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  1. jedisquidward

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    Metal Gear Solid, despite how it may seem, is actually a game series very much about pacifism and not killing, even in a war-like environment. The original MGS1 and 2 had levels modelled with Lego bricks, the creator Hideo Kojima was given an official Lego Avatar for his Twitter, and there is even a reference to the Codec system on the windshield in 70164 Hurricane Heist.
  2. I am creating a model based on this image, but I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with how I can tackle angles like these. Most of the building I have done is of actual buildings, so I don't have very much experience with angles. Are there some MOCs or sets you would recommend I study to achieve this effect? I want to see the guts of how these would work.
  3. jedisquidward

    Seeking advice for building structure of MOC

    Yes! I just had an idea come to me. It will be perfect. Create base with basic bricks and plates in LDD while finishing the look of the model When finished, use hide tool to show only structural parts Copy this and paste it into a new file Cover this structure in one bright, uncommon color, use color selection tool to select all of that and isolate it Create a new base, drag bright color selection over it to make sure it "fits the mold". Thank you for your help.
  4. Hello, I have been building my first fully-fledged MOCs recently; most being buildings in microscale or possibly even Midi-Scale, like 7778-1 Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon. I have been having a bit of trouble recently with my latest creation; I use LDD to design and the way I use it, I really prioritize the outside look before creating the inside structure. Though this is great, the very large base of my MOC (which is similar in shape to a mountain) is a mess. I've seen official sets use a lot of technic bricks and technic pins/connectors to create a base, but in my current state, it's just all regular plates and bricks. How can I rebuild the structure of the base after-the-fact? I'm worried about having everything look fine in LDD, but then when I purchase the parts, it turns out there were a bunch of bricks being held up by nothing. Building from upside-down is something I find difficult in this program. Any help, advice, tips, or examples would be appreciated!
  5. jedisquidward

    [MOC] Federal Hall

    "Federal Hall!" -George Sears Located in New York City, George Washington had his Presidential Inauguration here on April 30, 1779. It's also the finale location in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, and it has a lot of personal meaning to me. Though this is one of my first MOCs, I wanted to try and be as professional as possible in creating something that could look as if it were an official Architecture set in trend with other US Federal Buildings. Though I had the luxury of the back being plain, the main structure is 15×7 studs, and I really had to optimize all space to neatly display the exact details I desired. More details can be seen here:
  6. jedisquidward

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    I have been formulating a Lego Ideas project for about a week before finding out that Ideas based on currently running licenses are not accepted. I think this is a ridiculous rule and I am considerably disappointed. What is the meaning behind this?
  7. jedisquidward

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow. I know this sounds unrelated but they just announced the Barracuda Bay and that set proves my earlier point about 3D Mario design and Lego design being similar perfectly. That set could literally be a Mario 64 level.
  8. jedisquidward


    I'm going to say it. Best looking Pirates set ever made. Potential to be the best Pirates set ever made.
  9. jedisquidward

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    This is something I have literally had multiple dreams of since I was a child and has brought me out of Lego retirement. I have faith that because of the Price to Piece ratios on some of these, we will be getting regular System sets in the first wave. I have a deeply internalized bias, yet I cannot see this theme doing very, very well. However, I'm really hoping that the $100 set of the first wave will be Bowser's Castle and not Peach's Castle. I think that Peach's Castle deserves a D2C Disney Castle-style treatment. In fact, I've been plotting out an idea for what it could look like. The only problem is that I have no experience making a large-scale MOC. I really wish that I could just send the blueprint to Lego and have that be made into the official thing! I'd love to talk some more about it, but I'm not sure if this is the right place. (I'd love to know where) The design lead Jonathan Bennink has stated that his favorite entry in the series is Mario 64, which gives me a sigh of relief. It is my favorite as well, so I hope a lot of sets cater toward that game's interpretation of things The really interesting thing is that I actually think there is a lot of similarity between the process of making a Lego set, where all these different isolated scenes are physically plotted out into one location in a way that makes sense (Temple of the Crystal Skull is a great example of this) and the very similar way levels are designed in 64, Sunshine, and Odyssey, where all the different parts of a level must be put together in a way that flows well with all of it.