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  1. Oh really? Wow I should try getting the 2013 Rex then. Thks! but nonetheless still really disappointed. This was imo the last chance to get cw content from Lego
  2. Im so so so distraught that we didn’t get a Rex minifigure because it costs $100 to get one now and I doubt there would ever be another opportunity to release clone wars content down the line.
  3. Ah I see I hope that it does come with a good selection of mini figures then, hopefully some exclusives.
  4. Can I just say that Episode 9 gave me such feels? Like the scene where we all know would probably be the last time Anakin and Ahsoka would see each other..... But yes anyone knows if the UCS gunship is going to be mini-figure scale?
  5. Ah i see i would think that they would be tcw faces since the set is based off s7. Part of me still thinks tlg aint gonna give a hoot and just release the angry clone because it has indeed been so long since a cw head has been released. Guess we will just wait and see!
  6. Anyone knows if the faces would be the human flesh clone head or the clone wars clone head?
  7. I think it looks great! Any idea when sets like this would go on sale in the US? Usually how long does it take after its initial release in August because $30 is a bit steep for me as awesome as the set is HAHA