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    [I7 - Ankus - CFS] A GNK's Horror

    Cool build! love the crates and details!

    [U12 - Teth - TT] Fear, Pain, and Horror...

    This is terrifying... but also super cool! :-D The red colors contrast nicely

    [I7 - Ankus - CFS] Portal of Horror

    Nice transition between the dark tan and tan, clean build!

    [P10 - Umbara - TT] Horror from the past

    love the lighting on this, great build!

    [M13 - Quarzite - TT] Horror quarry

    Hahaha, yeah. I suppose it will run out of power eventually XD.

    [M13 - Quarzite - TT] Horror quarry

    Thank you very much! glad you like it. :-P

    [M13 - Quarzite - TT] Horror quarry

    much appreciated! :-D

    [M13 - Quarzite - TT] Horror quarry

    *Your entry has earned 7 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* D-3ATH was a common protocol droid. It enjoyed boasting its vast knowledge to other droids and being polite to its owners. He was a simple droid, in a simple world. Tracking cargo, reading manifests, translating for offworld visitors. Essentially living the good life. At least the good life a droid was capable of living. One night, in the deepest depths of the Quarzite quarry, a new republic cell sneaks through the triumvirates quarters. Unbenounced to the presence of the triumvirate, and a certain protocol droid, the rebel scum navigate the crystal caves until they enter the quarry. A vast area covered with ore. A dark pit in darkness. A single light to prevail it. The droid makes his nightly routine in the darkness. Its eyes illuminate the path towards a single light post, standing alone. The supplies placed here shouldn’t be here. In fact, they should already be shipped. D-3ATH sends a notification to the sector commander. Around a corner a reflection catches the droids sensors. It is unlike the normal reflection of the crystals. It is a new reflection. The droid approaches, curiously. The lonely light shining on his back, as the darkness takes it into its cold embrace. A life form, no… multiple lifeforms are interacting with each other. They are armed with A280 blasters. The droid sends a silent distress call. D-3ATH walks closer, it can sense their quiet speech in the darkness. “supplies”.... “Republic”.... “mission”....”extraction”.... Circuits flare as the droid computes his next move. It’s defense protocol activates… It’s eyes turn red… It’s joints reinforce, and it walks in a controlled manner towards the new republic group. A rebel trooper jumps on its backside as D-3ATH makes itself apparent to the infiltrators. The trooper shoves a computing device into the droid's head, trying to overcharge and short circuit the droid's electrical system. The droid turns its head 180 degrees towards its back, trying to locate the threat on its backside. STZZZZ! D-3ATH falls to its knees as a charge of electricity paralyses it. “ No problem boys. lets get these supplies and get the hell outta here before these imps come a lookin’ for it. “ says the trooper… The new republic troopers look at him horrified. A confused look covers the trooper’s face as he turns around to see two red eyes in a dark silhouette against a single light. D-3ATH swipes his arm towards the trooper sending him flying towards the other republic troopers, knocking them down as one. One of them raises his blaster as D_3ATH marches towards him. Before he can fire, the droid yanks his blaster from him, ripping off the barrel with the axe head, and plunges it into him… the imperial reinforcemens arrive, but D-3ATH has fried parts of his CPU, and is incapable of deducing foe from friend. The new republic troopers in this sector never stood a chance, nor did the triumvirate’s stormtroopers...

    [K12 – Botor - TT] Raiders - Pen and Sword diplomacy

    Awesome build! I like the tan elements! :-P

    [O17 - Naboo - TT] Exploration on Naboo

    Thanks a lot!

    [O17 - Naboo - TT] Exploration on Naboo

    Yeah, Thanks a lot. I'll keep that in mind next time i do a low lit photoshoot. :-) Thanks you very much! Yeah, I agree, there is much to be built! I really appreciate it, thanks a lot!

    [O17 - Naboo - TT] Exploration on Naboo

    Thank you very much!

