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    After Action Reports (AAR)

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  2. As promised Balafih held up the bargain and destroyed Tosul smuggling ports in C-14. We sent in a demo team along with the agents stationed in Tosul to wipe out the contraband. Guards at the port were KIA and will be promptly burned along with all evidence relating to Balafih taking part in the raid. Photos Via Balafih Intelligence Agency
  3. Two Undercover Balafih Operatives have successfully infiltrated local arms dealers to what seems to be an Tosul official buying weapons (and other items) purchase off of C-14 Coast. The operatives are in deep cover with the full trust of the local arms dealer during this shady deal with the heavily guarded official.
  4. Balafih will send out raid forces to C-14 to destroy the port's warehouses without it looking like any country was involved. Stay Posted.
  5. Balafih has joined the operation.
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    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Thorn's Part of Balafih's 259th Squadron known as "Foxhound" under the direct command of Director Cross.