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  1. aniking

    Toyota Supra MK4 A80

    Hi friend, first of all great build you very talented, but i have some issue with the gears they don't work properly. i checked again and again, but everything is according to the instruction. so maybe there is a mistake or i miss something?? all the back gears(2,4,R) can't be physically moved in place. In page 98, the "Technic Beam 3 x 3" part seem to be blocking the backward movement maybe can you help??
  2. Thanks. I'm more curious about the gray arms in the cabin, did you made that out of your head or you saw skyline with rolling cage?
  3. what real model/images you used as inspiration to make this model?
  4. finally finished. you sure have talent great design
  5. every few steps in the build i admire your talent more and more. hats off..
  6. aniking

    [MOC] 90's Honda NSX

    ok. did you build it from the beginning or just changed the color?
  7. aniking

    [MOC] 90's Honda NSX

    Do you have a part list of the red parts?
  8. why won't you make photo sequence instructions like lox lego, i think it will simplify the process.
  9. i'm waiting for those instructions. really.
  10. If we being honest, half the people or even most of those who build big moc like that, don't use branded parts because as u said, the price difference is really ridiculous. Also for people who aren't from europe the currency difference can be high. As for the Mazda rx7, i dident like it really. The Honda and now the skyline are top notch in my opinion same level as BrunoJJ McLaren/ 488 in terms of looks.
  11. A. because most people prefer hypercars. B. because €20 is quite expensive for some people also i've built your honda and its most robust build i ever encounter. very impressive, and i want to build the nissan too. i actually willing to pay you 20 euro right now.