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    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    Not to take away from your work but we had similar ideas on the construction. As a suggestion, it might be worth breaking up the solid grey with some variations on the larger panels just for interest/weathering etc. See my earlier post here:
  2. faqby

    UCS Razorcrest

    IMG_20200405_100728 by Brendan Filby, on Flickr Messed up. Meant to title it Razorcrest. My bad...
  3. faqby

    UCS Razorcrest

    Thank you all, and for the edit explanation (done). I was able to add a few details to the interior but in order to make it swooshable there is quite a lot of bracing. This is the best pic I have. On the engine taper, I may experiment but really want to avoid gaps and blocky sections. Rest of the pics are here https://www.flickr.com/gp/125208796@N02/Et8PhH IMG_20200405_100909 by Brendan Filby, on Flickr
  4. faqby

    [MOC] Tintin Unicorn Ship

    Fantastic build and the colour blocking is great. One tiny critique is I did not see a captstan for the anchor chains? Maybe there is a picture close up I missed though. Either way excellent work