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  1. I am incredibly disappointed with no prequel or clone wars sets besides the possibility of the gunship, not to mention not getting any battlepacks. Saves me for money for 501st sets tho ;) Despite that I am very interested in these cheaper versions of vehicles from the OT and I can’t wait to see a picture of them. I think these kind of cheaper sets are the right direction to go in, as someone described they could be similar to the style of 2008 Star Wars sets.
  2. Oh no I'm not brave enough for politics.
  3. Oh I didn't even know that! It's that print then, I don't care for the microfighters so that's why I didn't know.
  4. Just pulled out my obi wans hut to compare the build styles and The build styles look to be consistent. Same dome and tiles on the roof and use of sloped pieces on the corners of the buildings. I think it’s probably a real picture. Anybody else notice what might be a dirt print on the new style stormtrooper helmet to the right?
  5. No way there gonna change that, how else could they improve them? They could try to add more articulation or detail but the current ones already look accurate enough and adding more articulation would make the battle droids more frail than they already are, unless they made their limbs thicker. The only thing I could ever actually imagine them changing is the torso mold by adding more plastic to the top half to make them more accurate.
  6. Maybe they won’t ditch them but what’s stopping them from raising the price to 20, 25 or 30 bucks and saying “battle packs restrict the vehicles we can include” as justification to raise the price just like the designers said in that 501st interview with brickset. Even though vehicles are not the reason people buy battle packs, adding two of them or making them slightly bigger justifies a price double of a normal battlepack and people are still gonna buy it, the designers also said in that interview “We wanted to include as many minifigures as possible!” but our extra “minifigures” end up being two battle droids instead of another 501st clone. What i'm saying is instead of ditching the battle packs they slowly- or not so slowly, turn them into like what we see in the 501st set. I still like 501st set and the kind of set that it is, however I do not like if that kind of 30 dollar set replaces the current battle packs completely or that battle packs slowly turn into that kind of set. Ideally I’d like to see both exist, two normal battle packs in the winter wave and one larger battle pack during the summer wave.
  7. Anybody get a strange feeling we’re not gonna see any battle packs next year? I feel like sets like the new 30 dollar 501st set will take their place. Over the past few years battlepack prices have gone up and they started only releasing two packs a year instead of four. I also noticed that in the City line they stopped making the 10 dollar sets that had 4 figures. It feels as if normal battlepacks are slowly being pushed out.
  8. Definitely, they have put unique back printing on caped characters, why not put unique faces on helmeted troopers? I didn't mention it before but i'm hoping that Lego creating these new faces for clones is a sign we might be seeing more clones in future waves.
  9. YES LETS GOOOOOO! I love the new accurate clone faces the angry clone face always looked off to me since it was white but also that the expression always was angry.
  10. LOL MY BAD! I fixed that.
  11. I'm so glad these pictures came out! I think they did an excellent job on the AAT, I theorized that they may include more figures rather than make the AAT bigger but I'm so glad they actually did make it larger. From what I can tell the turret, main section and side turrets are bigger while the bottom only appears to be a little wider. Overall its a must have set, especially since Ahsoka and a 332nd is in it! Anakin's Jedi Intercepter is mediocre, for 30 dollars we get a reused build with only 2 figs one of which is R2. I don't have any previous versions though so I'm gonna pick it up anyway The Souless One is a similar situation to the Intercepter, a sorta reused build and now it's 80 DOLLARS! I already have a version of it so gonna pass on this one, but Jesus that price. I am actually really happy they rereleased the final duel because I missed out on it back in 2015. It seems they only did a few minor improvements, I don't think it could have hurt if they just did something new or little bit different with it IMO but I'm definitely gonna grab this one. As for the NightBuzzard, It's not a bad build and the Knights of Ren are cool looking but no yellow lightsaber for Rey? I'm just not a fan of the sequels so it's gonna be a pass, but it's still disappointing they couldn/t have just included the yellow lightsaber. And finally the resistance transport... I don't really care for it, I haven't been to Galaxy's Edge so I don't have any connection to it. I will say that the grey mon calamari is a pretty cool figure IMO. It's definitively still a pass though.
  12. Yeah my bad its Obi Wan who uses it in the scene. In the incredibly blurry picture it looked more like Grevious was holding it, though then I guess it wouldn't be as accurate to the scene.
  13. Write that down Lego!
  14. Yeah when I looked at that image I also saw that purple thing. I personally think the figure looks more like a clone because the purple thing doesn't look like its being held by that figure, the purple thing could just be a magnaguard staff accessory that Grevious is holding and the other figure is just a clone.
  15. Those actually don't look that bad at all and they seem pretty collectible if its at that price. I wonder how more complex faces like Maul's would be done on a small grid like that. Now I wanna see some prequel and original trilogy brick sketches!
  16. That's so well done! It would be cool if they gave us Wat Tambor though its unlikely, it's more possible we get Ahsoka in this set. I hope that we get more than whats included in your model because 40 dollars for only this is poorer value IMO, unless they actually include a Wat Tambor because he is my favorite separatist!
  17. I really hope this is the case because if it ends up just being a recolor of 2015 and nothing else im not planning on getting more than one.
  18. Guys i have heard from sources that next year were gonna get a UCS Gonk Droid for may the fourth and in the summer were gonna get a venater, at-ot, republic gunhip and a galactic marine battle pack with 8 minifigs for 10 dollars! :) I don't believe a guy who storms into these threads claiming were gonna get a at-te and at-ot. The 7 year pattern that I said Jang mentioned in the video was likely just an interesting pattern he noticed rather than an actual set release schedule for MTTs. Personally I agree with you that Lego should make be making sets that fans want, I wish we had a system like Lego Ideas but for normal Lego sets released in waves like star wars.
  19. Though I would hope that is true I doubt it until I hear a reliable leaker confirm that. Plus it would probably just be a recolor of the smaller 2014 model that holds only 6 clankers. On this topic though i recall something JangBricks said in his 2014 MTT review saying that "they have a cycle of releasing these MTTs every 7 years" or something like that, and a MTT release in 2021 would continue the 7 year trend as MTTs have been released in 2000, 2007 and 2014.
  20. My god I would love it we get waves that are like 2007's.
  21. UCS Trade Federation MTT.
  22. We haven't gotten either in a set in FIVE YEARS!
  23. I dont think advent calendars are the most efficient way to army build
  24. After the new 501st set I would love if they did a droid battlepack, more so than if they kept doing different clone legions at the $30 price point. For 15 dollars i would certainly like to get more than 4 b1s in a set like that, considering that they have no printing and are made of less plastic. I think the best option would be the same figure selection as the 2007 droid battlepack and the build would be a similar droid transportation vehicle as that set had.
  25. I mentioned this the other day and I would prefer a STAP with some battle droids and clones over a larger AAT. I really like the idea of when multiple sets in the wave are released that can go together in one big battle, most recently we saw it with the gunship and the AT AP, and I hope they include extra troops in the AAT so they can fight your 501st clones. I think the best wave that did that was in 2007 when they had the clone and droid battle pack along with the MTT, Naboo Starfighter and Soulless One so if you got all of them you could have a giant battle.