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  1. Jabberwocky

    [MOC] Sixth rate 20-guns Frigate (modular build)

    I see! 😃 looks crazy to me, but obviously historically accurate 😁👍🏻
  2. Jabberwocky

    [MOC] Sixth rate 20-guns Frigate (modular build)

    I‘m new here, but I‘ve been reading these forums for the past few weeks because Lego pirate ships are my passion. I think this build is a nice compromise between Perfectionist‘s historically accurate and custom rigged museum–level models and the classic Lego pirate play sets. What I like about this build is that it does not rely on a crazy amount of mid sections like many other pirate ship mocs, and uses the original Lego rigging pieces instead of custom building the rigging from cord (apologize if that‘s not the correct wording, I‘m not a native speaker). Not too sure about the cannon right in the middle of the captain‘s cabin. I‘d perhaps try to have the same amount of guns but reduce the space between guns by 1 stud each. The custom sails look amazing. I would love to know what kind of fabric you used for them. Absolutely love that you built it with playability in mind. And yet it actually resembles a real 18th century frigate. Nice work! Would love to see you try your hands on a pirate bermuda sloop! Good work and admirable first post!