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  1. Look! Pirates!!!
  2. Vote: end the day early
  3. But would he? That's where my I'm stuck and why I'm not crazy about the role because it hurts my brain. If the watcher targeted me he should've been driven to Ansel. But the bus driver targeted Ansel too so wouldn't Louis have seen that too? Also, the investigator and inventor both claim to have visited Ansel that night as well. The investigator was told he was unsuccessful because Ansel was dead. The inventor says he was unsuccessful and assumes it was because Ansel was dead. Would a watcher have seen the two unsuccessful actions? They weren't successful but they did target Ansel. And shouldn't a watcher who watched me have Ansel's results? I think I've convinced myself that the bus driver would've shown up to anybody who watched me that night. So Louis is lying.
  4. I didn't give Louis credit for coming up with this, my apologies. But it seems he would be telling the truth about who ended up targeting who would've targeted me and the result should've said Ansel. There's no way he got a result with my name in it unless I don't understand how a bus driver would get results. The bus driver didn't drive any actions to Louis last night and the investigator says he got a scum result so unless the scum have a framer or the investigator is himself scum, then Louis is scum. Sorry to be double posting my brain is hard at work and I can't shut it up. Here's what I conclude Louis is doing. He's scum and his buddy William Mitchell is not showing up and he's trying to convince us he's the watcher and he got a result on me from night one revealing the killer. This tells us two things: the bus driver is verified (maybe he's lying and Louis is the watcher. Occam's Razor gives this theory 10% chance-serious scientific calculation. I'll share the equation later) and Louis is smart. But also, William killed Ansel. This is Louis's best play. If we fall for it and lynch William instead (See? I've already connected all the dots without him prompting me!) and William turns up Scum then Louis is our hero tracker. The problem with that is he could've told us this when I revealed the kill had been bus driven off of me. Didn't it strike Townie Louise at the time that he had caught the killer? Did he ever contact to me and say "Hey, I hear William targeted you. He seemed to really suspect you on Day One, wonder what's up with that." Or I don't know what a watcher might do but he might reveal that information to someone once it was revealed that the scum tried to kill me on the same night, no? *hero watcher. See Ken Doll? I do it to.
  5. You know, if a watcher did target me he would've been driven to Ansel. So he's basically telling us the William killed Ansel. So we should probably do something about William tonight. If there are four scum you can probably bet he won't be performing the kill though. If he's the only one left's a good thing we have 9 blockers to choose from in case Bob gives him a block and a kill.
  6. He says he's the watcher and he saw William target me on night 1 but that doesn't line up with anything else we've learned so far.
  7. He says William targeted me which is probably him bussing his scum buddy. Maybe William did target me to kill me, but all actions were driven off of me by the bus driver so he should only have seen the bus driver. And William is not the bus driver. So, line up scum number 3-William.
  8. I don't think your night action results are accurate.
  9. I really respect you putting up a fight even though it is likely you are scum. I think that shows good sportsmanship and respect for the host and other players. I love you!
  10. I think I know who the "blocker" is who contacted you and they also contacted 6 or 7 other people and they're one of the jailkeepers. Still suspect me?
  11. it's ok I love you! With everyone needing to use their roles we kind of did this last night. I didn't know who else to tell the jailkeeper to target so I suggested he target the other jailkeeper just in case. A kill happened anyway but we had the best of intentions.
  12. I'll place bets that he claims non-compulsive vigilante. Or maybe visitor. But don't say blocker because there's already 50 of them. Tracker would be hard to claim because everybody has a role and you'd probably be immediately shot down if you tried to fake your results. Maybe you know enough to pull of watcher. You might be able to play like we have two investigators. Anyway best of luck. I think our scum bums are the quiet ones. The rest of our suspicions are prolly just townie paranoia gone wild among active townies.
  13. OK, then. After Louis, I think it's safe to say one of these blockers and/or the ever-asbent William Mitchell are our final scum.