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  1. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Conclusion

    When does the next chapter boot in, when do we start, Boss? I mean you...I'm comfy here chillin' at the bottom of the ocean.
  2. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Conclusion

    My brief analysis is this: Some of the townfolks were going to much scum without too many good reasons. With more active scums that'd be a big problem for Town later on. I myself was pointed out as potential godfather, because of my big mouth I reckon. I don't remember who said it, but that was a very good point, I really went like a godfather, only not being one. May have been my misplay. I tried to be consistent and just technically be there to point out any contradictions I can just find. It did not help with Reginald, but with Paul was suprisingly point on. I'm playing almost every other night for a couple of weeks now. You have bullet games with 4 minutes daytimes and 2 minutes nighttimes there. With enough practice player's evolve a 6th sense for any serious bullshit to detect potential scums with only a couple of messages under 2-3 minutes. If you are keep talking but not really saying anything productive it is a tell, so it is a great artform of being a scum and act like a useful townie there. But uses a chat and is totally chaotic compared to this forum. A forum needs another style of mafia playing and I think this has affected my play here as well. It led to my murder too early. In bullet games if you avoid a question you don't have days to let people forget about that. On a forum I see it is quite possible to do and even townies did this. That's not good in my opinion, unless you have a very detailed masterplan brewing in the background. I think Paul was doing classic scum things too early and it buzzed my sixth sense very fast. Maybe it was not strange on this platform, but on a chat version he'd be lynched even before Reginald. With Reginald it seems I was off. What I can only say to this, if you're taking the game somewhat personally and use wifoms too early to defend while not even being seriously attacked, you should not play town. Anyway just as I've pointed out my plan was to go after Paul even while debating with Reginald. Anyway I was in contact with Liam and Ethan from the beginning of Day 2. Ethan contacted me after I pointed out I believed he was town (I did not, I just wanted him not to kill me if he is scum, thinking I might be tamed already) and I contacted Liam because he was getting semi-lynched because of the flag. My tip was some kind of suicidal third party for him but had to find out. I've just hinted both of them each half of the things I knew and tried to catch them on contradictions. They've actually started to report back my own information quite accurately and to my surprise nothing was twisted about it, everything was fit. It's not a sure thing to rely on, but my instinct told me a scum would have already tried to lie about a thing or two to some other party. So I knew I can trust them, this is why I've made the PM channel for the 3 of us. We've decided to go for Paul there, altough I was not 100% sure since my failed investigation. I had to poke him again and that Vanilla claim was another mistake I think. I was not sure a lynch on Paul would happen if he's really scum so I left some scenarios to the channel for vote analysis. I was already suspecting I'll be the next kill target for being such a smart aleck the whole time. Either I should have stayed silent or the Town should have been more active, not easy to decide which one was the better play. I ended up dead so I guess the blame is on me. Also it was just hilarious to see Ethan's and Liam's distrust to each other. They've kept asking me to investigate the other one, while from my perspective they were almost clean. I told Ethan I'll investigate Liam, and to Liam that I'll check out Ethan, just to keep them calm for the next day. Instead I went after Arthur because he was the perfect example of a cunning scum player. Being suspicious of Louis, Williams and other non-active players seemed too obvious to me at that point, I was expecting a plot twist. Arthur was pretty active, said absolutely nothing contradictory, pointed them out on the other hand very patiently. A perfect archetype of a mastermind scum if you ask me
  3. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Conclusion

    Anyway, sign me up Boss! Also I'm pretty sure good ol' Jack Alden is already swimming with the fishes. Believe me, I've just met him.
  4. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Conclusion

    For your information: I can totally swim.
  5. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Night Time!

    That exactly sounds like
  6. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    You are 9th, 8 is needed.
  7. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    @Paul LaPointe !!!!!!!!! You are an inch from being bandwagoned and lynched. You claimed Vanilla Town. If you have anything to defend yourself or claim otherwise that would save your soul DO IT NOW. Reginald turned out to be town and he took it all personal and told us nothing about himself. That is not helping Town. Make a case for yourself now. It is clear we do not believe you are Vanilla. Come forward and claim if you are anything else and let see if any of us will have something to say about that. NOW!
  8. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    For the record, before the Sun goes down. I do not think Day 2 makes it less suspicious if someone does not vote OR not even addressing their cause of not voting. You are very clearly going under the radar. Most of your comments are giving nothing new, you are either repeating already asked questions or someone else's remarks. Benjamin, Louis, Zachary, Morgan, Kendall, William, Paul. + Warren since: You are still not answering questions about your apparently total unreasonable and wasted roleclaim and your vote on Ethan.
  9. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    William has no votes now, since Ethan has swapped. Also, Vote: Paul LaPointe
  10. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    I simply don't know why do you think I was fishing. I was reacting to Paul who brought the chance of blockers or protectors up first. YOU call it fishing. And know you just roleclaim without any reason after you have ONE single vote on you. Why? If you are telling the truth, you are an important asset. Also this is default Bodyguard, where is the twist? And most of all who did you protect last night? Okay, now this might be a good strategy. As I've pointed out from an outer point of view, You, Elijah and myself could be a scum. Well I am no scum. This is why I asked you to give specifics of the reason you voted for Elijah. You not did just lie in your first sentece, you've lied in your next one too. You just said it is a golden opportunity to take either You, Elijah, Zachary or Liam. And you are going for the better percentages. Which is either one of you from that list. You say this, but we only know of the swap because of Ethan told us so. This is what indicateted that not Answel was the initial target. You know about this because of the very person who you are just voting to. Who you think is scum straight right. Why would you believe a story of someone who you think is scum and you are voting for?! If I'd think Ethan is scum the most logical thing to say would be that this bus driver story is a huge BS. How do you know the Scum are "thwarted"? This does not add up. This sounds like you've heard this from a totally trusted partner. May I ask why would you have such a thing? I've have guessed this means they've done the same to you and they've told you about this, no? I guess it couldn't be somebody else who is already a confirmed buddy in your eyes, no? Now this is interesting. If this is true, you are most definitely in talk with a scum. Or we should believe that either side has a role cop. Or two role cops in one side. I'm reluctant to believe that.
  11. Robert Walsh

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    I think the last third of Day 2 has just started. Considering the majority of players are totally not being active I assume that a sh*tton of private scheming must be going around. Anyway if not being already late maybe this is the time to decide whether we want to take votes or not. It is still our only weapon - to our best knowledge - which can catch a traitor. I've already addressed my distrust against Paul. Currently I have no evidence to support this hunch. Also I want to point out that Elijah implicated, Paul and I might have stirred the pot together. He leaned towards voting for Paul, today voted again for him, being quite consistent so far. Only to - without giving any reasons - withdraw that vote after. No words from him since. This is quite interesting I must say. But before this went down you said this, Warren: Now this is even more interesting. You said you wanted to accuse me, but had to figure something out before. Then you voted for Elijah instead. For the town's notice, this is my read about this lovely tetrarchy and I hope I'm not leading us astray with this theory: I think at least one of us, Warren, Elijah, Paul and Robert (being me) must be a scum. There is an information I was told about Paul which I do not feel ready to disclose yet - being that it is no evidence yet to anything to any context yet I'm aware of -, but if I end up dead tomorrow I know for a fact that this information will arise regardless. Considering this: Do you have Warren to add anything more specific about your vote on Elijah? Because clearly I think a spotlight on him and us should be resolved in a way this very day. Of course we might be just all townies, being at each other's throats. Who can say?