. i have made my own ship though and will be posting a picture soon
  20. at the moment i have just finished building a lego custom pirate ship. will post a picture.