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  1. I know they aren't third party tires but with some stretching 45982 tires fit on 15038 rims and they look pretty good.
  2. Has anyone performed a lift on their land rover???
  3. Has anyone done a lift on their land rover?
  4. 4x4mods

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Has anyone done a lift on their land rover?
  5. Thank you so much i have been looking for the past three months but never noticed this feature Now about a lift.... has anyone done a 2 to 5 stud lift?
  6. have you seen any third party 90-100 millimeter tires because i measured and with my rims that size tire will fit guaranteed. remember i also have a one stud lift so that gives me a bit more clearance.
  7. i am just wondering if anyone has done 2 or 3 stud lift to the defender because i want to fit some third party tires. my one stud lift doesn't give enough clearance to fit my tires and the solid axle swap is just too big and looks unrealistic. i am looking to use 15038 rims and these tires https://www.amazon.ca/4PCS-108mm-Rubber-Tyre-Tires/dp/B07FCBG3B9/ref=sr_1_23?keywords=1.9+crawler+tires&qid=1587663431&sr=8-23&swrs=7278108DDD82D0B3B81337716257F5DD
  8. maybe a two or three stud lift i already have a one stud lift that i built but i dont have enough pieces to make anything more. thats why i was wondering if there were any ideas so i could order the needed parts
  9. well i want something that looks realistic though
  10. so, does anyone know of a way to lift the defender (42110)?
  11. oh, that's too bad is there any other way to lift the defender (42110)? maybe moc portal hubs?
  12. 4x4mods

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    i stretched 45932 tires over 15038 rims and they stay on really nicely.
  13. 4x4mods

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    you would definitely need modifications otherwise there would be too much wheel scrub when turning.
  14. would this work on set number 42110, it would certainly help with clearance.
  15. 4x4mods

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Saw this suspension idea today, thought it looked cool.is there anyway that something like this would work on the defender? I'm talking about just the purple part. This would improve suspension travel by a lot. If you want to see how it works go here.