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  1. We're not on a boat. We're in a fortress and there lots of rats. This look like a boat to you? Maybe you are on a boat! Pirate!!!!
  2. I'm punting rats out to the sharks again. What else?
  3. You are all boring at night. What are you doing? Sleeping? Punt! Screeeee! Chomp!
  4. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    Just because he thinks differently than us doesn't make Warren scum. He has been consistent and I believe honest. I don't know for sure but I lean town on him. Oooh! orry!!
  5. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    Scum we're onto you bitches. Come at me bros you know you want to. Do it!
  6. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    I did not read his post that way. It sounded like he was for Paul or Warren.
  7. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    Warren did show up but didn't defend himself and that is weird too. I still have a better read on Warren though. He claimed bodyguard to me long before he had any pressure and his theory about Ansel maybe a bodyguard was consistent to. He think bodyguard has a twist and think I'm scummy but that doesn't make him scum. Right now he looks like town playing his own game. * he MAY think
  8. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    Due to conversations behind the scenes and people being forthright or at least attempting and claims matching up and consistent claims. I have my worries about one in particular but if he's lying he has set himself up to be caught. You are on the list but not high on the list. I lean against the bright yellow and white wall of the fortress and quint my eyes at Warren. He hasn't answered any of the questions asked of him though many have asked about his saying that his bodyguard role has a twist-when it doesn't. I also wonder why he makes no mention of my defense of him. I had tried to meet up with Warren in private but he ignore me. I pause for a moment and think-that's kind of jerky. If you want a lynch today and you have concerns about Paul maybe you should vote for Paul? I am feeling this way about it too but is every lynch a bandwagon? I don't see a difference between what people call bandwagons and what would be a regular lynch. I think one fishy person was pushy about this lynch behind the scenes. We will have more than the voting pattern to look at tomorrow if we are able to lynch Paul. How could so many people not participate today?
  9. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    Oooh. I get two votes awesome.
  10. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    We can't wait for everyone. Do people always go so long without posting? I realize a global pandemic apocolypse is happening but how do you got this long without checking in here? Unvote: William Mitchel the scummy scum Vote: Paul LaPointe The also scummy scum.
  11. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    Waiting out the clock is a weak way to play.
  12. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    It appears there are no two role cops. I was just confused about the way information was given to me.
  13. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    Still don't know about Benjamin either.
  14. Ethan Dunn

    Pirates Mafia II - Day Two

    I think the scum team is William, Morgan, Paul and Louis. Maybe also Ken doll. Now come kill me again bitches. I'm onto you. Fuck. I meant *Kendall. People who are concerned about Warren, he PMed me over 24 hours ago to claim his role and give me the same theory. His thinking is 100 consistent. This makes me think he is not scummy.