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    Pirates Mafia II - Day One

    When did I say other random votes were ok? The difference though (since yes, basically all day 1 votes are without merit) is that people give some sort of reason for their votes. That gives us something to consider in the future, once we know alignments for certain. Your vote was even more random than anyone else - which may not be *scummy* but it's certainly not trying to help out us loyalists.
  2. Morgan Marchand

    Pirates Mafia II - Day One

    So take care of the flag. It's still an inanimate object - that means it can't talk. So the fact that you're "communicating with it" worries me - are you insane? Can we trust anything coming out of you? Or should we throw you overboard in case your insanity is contagious? Technically, what you quoted showed a gradual change from position A to position B, not any flip-flopping, which requires going A to B and back to A at least, if not more. Welcome back to fresh air. Any thoughts on the hundred-plus things people said while you were below decks?
  3. Morgan Marchand

    Pirates Mafia II - Day One

    In other thoughts... 1. William, where art thou? 2. Liam, what is this obsession with the flag? Beautiful though it may be, it's enough to make me ponder if ye may have a 3rd party role of jester (or similar) where you are trying to get lynched. Or you have a role-modifier that forces you to mention the flag in every post. 'tis odd, to say the least.
  4. Morgan Marchand

    Pirates Mafia II - Day One

    My apologies all; lest my family face bouts of scurvy, we've had some issues to deal with. But now I am back for the traitor hunt. And unlike some (I recall a De Anna of Troi or something like that in a book I read, who liked to reply to people without being fully caught up) I found myself needing to read many pages before responding. No, I did not think it was a serious vote. However, in my experience, scummy traitors like to throw out names to see what sticks. Day 1 often has people lynched for little reason other than someone names them and a bandwagon forms. So the scum like to toss out possibilities trying to get it started. In that sense, it's serious enough. Unlike others, I found Ethan's explanation satisfactory. His rating on my scum-o-meter has been lowered, at least for now. You started off this nonsense of a talking flag with this. When does the flag say we should vote? You later push for not lynching - I can see the argument, but we have enough that we can afford to sacrifice a few in our quest to rid the land of traitorous scum. See above. Happy? I need no one to help me defend myself, nor do I have scum buddies to help. I may be a simple loyal soldier, but I can read and write just fine on my own. Ping! goes my scum radar. Ok, so it's just my ears, since radar won't be invented for centuries, but you get the point. Yes, day 1 voting is a crapshoot. But you're deliberately making it worse with blatantly random votes. 'twould be better to not vote at all, than this meddling with the records.
  5. Morgan Marchand

    Pirates Mafia II - Day One

    This feels scummy to me - voting so quickly to kill a (potential) fellow soldier. I'd vote for you, but that would be epicly hypocritical at this point. But I'm definitely ranking you high in my suspicion-o-meter.
  6. Morgan Marchand

    Pirates Mafia II - Confirmation

    Here am I. Why would you want to move up in rank? The front lines be the best. To the action! Hunt and kill those dastardly pirates!