    [O17 - Naboo - TT] Exploration on Naboo

    Thanks, I want to make it look as if it is located under water. Using a low amount of light makes for a little blur and the deep ocean blue background I wanted for the build. It may be at the expense of some of the detail, but I also think it makes it more authentic, and sets the mood right. I see it as a good compromise as I don't have a deep ocean blue background.(This background is actually purple)

    [O17 - Naboo - TT] Exploration on Naboo

    Thank you!
  15. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* log = tt.entry([DT-R&%]); run(log); output:; [DT-R65-BRAVURA SQUAD-MISSION STATUS]:; --The droid we discovered on Kalist VI has the most interesting data files… I haven’t seen anything like them. Our analysts have been working on him for ages, yet the scriptures within this hard drive are encrypted in a code we’ve never seen before. They could be ancient, but we don’t know. That would explain the somewhat erratic behavior of the droid when we first encountered it. IG-828 will certainly pose a challenge, and it is vital for us to uncover his history if we are to work with him further. Fortunately he has been cooperative enough to let us access his memory, however encrypted it is… It could be a trap. It could also be an opportunity… [end_transmission] “ Sir! The droid… it seems to be retrieving a transmission!” exclaimes a bridge officer through the comlink. DT-R65 turns his head towards Coda and Notturno, hinting that they should follow him. The three troopers head down the turbolift of the star destroyer. [location classified] “Do you think we will get any intel on the droid sir?” asks Notterno. “Yes, but it’s hard to say. Only an encryption key will help us reveal the droid's memory bank.. This transmission may be our only chance to discover its true origins... ” replies DT-R65. “We’ll know in just a moment…” smiles Coda. The blast door opens. Dolore and Feroce are waiting at the data center. The droid is sitting on the deck. Wires poor out of its central processing unit. It’s hooked up to the holotable it’s leaned against. The room is dark, apart from lights from the control panels, monitors, and the droid’s head which illuminates the area, alongside with the holotable. A momentary flash of a hologram pops up on the holotable. “What was that?!” asked Coda. They all look and listen intently at the holotable. The flash reappears… only to vanish again as quick as it came. A low pitched scrambled voice emerges from the droid, and a large hologram of the late emperor Palpatine stands on the holotable. The squad stands completely still, in awe, and shock… It was the emperor, prior to his ascendance to power. A young politician stands before them, cloaked and hooded in dark velvet robes. This droid is quite old indeed… The hologram flickers as Palpatine speaks. The speech is scrambled due to the droids security encryption. “This discovery will lead us to places beyond our greatest imagination…” says Notturno, still in awe of what he is seeing. DT-R65’s face darkens as he slightly tilts his head down towards the hologram, keeping his gaze centered on the hologram. His eyes are dark. He tilts his head up again. The blue light reflects off his face. A blue silhouette of palpatine mirrored in his eyes. “Only if we get the encryption key...” replies DT-R65. The hologram fades to blackness. The members of the BRAVURA squad look at each other, absorbing what they have seen. IG-828 begins to scramble again, but this time it’s speaking a language… “Get the computer language analysis to examine this.” says DT-R65. Notturno plugs one of the wires from IG-828 to a control panel. “What are we going to do?” asks Dolore. The translation from the computer pops up on the screen: Region. Mid Rim. Sector Chommell sector. Grid coordinates O-17 43∘06’13”N 88∘19’15”W “We are going to Naboo.” replies Coda. “Save the droid’s databanks, and pack our gear. Coda is right.” adds DT-R65. The squad lands on Naboo with bodypods. The coordinates take them to a large body of water. DT-R65’s pod depressurizes, and he activates his rebreather. The visor of his helmet glows green under the water. He spots the other squad members. The droid is already making its way towards the target. Bubbles burst from IG-828 as he regulates his descent. After a few minutes of swimming, they reach a plateau. A small sphere lay beside it. “Do you see what I’m seeing?” says Coda, a bit ahead of DT-R65 and the rest of BRAVURA squad. As DT-R65 gets closer, the sphere becomes clear. It is heavily corroded. He had been to Gungan city before, when he was a boy. It was one of the most beautiful sights he had seen. This sphere was crooked, ruptured and decayed. The gold that had once covered it had been eroded away by acid surging from the core. As the squad arrives on the plateau, IG-828 stands a bit further from the sphere. Coda takes him for a fool, and goes straight to the dome. There were old canisters of durasteel. A small luminescent light shined vaguely. “IG-R65, have you found anything?” asks DT-R65. The droid turns his head towards the squad. “(Yes.)” it replies. In front of IG-828 lay an ancient relic of a bygone era. A staff with ancient runes, with a hilt at the bottom… It is quite eroded as well, but has been made with such a quality, that it is preserved well enough. Well enough that an experienced high ranking imperial officer would recognize it from his days in the old empire. DT-R65 had seen holoimages of such an item on one of his missions to the emperor's observatories located on Pillio… “This cannot be any ordinary weapon.” says DT-R65. “(It is a sith lightsaber pike…)” says the droid...